Backlist Books

March 2018 
  • To Catch a Thief, Nan Dixon
  • Summer By The Sea, Cathryn Parry
  • First Came Baby, Kris Fletcher
  • Falling For The Brother, Tara Tayler Quinn
 February 2018
  •  Married...Again, Stephanie Doyle
  • A Cop's Honor, Emilie Rose
  • The Soldier's Legacy, Gina Wilkins 
  • Island of Second Chances, Cara Lockwood
January 2018
  • Back Against the Wall, Janice Kay Johnson
  • The Navy Seal's Rescue, Jo Leigh
  • A Stranger in the Cove, Rachel Brimble
  • Moonlight Over Seattle, Callie Endicott
December 2017

  • Christmas in a Small Town, Kristina Knight
  • Dating by Numbers, Jennifer Lohmann
  • Making It Right, Kathy Altman
  • The BIllionaires Son, Sharon Hartley

November 2017

  • The Hero's Redemption, Janice Kay Johnson
  • Last Chance at the Someday Cafe, Angel Smits
  • A Family for Christmas, Tara Taylor Quinn
  • The Undercover Affair, Cathryn Parry
October 2017
  • The Way to a Soldier's Heart, Gina Wilkins
  • This Baby Business, Heatherly Bell
  • Nora's Guy Next Door, Jo McNally
  • Navy SEAL Promise, Amber Leigh Williams
September 2017
  • Wrangling the Rancher, Jeannie Watt
  • Montana Unbranded, Nadia Nichols
  • Breakup in a Small Town, Kristina Knight
  • The Littlest Boss, Janet Lee Nye
August 2017

  • For Joy's Sake, Tara Taylor Quinn
  • About That Kiss, Cindy Miles
  • Ethan's Daughter, Rachel Brimble
  • Undercover With the Heiress, Nan Dixon

July 2017
  • Her Secret Service Agent, Stephanie Doyle
  • Rebel in a Small Town, Kristina Knight
  • Bachelor Protector, Julianna Morris
  • Welcome Home Katie Gallagher, Seana Kelly

June 2017
  • Her Amish Protectors, Janice Kay Hudson
  • Airman To the Rescue, Heatherly Bell (Heroes of the Fortune Valley)
  • Shelter in the Tropics, Cara Lockwood
  • Unexpected Attraction, Sara MacLean
May 2017
  • His Last Rodeo, Claire McEwen (Sierra Legacy)
  • Famous In A Small Town, Kristina Knight (A Slippery Rock Novel)
  • The Fireman's Son. Tara Taylor Quinn (Where Secrets Are Safe)
  • Stranded With The Captain, Sharon Hartley (The Florida Files)
April 2017
  • Plain Refuge, Janice Kay Johnson
  • Boss Meets Her Match, Janet Lee Nye (The Cleaning Crew)
  • The Baby Arrangement, Lisa Dyson (Business, Babies and Secrets)
  • The Soldier's Forever Family, Gina Wilkins (Soldiers and Single Moms)
March 2017
  • Her Secret Life, Tara Taylor Quinn (Where Secrets Are Safe)
  • Picket Fence Surprise, Kris Fletcher (Comeback Cove, Canada)
  • Wishes At First Light, Joanne Rock (Heartache, TN)
  • Falling For The Cop, Dana Nussio (True Blue)
February 2017
  • The SEAL's Return, Patricia Potter (Home To Covenant Falls)
  • A Perfect Strategy, Anna Sugden (The New Jersey Ice Cats)
  • She's Far From Hollywood, Jo McNally
  • Breaking Emily's Rules, Heatherly Bell (Heroes of Fortune Valley)
January 2017
  • Molly's Mr. Wrong, Jeannie Watt (The Lightnings of Brody Creek)
  • The Other Twin, Nan Dixon (Fitzgerald House)
  • A Soldier's Pledge, Nadia Nichols
  • Wooing The Wedding Planner, Amber Leigh Williams 
December 2016
  • Boss On Notice, Janet Lee Nye (The Cleaning Crew)
  • Christmas With Carlie, Julianna Morris (Poppy Gold Stories)
  • A Mother's Claim, Janice Kay Johnson
  • Tempting The Sheriff, Kathy Altman (A Castle Creek Romance)

