Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Getting Out & About...by Rachel Brimble

As writers we're often at our happiest when sitting in front of the computer in a silent house, usually with a breed of an animal at our feet. Or maybe that's just me!

The only problem with staying in this blissful comfort zone? It's very likely we'll run out of ideas unless we get out and about from time to time. My Templeton Cove series is a mix of romantic suspense and mainstream romance stories set in a UK seaside town, however, these characters need experiences and interactions in order to make them viable, well-rounded and believable people.

Although Templeton Cove is a blend of UK seaside locations I stayed with my family throughout my childhood, I find I often use my foreign holidays, visit to historical places and festivals to sprinkle a little more of the exotic and interest into this small town.

I don't tend to use the actual places I've visited, what I use are the emotions I felt whilst there. One of my favorite holidays of all-time was Rhodes. One of my most comforting and relaxing holidays was at a log cabin in Wales. One of my memorable visits to a stately home was Highclere Castle (AKA Downton Abbey).

When I start a book, I usually try to pin down the 'theme' - this can be anything from trust, to self-acceptance, to grief, to regret...the list goes on. Once I have my theme pinned down, more often than now, one of the places or countries I've visited will come straight to mind. I then know I need to use everything I felt whilst there and pour it into my characters.

What are some of your favorite places to visit? Where can you think of that you immediately felt an emotional rush? There will be a story idea there...promise!

Rachel x


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Laurie I said...

I love books set in the U.K., and I long to visit England, especially the English countryside.

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