Thursday, June 29, 2017

What To Do On a Sunday

What To Do On a Sunday
by Angel Smits

            Last Sunday my fellow Super Romance author Claire McEwen posed a question on her Facebook page.  Now, I didn’t answer or post because, well, I didn’t see it until Tuesday, and the comment was about what you do on a Sunday. 
            If I’d seen it on Sunday, I’d have commented—really—but I didn’t.  But it got me to thinking.  What I do on Sunday’s is actually a very big deal. 
            I work a 9-5 day job as the admin assistant to the plant manager for a large manufacturing plant.  It’s a busy job, definitely hectic some days.  So when I get to the weekend, hectic and busy is not what I’m looking for.  But, working a 9-5 day job also means there are several tasks that have to be done around the house, whether I like it or not. 
            So Sunday’s are the days where I sleep in a little.  The rest of my family can apparently sleep in a lot because I’m usually up way before they are.  I throw on my robe, walk out to the driveway and retrieve the newspaper, and put on a pot of coffee.  This is the quietest time of my week.  I relish every single minute of it. 
            Ready the newspaper is an old-fashioned habit, but a particularly important one for me.  I read nearly every story, every editorial and sometimes the advertising inserts, too.  Depending on when the rest of my family gets up.  Reading a newspaper is relaxing.  I don’t have to worry about the battery dying.   There’s no ads that stop my screen from scrolling down to the next section—I simply turn my eyes or the page.  Yeah, some of the stories are things that I saw online a couple days ago, but frequently this is the entire story, not just the headline, or the grabber paragraph. 
            I get story ideas from newspaper articles.  Those grainy newspaper photos are often the best jumping off place for a tale I want to tell.  So I sit back and enjoy every single minute--heavily laced with my coffee.  
            Eventually, though I do have to emerge from that cocoon.  And often the bridge back to reality is the coupon inserts.  I love coupons.  I’ve saved a lot of money over the years clipping and saving them.  It’s also become a ritual with my daughter and I.  We get out the scissors and clip away, a lot like cut and paste back in school.  She and I get ideas of what we plan to make for all of us to eat in the week ahead, and get reminded of things we haven’t had in awhile. 
            In the afternoon, we venture off to the grocery store.  It’s really the only day I can do it so I’ve resigned myself to it.  And my daughter loves to go.  She started going with me when she was little.  At an early age she learned how to add to the shopping cart.  At least now, she asks.  At two, she just tossed it in and this harried mother never had a clue—not until I was home unpacking bags.  Some interesting things ended up on our menu that way. 

Do we look like intrepid shoppers?
            Over time, grocery shopping became a mother daughter activity.  Sometimes it was the only time we had, just the two of us.   We’ve found that a lot of topics can be fit into the hour plus it takes us to buy a week’s worth of groceries.  And while it’s not private, no one’s really listening to us—and if they are, who cares.  We don’t know them, and they don’t know us.         
            There’s been a lot of sharing going on as we walk those aisles.  I can ask her in produce if something’s bothering her.  And by dairy, she’s filled me in and we’ve hashed out a few solutions.  In canned goods, she might say, “You know mom, I was wondering…”  And as we stroll down the baking aisle and debate which desert to get, we’ve come up with some answers, maybe even some viable solutions. 
            We never consciously decided to make the grocery store our connecting ground, it just happened over time.  And I’m glad it did.  Every parent should have a special time and place with each of their children.  A place where that child feels like they are the only person in that parent’s life.  A place where the relationship is one on one and  you can get to know the individual.  And they can get to know you as a person as well. 

            Is there a special place or event you have in your life where you connect with someone special?  I’d love to hear stories, if you’re willing to share.  And if you don’t have one?  Feel free to think about making one.  It’s definitely worth the effort.  


dstoutholcomb said...

I get together with a group of women for lunch a few times a year. August 25 is our next date.


Angel Smits said...

Good for you. Enjoy!!

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