 November 2016
  • Undercover In Glimmer Creek, Julianna Morris (Poppy Gold Stories)
  • Home Free, Claire McEwen (Sierra Legacy)
  • Saved By The Firefighter, Rachel Brimble (Templeton Cove Stories)
  • Matinees With Miriam, Vicki Essex
 October 2016

  • THE RANCHER’S PROSPECTCallie Endicott (Montana Skies)
  • THE GOOD MOM, Cathryn Parry
  • ACCIDENTAL BODYGUARD, Sharon Hartley (The Florida Files)

September 2016

#2048 Whispers Under A Southern Sky (Heartache, TN),  Joanne Rock
#2049 All I Want (A Farmers' Market Story),  Nicole Helm
#2050 The Lottery Winner, Emilie Rose
#2051 At First Touch, (The Malone Brothers),  Cindy Miles

 August 2016

#2044, The Marine's Embrace (In Shady Grove), Beth Andrews
#2045, To Court A Cowgirl (The Brodys Of Lightning Creek), Jeannie Watt
#2046, Love On Her Terms, Jennifer Lohmann
#2047, Through A Magnolia Filet (Fitzgerald House), Nan Dixon

July 2016

#2040, Because Of A Girl, Janice Kay Johnson
#2041, The Promise He Made Her, Tara Taylor Quinn (Where Secrets Are Safe)
#2042,  Return To Marker Ranch, Claire McEwen (Sierra Legacy)
#2043, The Ballerina's Stand, Angel Smits (A Chair At The Hawkins Table)

June 2016

#2036, Betting On The Rookie, Stephanie Doyle (The Bakers Of Baseball)
#2037, Against The Odds, Laura Drake 
#2038, In EmmyLou's Hands, Pamela Hearon (Taylor's Grove, Kentucky)
#2039At Wild Rose Cottage, Callie Endicott (Montana Skies)

May 2016
  • His First Choice, Tara Taylor Quinn (Where Secrets Are Safe)
  • Protecting The Quarterback, Kristina Knight 
  • One Rodeo Season, Sarah M. Anderson
  • The Baby He Wanted, Janice Kay Johnson (Brothers, Strangers)

April 2016
  • The Secret Between Them, Cathryn Parry
  • Cody's Come Home, Mary Sullivan
  • Second Chance Mom, Emilie Rose
  • A Soldier's Journey, Patricia Potter (Home to Covenant Falls)

March 2016
  • The Big Break, Cara Lockwood
  • Wild Horses, Claire McEwen
  • Love By Association, Tara Taylor Quinn (Where Secrets Are Safe)
  • The Closer He Gets, Janice Kay Johnson (Brothers, Strangers)

February 2016
  • Strength Under Fire, Dana Nussio  (True Blue)
  • Kayla's Cowboy, Callie Endicott (Montana Skies)
  • All I Am, Nicole Helm (A Farmer's Market Story)
  • A Perfect Compromise, Anna Sugden (The New Jersey Ice Cats)

January 2016
  • Spying On The Boss, Janey Lee Nye (The Cleaning Crew)
  • Sweet On Peggy, Stella MacLean (Life in Eden Harbor)
  • Red Carper Arrangement, Vicki Essex
  • Resorting To The Truth, Lisa Dyson

December 2015
  • To Kiss A Cowgirl, Jeannie Watt (The Brodys of Lightning Creek)
  • A Southern Promise, Jennifer Lohmann
  • A Savannah Christmas Wish, Nan Dixon (Fitzgerald House)
  • Right Where We Started, Pamela Hearon (Taylor's Grove, Kentucky)

