Monday, March 27, 2017

Romance All Around Us

One of the things I love the most about Superromance books is that the characters seem like real people. The heroes and heroines aren’t perfect. They have flaws and troubles and messy families and challenging relationships. They are trying to figure out how to raise kids or run a business or get promoted. Just like the rest of us.

So how is this romantic?  Romance novels are supposed to be an escape.  As readers, do we really want to read about everyday problems?  I would say yes, as long as those problems are elevated by romance.

Because romance lifts us up. And the great Superromance novels I’ve read show everyday people, with their everyday lives made better by romance. Little bits of romance that light us up with glimpses of what might be. And as the stories go on, they remind us that passion, romance and love are possible amongst the challenges and responsibilities of life.  Even our own lives. Because  Superromance novels find the beauty and romance all around us.

We all have frustrating days and challenging times.  And we all know that stress is bad for us.  It's important to escape from it, and since we can’t walk around all day with our nose buried in a romance novel, we have to find a different kind of escape. So on stressful days, I take a cue from Superromance novels and look for the small bits of romance that surround us.  Pieces of beauty like the morning light on the clouds. A sunset. A bird.  Whatever it is, look, and notice. Take a deep breath.  Let the beauty tug at your heart and soothe your stress.

As little son would say, with a sigh in his cute voice, when he teases me about what I love to write and read. “Ah…. Romance.”

On my blog, aptly called Romance All Around Us, I post about the bits of romance I find in my life. It could be something simple like a flower growing unexpectedly.  

Or it might be a project to bring a romantic aesthetic into my own home. An old piece of furniture restored.  A collection of seashells rearranged on the mantle.   

My latest pursuit of beauty and romance is a lawn that I am trying to turn into a meadow of wildflowers.  We'll see if the bugs and birds let the seeds grow!

On Instagram I try to share the little pieces of beauty that I see.  One day it was the way these berries looked on a white plate.

On another day, I came across these weeds in bloom in my neighborhood.

 So I challenge you to look around today. Try to find something pretty, something romantic, something that makes you happy.  And most importantly, allow yourself a moment to really enjoy it.  To let the beauty sink in.  And if you can’t get out and about to see the beauty, perhaps you can create some in your own home. Or on your desk at work.  Because we all deserve romance all around us!

If you'd like a glimpse of some of the beauty and romance I discover as I go about my days, please visit my blog or follow me on Instagram.  And thanks for stopping by the SuperAuthors Blog today!


Laurie I said...

I'm experiencing romance around me right now having just awakened from a nap to hear numerous birds singing outside my window. Since today has its challenges, I'm happy to acknowledge that bit of romance around me.

dstoutholcomb said...

Sunshine after a cloudy day!


Unknown said...

Laurie- that is so nice! What a great way to wake up!

Unknown said...

Hi Denise, we had the same thing. A huge storm last night and gorgeous weather today. It's so nice to feel the sun!

Kaelee said...

Claire ~ I love your pictures. Thay put me in a happy place. Yesterday, I got out of the house and cleaned up part of our front lawn. Just being in the fresh air and seeing green grass was wonderful. Then i walked around the yard and noticed that some of my spring bulbs are sending up shoots. I can't wait for them to blossom.

Claire McEwen said...

Hi Kaelee! Isn't it amazing to spend even a little time outside? I have been trying to get my garden into shape. I didn't weed all winter so it's quite a project now. But little by little the flowers are emerging and we are getting the weeds out. It makes me so happy to be out there! Our daffodils blossomed about a month ago... everything happens early in sunny California!

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