Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Question Of The Month: Sharing Favorite Decorations

Janet Lee Nye is putting out Baby Jesus
It seems like every day this month I'm checking Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter and seeing amazing mantle and yard decorations, fabulous Hanukkah displays, and gorgeous Christmas trees. And among those amazing displays are a few favorites - everyone has favorite holiday decorations, and the Harlequin Superromance authors are no different! These are a few of our favorites:

Janet Lee Nye: For the past 19 Christmases, I've been part of a very special tradition that dates back to when the hospital I work at was owned and operated by an order of nuns. A life-sized nativity scene goes up outside the front entrance on December 1. On December 24th, the ceramic baby Jesus is delivered to the nursery. We keep him there until midnight. Each year someone is chosen to place baby Jesus in the manger. It's a very special moment. Security comes to escort us. Everyone who is free (someone has to stay & take care of patients!) comes down to walk outside with us. Usually there are people waiting outside to see. Last year, the person who was chosen to put baby Jesus in the manger found out that I had never been selected. So we decided since she was the newest nursery nurse and I was the most senior, we would do it together. I'm not at all religious (why I'd never asked to perform the ritual) but I've always been respectful of the tradition and go to watch. But it was fun to do it at least once.

Kris Fletcher: I have many many favorite decorations, but the one that always means Christmas to me is the nativity scene my sister made for me years ago. It encompasses all the things that spell Christmas to me: hand made, family, the Christ child. Plus when my oldest son was three he pinged the baby Jesus with his new Nerf bow and arrow, so there are laughter-filled memories to add to the mix.

Kristina Knight's Believe sign
Kristina Knight: My favorite decoration changes - often - but the last couple of years, it's been this 'Believe' sign. I picked it up in Amish Country two years ago. It was a fun day, and as we were passing by the store window, big, fast, quiet flakes of snow began falling...I saw the sign, and I knew it needed to come home to our mantle.

Angel Smits: One of my favorite decorations is an advent calendar I cross stitched years ago, when my kids were little.  It’s a tree with elves and there are little Velcro ornaments to “hang” on the tree for each day of December.  We put it up every year, and even though my kids are grown they still want to put an ornament up.  Making all those ornaments seemed to take forever then, but I’m so glad I did it!
Heatherly Bell's favorites are hand-made by her kids

Heatherly Bell: My favorite holiday decorations are the ornaments that my children have made over the years. It's like taking a walk back in time. Many they made in school and there's a school photo of them at the center. They're made with spray painted puzzle pieces and bowtie pasta. And yes, some of them don't last through moves and...dogs. But I can't bear to throw them away.

Jo McNally's treetop angel
Jo McNally: Choosing a favorite holiday decoration is a real challenge when our home is overflowing with my husband's Santa collection and my nativities and ornaments (some are older than I am). But one of my favorites is definitely our treetop angel. Yes, she's pretty, but the photo doesn't show what's extra special about her - she moves! Her wings slowly and gracefully move back and forth as she nods her head and moves her arms. She moves very quietly, and it's fun to watch people's reactions when they finally realize what's happening. At first, they think they're seeing things, and it adds a bit of Christmas magic. Happy holidays, everyone!

Nan Dixon: I have a Christmas pattern that I adore. Right after Thanksgiving I pull it down and put the regular dishes away. (And
Nan Dixon's Christmas-ware
sometimes it stays out until Valentine's Day!) What makes this pattern special is my mother and I had the same pattern--so I received all her pieces and she had a lot! Having a cup of tea made in a pot that my mum had gets me teary eyes. Flaming the Christmas Pudding on the plate that she used keeps her and father here and tangible. My kids have done a wonderful job in replacing and buying new pieces. The pattern and my family make me smile!

Saturn adorns Claire McEwen's tree
Claire McEwen: Each year we choose a special ornament for my son. We always write the date on the bottom of it so we can keep track of them. It's so fun to see them and remember each year.  Here are a couple of them, a cement truck and the planet Saturn, hung close together on the tree.


Mary Preston said...

Most of my favorites would be those made by the children when they were very young. Just so precious.

Colleen C. said...

My fav is the very first decoration I bought for myself... it is a light up panel with a polar bear holding a present and wearing a Santa hat. :) Happy Holidays all!

Laney4 said...

One of my favourites is a "hay" wreath with a ribbon. I have been adding all sorts of decorations to it throughout the years.

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