November 2015
  • Winter's Kiss, Beth Andrews (In Shady Grove)
  • Cowboy Who Came For Christmas, Lenora Worth
  • A Family After All, Kathy Altman (A Castle Creek Romance)
  • First Love Again, Kristina Knight

October 2015
  • Scout's Honor, Stephanie Doyle (The Bakers of Baseball)
  • In Hope's Shadow, Janice Kay Johnson (Two Daughters)
  • Cowboy Daddy, Angel Smits (A Chair At The Hawkins Table)
  • Dances Under The Harvest Moon, Joanne Rock (Heartache, TN)

September 2015
  • Safe in Noah's Arms, Mary Sullivan
  • Table for Two, Jennifer McKenzie (A Family Business)
  • Her Hometown Redemption, Rachel Brimble (Templeton Cove Stories)
  • Navy Justice, Geri Krotow (Whidbey Island) (Superromance #2000!)

August 2015

  • Yesterday's Gone, Janice Kay Johnson (Two Daughters)
  • Her Second-Chance Family, Holly Jacobs 
  • Secret Garden, Cathryn Parry 
  • Sweet Southern Nights, Liz Talley (Home in Magnolia Bend)

July 2015 
  • All I Have, Nicole Helm (A Farmer's Market Story)
  • To Tempt A Cowgirl, Jeannie Watt (The Brodys of Lightning Creek)\
  • His Rebel Heart, Amber Leigh Williams
  • Twice In A Blue Moon, Laura Drake

June 2015

#1988, About That Night, Beth Andrews (In Shady Grove)
#1989, A Family Come True, Kris Fletcher 
#1990, Her Cop Protector, Sharon Hartley 
#1991, The Good Father, Tara Taylor Quinn (Where Secrets Are Safe)

May 2015

#1984, The Rancher's Dream, Kathleen O'Brien (The Sisters Of Bell River Ranch)
#1985, One More Night , Jennifer McKenzie (A Family Business)
#1986, Catching Her Rival, Lisa Dyson
#1987, Her Hawaiian Homecoming, Cara Lockwood 

April 2015

#1980, To Love A Cop, Janice Kay Johnson
#1981, My Way Back To You, Pamela Hearon 
#1982, Those Cassabaw Days, Cindy Miles (The Malone Brothers)
#1983, Nights Under the Tennessee Stars, Joanne Rock

March 2015

#1976, The Comeback of Roy Walker, Stephanie Doyle (The Bakers of Baseball)
#1977, Falling For The New Guy, Nicole Helm
#1978, A Recipe for Reunion, Vicki Essex
#1979Mother By Fate, Tara Taylor Quinn (Where Secrets Are Safe)

February 2015

#1972, Sweet Talking Man (Home in Magnolia Bend), Liz Talley
#1973, Tempted By The Soldier, Patricia Potter
#1974, A Perfect Catch, Anna Sugden
#1975, To Protect Her Son (Life in Eden Harbor), Stella MacLean

January 2015

#1968, More Than Neighbors, Janice Kay Johnson
#1969, Tempting Donovan Ford, Jennifer McKenzie
#1970, Convincing the Rancher, Claire McEwen
#1971, The Daughter He Wanted, Kristina Knight

December 2014

#1962, Charming The Firefighter, Beth Andrews
#1963, Starting With June, Emilie Rose
#1964, The Marine Finds His Family, Angel Smits
#1965, Scotland For Christmas, Cathryn Parry 
#1966, Child By Chance, Tara Taylor Quinn
#1967, Southern Comforts, Nan Dixon

November 2014

#1956, One Frosty Night, Janice Kay Johnson
#1957, Christmas At The Cove, Rachel Brimble
#1958, The South Beach Search, Sharon Hartley
#1959, Navy Christmas, Geri Krotow
#1960, All That Glitters, Mary Brady
#1961, Until She Met Daniel, Callie Endicott

