Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Her Secret Life (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I am a victim of domestic violence. I didn’t have a husband who hit me. He hurt me in other, more insidious ways. He attacked my capabilities. My self-worth. His physical abuse was more personal than backhanding.
An act of fate, a car accident, helped me see the truth – that my marriage was seriously injured – and escape. And for the next thirty years, I told no one. No one. I didn’t think there’d been any real abuse. I felt the failure clear to my soul. And I blamed myself for choosing to marry him.

The secret I kept shaped my entire life. It affected loved ones who knew nothing about what had happened. In some ways, it still affects them. I am accountable to that. Since I found the courage to speak about what happened, I’ve done everything I can to eradicate the negative effects the abuse brought. And made it a life’s mission to reach others, like me, who don’t know their own value, who don’t know they have something to say. Or those who are just plain frightened to speak up.

Where Secrets Are Safe, my current series with Superromance, is fiction. It’s entertainment. It’s larger than life. And yet…it’s also a voice. And a lesson plan. It revolves around a resort like women’s shelter set off the coast of California. The Lemonade Stand – Where Secrets Are Safe. The Stand is fiction. The characters and stories are pure ‘Hollywood.’ Many of the avenues for help and change are not. The laws are not. The love that heals, that gives hope for a future that includes real happiness, pure joy, is not.

This month sees the release of book 10 in this series.(Click Here For A Complete List.) 
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Her Secret Life is truly Hollywood! Kacey is a soap opera star, a beauty, who is truly living her dream. And finding herself empty, too, except when she's with her secret friend - a fellow volunteer at The Lemonade Stand - scarred and reclusive, Michael Valentine. Kacey's good luck changes when someone starts to stalk her, and it's then that she finds out what luck and dreams are really all about.

I met with – hosted in our home – the woman who founded the very first women’s shelter in the United States. I listened as she told about her thirty-year fight to change laws that would better protect the one in four women who are victims. And I stand with my sisters who victims, who are survivors, and those who are friends and loved ones of both. Escape with me to The Lemonade Stand. Your secrets are safe here.

Over the next nine months I'm hosting a drive to help our sisters at home, on a local level, where every bra counts. Please Join Me.

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Joanne Rock said...

Such an important cause to champion, Tara! I'm sharing everywhere on my social media this week and will visit the site myself to help the drive. Thank you for shining a light on a scary reality for far too many women.

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