Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Romance, Love and Rock & Roll - Dana Nussio

Garbage/Oct. 2015
Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the day when the people from nearly 40 countries celebrate love and romance through gifts, candlelit dinners and dreamy getaways. How could any event that features copious amounts of chocolate, long-stem roses and candy hearts with words like "Hot Stuff" and "I'm Yours" written on them be anything less than awesome? (No, I am not inhaling a package of heart-shaped Peeps as a write. ;))

Duran Duran/July 2016
Valentine's is also the banner holiday for those of us who spend our lives writing stories about happily ever after. We are often asked to make appearances associated the holiday, and sometimes we even are interviewed about how we keep the romance alive in our own relationships.

Metric/Sept. 2016
I always dreaded that question. Oh, I could write about the kind of love that could overcome tragedy and time and any antagonist. (My March Superromance, FALLING FOR THE COP, is a prime example. Shameless promotion here.) My own romance, however, was a little less sparkling. While my husband and I were in our child-rearing years, most of our "date nights" involved a trip to Home Depot and maybe a latte or an occasional movie. So as we entered the next phase of our lives, our romance was in need of a little spark.
Who knew that the sizzle would come in the form of light shows, guitar riffs, drum solos and killer lead vocals? Yes, these two empty nesters, with very different music tastes, are building this next stage of our romance with a little help from Rock & Roll. Date nights for us now include great music, screaming fans and some lovely quality time together. Sure, we'd attended a couple of concerts together while our daughters were still at home. A little Depeche Mode. Some Barenaked Ladies. I'd even showed up at a Cranberries concert, which was a surprise to me since I'd thought all day that we were going to see the Traveling Wilburys. :)
The Fray/Nov. 2016

As a romance writer, I would like to take credit for transforming a casual interest into a regular hobby pour deux, but this one I owe all to my husband. He cleared our calendars, made the plans and bought the tickets.
Yes, my '90s-music-loving guy has picked a few bands whose music I was unfamiliar with until the show, but we've taken turns selecting concerts and learning to appreciate something the other loves. We're veterans now, of bigger concerts at Joe Louis Arena and more intimate shows at the Fillmore Detroit and Royal Oak Music Theatre, where he insists on mosh pit tickets since we're "way too young" to sit in the balcony seats. On the calendar for March, we have Green Day (his choice) and Bon Jovi (definitely mine.) He's even promised to put up with my swooning.
Red Hot Chili Peppers/Feb. 2017

How do we keep our romance alive? I'm glad I don't have to shy away from that question anymore. It's all about finding something you can love together, something that will remind you of why you fell in love in the first place. As for me,  I'm not only building romances in the pages of my books, but my husband and I are also stoking the fire of our real-life romance with the help of some great music. Maybe one of these days we'll even get good at selfies!

Happy Valentine's Day to my Valentine!  I love you!

"If music be the food of love, play on..." William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night.


Claire McEwen said...

Great post, Dana! And I'm jealous you're seeing Green Day! I love them, but have never seen them live. Anyway, your post is such a great reminder to make time for the special person in your life and find things that connect you to each other. Love it!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Claire. I'll be sure to yell extra loud at the Green Day concert on your behalf.:) Looking forward to it.

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