October 2014

#1950, Reclaiming the Cowboy, Kathleen O'Brien
#1951, Jake's Biggest Risk, Juliana Morris
#1952, His Kind of Perfection, Pamela Hearon
#1953, No Ordinary Home, Mary Sullivan
#1954, Married One Night, Amber Leigh Williams
#1955, Too Friendly to Date, Nicole Helm

September 2014

#1944, This Good Man, Janice Kay Johnson
#1945, Winning Ruby Heart, Jennifer Lohmann
#1946, Promises Under the Peach Tree, Joanne Rock
#1947, More Than A Rancher, Claire McEwen
#1948, Where Secrets Are Safe, Tara Taylor Quinn
#1949, Desert Heat, Kathleen Pickering

August 2014

#1938 The Sweetest September, Liz Talley
#1939, The Reasons to Stay, Laura Drake
#1940, This Just In, Jennifer McKenzie
#1941, Rodeo Dreams, Sarah Anderson
 #1942, To Be a Dad, Kate Kelly
#1943, The Firefighter's Appeal, Elizabeth Otto

July 2014
Special Release: Cop By Her Side by Janice Kay Johnson
#1933 Challenging Matt by Julianna Morris
#1934 Hearts in Vegas by Colleen Collins
#1935 A Sinclair Homecoming by Kimberly Van Meter
#1936 A Perfect Trade by Anna Sugden
#1937 Dating A Single Dad by Kris Fletcher

June 2014
#1926 Small-Town Redemption by Beth Andrews
#1927 Too Close to Resist by Nicole Helm
#1928 All for a Cowboy by Jeannie Watt
#1929 Weekends in Carolina by Jennifer Lohmann
#1930 Once a Family by Tara Taylor Quinn
#1931 A Perfect Homecoming by Lisa Dyson

May 2014
#1920 The Secrets of Bell River by Kathleen O'Brien
#1921 The SEAL's Special Mission by Rogenna Brewer
#1922 Always Emily by Mary Sullivan
#1923 Home to Hope Mountain by Joan Kilby
#1924 Silver Linings by Mary Brady
#1925 Navy Rescue by Geri Krotow

April 2014
#1914 Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry
#1915 Winning Over Skylar by Julianna Morris
#1916 For the Right Reasons by Kara Lennox
#1917 The Soldier's Promise by Patricia Potter
#1918 A Place with Briar by Amber Leigh Williams
#1919 That Wild Cowboy by Lenora Worth

March 2014
#1908 All a Man Is by Janice Kay Johnson
#1909 the Secrets of Her Past by Emile Rose
#1910 Remember That Night by Stephanie Doyle 
#1911 A Real Live Hero by Kimberly Van Meter
#1912 What Belongs to Her by Rachel Brimble
#1913 In Her Corner by Vicki Essex

February 2014
#1902 His Forever Girl by Liz Talley
#1903 Her Last Protector by Jeanie London
#1904 Moonlight in Paris by Pamela Hearon
#1905 A Ranch to Keep by Claire McEwen
#1906 Wife by Design by Tara Taylor Quinn
#1907 A Family for Tyler by Angel Smits

January 2014
#1896 Everywhere She Goes by Janice Kay Johnson
#1897 A Ranch For His Family by Hope Navarre
#1898 A Promise For The Baby by Jennifer Lohmann
#1899 Cowgirl In High Heels by Jeannie Watt
#1900 The Summer At the Shore by Callie Endicott
#1901 A Man To Believe IN by Kathleen Pickering

December 2013
#1890 Caught Up In You by Beth Andrews
#1891 A Texas Child by Linda Warren
#1892 The Ranch She Left Behind by Kathleen O'Brien
#1893 Sleepless in Las Vegas by Colleen Collins
#1894 A Valley Ridge Christmas by Holly Jacobs
#1895 The Sweetest Hours by Cathryn Parry

November 2013
#1884 Bringing Maddie Home by Janice Johnson 
#1885 Adventures In Parenthood by Dawn Atkins
#1886 Now You See Me by Kris Fletcher
#1887 That Reckless Night by Kimberly Van Meter
#1888 Better Than Gold by Mary Brady
#1889 The Moment of Truth by Tara Quinn

