Friday, December 9, 2016

Counting Down The Days

We've been madly decorating our home for the holidays for the last couple of weeks. No, we are not Santa-and-Reindeer central, but when I attack this kind of project a little at a time I find it ends much better. With the house actually looking decorated instead of like Santa threw up on us.

For RadioMan this means umpteen trips to the store for one more extension cord or, in the case of Sunday Night, a new light-up Rudolph for the yard because our existing Rudolph's lights went out. Poor Rudy! And poor RadioMan because he didn't find a duplicate...instead we now have a linked chain of Rudolph, Clarice, The Abominable and (naturally) Santa. It's adorable...but I do miss Santa.

My favorite thing? That's bebe with it to your left - the past couple of years we've been really into LEGOs. Two years ago, we fed that addiction with a LEGO City Advent Calendar...then with a LEGO Friends Advent Calendar, and last year with a Holiday Special and this year...we'll, we're back to HeartLake City (and the LEGO Friends).

Yeah, I know, this kind of thing promotes greed; no child needs to have a 'present' to open for 24 days straight. Blah blah blah. The thing is, it's a family project. Yes, she opens the doors and puts whatever the pieces are together, but the whole project? That is a family thing. We take ten minutes out of our day to be really focused on one another. We talk and laugh and (sometimes) get aggravated because the pieces don't seem to want to go together. But it is 'us' time. And at least once more each day I catch bebe playing with the figures, remaking them into something completely new and different...and sometimes I get sucked in to playing along with her.

So every day holds a new surprise for her. We are less than 15 days until Christmas and each day she
wakes up excited to see what is next inside one of the LEGO doors. I love watching the surprise on her face when she sees what's waiting inside.

It's kind of how I feel about starting new books - every sentence, paragraph, page and day sends my characters (and me!) on a little bit of a journey to find a new surprise. Some days the surprise is good, some days not so much...but the surprise keeps me moving forward.

Does your family have a special holiday tradition? Share in the comments!

Kristina Knight


Mary Preston said...


We have a lot of traditions. I think they are very important.

Kristina Knight said...

Traditions are so important, Mary, I agree! Thanks for visiting today!

Kaelee said...

My husband and I have been buying Lego Advent Calendars for my 40 something year old niece for a number of years now. Last year we got one for her 50 something year old husband as well. This year we again got one for both of them. We have no children and they have no children. We enjoy the daily text messages to show what was under the flaps. Her collection of Lego will eventually go to one of her nieces or nephews or maybe to some of their children. They will enjoy the unique nature of the pieces from the advent calendars.

When my parents were alive they used to send OPEN ME NOW presents to their grandchildren. It was usually an ornament to add to the tree. Some of my nieces and nephews have a box of these ornaments that they treasure.

Kristina Knight said...

what a great tradition your parents had - I love that! And I love that you send LEGO advent calendars to adults - we all love building! Thanks for visiting, Kaelee!

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