Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All My Friends Are So Small Town

by Kristina Knight

I've had a love affair with John Mellencamp for a lot of years, and it's all because of one song: Small Town. I'm sure it's already ringing in your ears, but just in case, I'm including the video here because...well, it's John and it's my song.

<iframe width="360" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0CVLVaBECuc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I grew up in a small town - less than 3,000 people, fewer than 50 people in my graduating class - near a man-made lake in Missouri. And there were times growing up that I thought I must live in the most boring town in the world. At the same time, there was no other place that I wanted to be. I think that is why I write about small towns so often. I've written small town romances before (small town Texas, small town Missouri, small town Ohio). I've wanted to build more than a single book set in a small town, and this year that dream is coming true.

This year, I have a new series out with Superromance -- four books, set in a small, lake town, with five high school football heroes in the center. That's the first cover up there - and I absolutely love the title of the book!

In my real-life small town, connection was a scary thing - we didn't get away with anything because everybody knew everybody else. That connection, as stifling as it feels when we are kids, is something we look for as adults. That's the way it is in my small town, anyway. In my fictional Slippery Rock, connection is just as scary...but where everything seemed to be an open book in my real town, there are secrets in my fictional town.

Four of my five heroes are in town when the series starts, and they've all come back because their small town is at the heart of who they are. I like me who know who they are and what they want...and them knowing those things made it super-duper fun to challenge them to grow just a little big more. And the women - oh the girls in these stories! They are feisty and silly and while they aren't all besties when the series starts, they begin building the kind of bond their men have...because while some of the strongest bonds we develop are made in our teens, those first adult relationships can be life-changing, too.

So, here's hoping you love the small town of Slippery Rock (book one is coming out in May) and my five heros: Adam, Aiden, Levi, Collin, and James...



Kaelee said...

Five heroes but only four books? I'm assuming one book has two HEA. I grew up in a small town which is basically just a bedroom town now as most of the businesses are closed and the schools are in the next town down the road.

penney said...

Sounds very good thank you for the review

Kristina Knight said...

Hi, Kaelee, I'm still not quite sure what will happen with the fifth hero...I'm thinking his story might become a novella...we'll see!

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