October 2013
#1878 His Brown-Eyed Girl by Liz Talley
#1879 A Texas Family by Linda Warren
#1880 In This Together by Kara Lennox
#1881 For the First Time by Stephanie Doyle
#1882 Not Another Wedding by Jennifer McKenzie
#1883 Because of Audrey by Mary Sullivan

September 2013 
#1872 Her Favorite Rival by Sarah Mayberry
#1873 Love In Plain Sight by Jeanie London
#1874 A Perfect Distraction by Anna Sugden
#1875 When Adam Came to Town by Kate Kelly
#1876 To Trust a Cop by Sharon Hartley
#1877 The Doctor Returns by Stella MacLean

August 2013

#1866 What Happens Between Friends by Beth Andrews
#1867 From This Day On by Janice Kay Johnson
#1868 Staying as Joe's by Kathy Altman
#1869 A Man Like Him by Rachel Brimble
#1870 Her Road Home by Laura Drake
#1871 Second Time's the Charm by Tara Taylor Quinn

July 2013
#1860 Betting on the Cowboy by Kathleen O'Brien
#1861 A Texas Hero by Linda Warren
#1862 One-Night Alibi by Kara Lennox
#1863 Out of His League by Cathryn Parry
#1864 The Ranch Solution by Julianna Morris
#1865Navy Orders by Geri Krotow

June 2013
#1854 His Uptown Girl by Liz Talley
#1855 A Time for Us by Amy Knupp
#1856 The Father of Her Son by Kathleen Pickering
#1857 Once a Champion by Jeannie Watt
#1858 A Walk Down the Aisle by Holly Jacobs
#1859 Just for Today by Emmie Dark

May 2013
#1848 Where It May Lead by Janice Kay Johnson
#1849 A Prior Engagement by Karina Bliss
#1850 Jane's Gift by Abby Gaines
#1851 A Family Reunited by Dorie Graham
#1852 April Showers by Holly Jacobs
#1853 It's Never Too Late by Tara Taylor Quinn

April 2013

#1842 Talk of the Town by Beth Andrews
#1843 Right from the Start by Jeanie London
#1844 The First Move by Jennifer Lohmann
#1845 A Better Father by Kris Fletcher
#1846 You Are Invited... by Holly Jacobs
#1847 The Summer Place by Pamela Hearon

March 2013

#1836 Anything for Her by Janice Kay Johnson
#1837 Home to Laura by Mary Sullivan
#1838 An Act of Persuasion by Stephanie Doyle
#1839 Maybe this Time by Joan Kilby
#1940 The Next Right Thing by Colleen Collins
#1841 Back Where She Belongs by Dawn Atkins

February 2013

#1830 Wild for the Sheriff by Kathleen O'Brien
#1831 In from the Cold by Mary Sullivan
#1832 Bending the Rules by Margaret Watson
#1833 The Closer You Get by Kristi Gold
#1834 Reservations for Two by Jennifer Lohmann
#1835 Finding Justice by Rachel Brimble

January 2013

#1824 The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry
#1825 A Hometown Boy by Janice Kay Johnson
#1826 Something to Believe In by Kimberly Van Meter
#1827 The Weekend... by Jennifer McKenzie
#1828 Back to the Good Fortune Diner by Vicki Essex
#1829 The Truth About Comfort Cove by Tara Taylor Quinn

December 2012

#1818 The Spirit of Christmas by Liz Talley
#1819 The Time of Her Life by Jeanie London
#1820 The Long Way Home by Cathryn Parry
#1821 Crossing Nevada by Jeannie Watt
#1822 Wish Upon a Christmas Star by Darlene Gardner
#1823 Espresso in the Morning by Dorie Graham

