Thursday, May 11, 2017

May Superromance Authors Are Having a Party!

Hi, Readers! The May Superromance authors are having a party today, to celebrate their new books - and you're all invited! All the fun will happen over on Facebook. You can click here to join the party.

We'll have lots of games and giveaways, some teasers from all of our books, and a lot of fun. So grab a glass of wine, jump in your PJs, and tell your friends!

The party starts at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific.

Don't forget to invite a few reader friends - and here's that link again so you can join the fun! 


Colleen C. said...

No facebook for me, but have a wonderful party!

Laurie I said...

I'd want to hear why they chose to become a romance writer—who or what inspired them; how long did it take to get their first book published; how did they learn how to submit a manuscript to a publisher; did they receive rejection letters; how long does it take them to write a book; how do they feel about reviews, good and bad; how do they plot out their books; where do their ideas come from; do they construct Pinterest boards for their books; how are the covers chosen; do they prefer writing stand-alone books or series, and why; have they wanted to venture into writing other genres besides romance, like mystery; do they use people they know in their books.
Just a few things that came to my mind as a reader. ( :

Laurie I said...

Uhhh...I think this posted in the wrong place. Sorry.

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