November 2012

#1812 Suddenly You by Sarah Mayberry
#1813 After the Storm by Amy Knupp
#1814 The Wedding Plan by Abby Gaines
#1815 The Life of Riley by Lenora Worth
#1816 About the Baby by Tracy Wolff
#1817 The Christmas Inn by Stella MacLean

October 2012

#1806 In This Town by Beth Andrews
#1807 No Matter What by Janis Kay Johnson
#1808 To Be a Family by Joan Kilby
#1809 The New Hope Cafe by Dawn Atkins
#1810 One Final Step by Stephanie Doyle
#1811 A Daughter's Story by Tara Taylor Quinn

September 2012

#1800 The Road to Bayou Bridge by Liz Tally
#1801 Out of Bounds by Ellen Hartman
#1802 Playing the Part by Kim Van Meter
#1803 The Truth About Tara by Darlene Gardner
#1804 The Woman He Knows by Margaret Watson
#1805 Seeking Shelter by Angel Smits

August 2012

#1794 On Her Side by Beth Andrews
#1795 Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry
#1796 Making Her Way Home by Janice Kay Johnson
#1797 A Better Man by Emilie Rose
#1798 In His Eyes by Emmie Dark
#1799 Out of the Depths by Pamela Hearon

July 2012
#1788 Under the Autumn Sky by Liz Talley
#1789 Island Haven by Amy Knupp
#1790 The Other Soldier by Kathy Altman
#1791 Hidden Agenda by Kara Lennox
#1792 The Company You Keep by Tracy Kelleher
#1793 A Son't Tale by Tara Taylor Quinn

June 2012 

#1782 Unraveling the Past by Beth Andrews
#1783 Unexpected Family by Molly O'Keefe
#1784 Bring Him Home by Karina Bliss
#1785 The Only Man for Her by Kristi Gold
#1786 Navy Rules by Geri Krotow
#1787 A Life Rebuilt by Jean Brashear

May 2012
#1776 Waters Run Deep by Liz Talley
#1777 The Long Shot by Ellen Hartman
#1778 Like One of the Family by Kimberly Van Meter
#1779 For Just Cause by Kara Lennox
#1780 No Ordinary Sheriff by Marry Sullivan
#1781 Healing Dr. Alexander by Tracy Wolff
April 2012
#1770 The Call of Brabery by Janice Kay Johnson
#1771 That New York Minute by Abby Gaines
#1772 Protecting Her Son by Joan Kilby
#1773 The Way Back by Stephanie Doyle
#1774 A Rare Find by Tracy Kelleher
#1775 On His Honor by Jean Brashear

March 2012 #1764 From Father to Son by Janice Kay Johnson

#1765 More Than One Night by Sarah Mayberry
#1766 The Vineyard of Hopes and Dreams by Kathleen O'Brien
#1767 Outside the Law by Kara Lennox
#1768 A Safe Place by Margaret Watson
#1769 Cassie's Grand Plan by Emmie Dark

February 2012
#1758 Between Love and Duty by Janice Kay Johnson
#1759 Marry Me, Marine by Rogenna Brewer
#1760 From the Beginning by Tracy Wolff
#1761 Just Desserts by Jeannie Watt
#1762 On Common Ground by Tracy Kelleher
#1763 A Texas Chance by Jean Brashear

January 2012
#1752 A Hero in the Making by Kay Stockham
#1753 His Brother's Keeper by Dawn Atkins
#1754 Where it Began by Kathleen Pickering
#1755 Undercover Cook by Jeannie Watt by Jeannie Watt
#1756 Something to Prove by Cathryn Parry
#1757 A Soldier's Secret by Linda Style

December 2011
#1746 The Cost of Silence by Kathleen O'Brien
#1747 The Texan's Christmas by Linda Warren
#1748 Because of the List by Amy Knupp
#1749 The Baby Truce by Jeannie Watt
#1750 A Southern Reunion by Lenora Worth
#1751A Deliberate Father by Kate Kelly

November 2011
#1740 Christmas in Montana by Kay Stockham
#1741 Temporary Rancher by Ann Evans
#1742 All They Nee by Sarah Mayberry
#1743 These Ties That Bind by Mary Sullivan
#1744 The Son He Never Knew by Kristi Gold
#1745 The Christmas Gift by Darlene Garnder

October 2011
#1734 In the Rancher's Footsteps by Kay Stockham
#1735 The Texan's Bride by Linda Warren
#1736 All That Remains by Janice K Johnson
#1737 For Their Baby by Kathleen O'Brien
#1738 A Touch of Scarlet by Liz Talley
#1739 No Groom Like Him by Jeanie London

September 2011
#1728 The Sheriff's Daughter by Kay Stockham
#1729 The Baby Connection by Dawn Atkins
#1730 Winning Over the Rancher by Mary Brady
#1731 Redemption at Mirabelle by Helen Brenna
#1732 The One She Left Behind by Kristi Gold
#1733 A Father's Name by Holly Jacobs

August 2011
#1722 Stand-In Wife by Karina Bliss
#1723 The Texan's Secret by Linda Warren
#1724 One Good Reason by Sarah Mayberry
#1725 Her Sure Thing by Helen Brenna
#1726 Full Contact by Tara Taylor Quinn
#1727 Feels Like Home by Beth Andrews

July 2011
#1716 The Husband Lesson by Jeanie London
#1717 Beyond Ordinary by Mary Sullivan
#1718 Her Son's Hero by Vicki Essex
#1719 The Pursuit of Jesse by Helen Brenna
#1720 Reconcilable Differences by Elizabeth Ashtree
#1721 Invitation to Italian by Tracy Kelleher

June 2011
#1710 Finding Her Dad by Janice Kay Johnson
#1711 Married by June by Ellen Hartman
#1712 Her Best Friend's Wedding by Abby Gaines
#1713 Honor Bound by Julianna Morris
#1714 Twice the Chance by Darlene Gardner
#1715 A Risk Worth Taking by Zana Bell

May 2011
#1704 A Father's Quest by Debra Salonen
#1705 A Taste of Texas by Liz Talley
#1706 Secrets in a Small Town by Kimberly Van Meter
#1707 The Prodigal Son by Beth Andrews
#1708 As Good As His word by Susan Gable
#1709 Mitzi's Marine by Rogenna Brewer

April 2011
#1698 Return To The Black Hills by Debra Salonen
#1699 Then There Were Three by Jeanie London
#1700 A Chance In The Night by Kimberly Van Meter
#1701 A Score To Settle by Kara Lennox
#1702 Burning Ambition by Amy Knupp
#1703 Deserving Of Luke by Tracy Wolff

March 2011
#1692 Bone Deep by Janice Kay Johnson
#1693 Two Against The Odds by Joan Kilby
#1694 The Past Between Us by Kimberly Van Meter
#1695 Nothing But The Truth by Kara Lennox
#1696 For Baby And Me by Margaret Watson
#1697 With A Little Help by Valerie Parv

February 2011
#1686 The Last Goodbye by Sarah Mayberry
#1687 In His Good Hands by Joan Kilby
#1688 His Wife For One Night by Molly O'Keefe
#1689 Taken To The Edge by Kara Lennox
#1690 Maddie Inherits A Cowboy by Jeannie Watt
#1691 Promise To A Boy by Mary Brady

January 2011
#1680 A Little Texas by Liz Talley
#1681 Her Great Expectations by Joan Kilby
#1682 Here Comes The Groom by Karina Bliss
#1683 Home To Harmony by Dawn Atkins
#1684 Because Of Jane by Lenora Worth
#1685 Nanny Next Door by Michelle Celmer

December 2010
#1674 The Baby Agenda by Janice Kay Johnson
#1675 The Way To Texas by Liz Talley
#1676 Unguarded by Tracy Wolff
#1677 Homecoming Day by Holly Jacobs
#1678 Family Be Mine by Tracy Kelleher
#1679 A Message For Julia by Angel Smits
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