Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 2016 New Releases

The Good Mom
Cathryn Parry

 It's all for Brandon 

Single mom Ashley LaValley will do anything to help her twelve-year-old son, a cancer survivor, achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. Even uproot their lives and relocate to Boston when Brandon gets a scholarship to an exclusive prep school. Even accept help when Brandon risks flunking out…

Even when that help comes from Dr. Aidan Lowe, an arrogant, abrasive man recently returned from a stint in Afghanistan. But the guy's also charismatic and wickedly sexy. Ashley's spent years putting her son's needs first. Now Aidan's reminding her that she has needs of her own…

Prince Charming Wears A Badge (Tales From Whittler's Creek)
Lisa Dyson

You don't have to believe in magic to find it… 

Callie James never expected a handsome prince or a fairy-tale ending. She already knows that life is full of unhappy-ever-afters—like finding her boyfriend with another woman, and being forced to return to her hometown and deal with her troubled past. 

Fortunately, she's pretty much safe from romantic entanglements. That is, until she discovers the chief of police is also her teenage crush, Tyler Garrett. Now she must find a way to face her wicked stepfamily, win over Prince Charming…and save herself in the process.  

Accidental Bodyguard (The Florida Files)
Sharon Hartley

She can't make the same mistake again

Claudia Goodwin loved and trusted once. Now she's running from the man she thought would never hurt her. Hiding in the breathtaking beauty of a private Florida island until she can testify against her ex-husband, a ruthless terrorist, she has to stay focused on survival.

Sexy security expert Jackson Richards is the perfect man to have on her side, but trusting anyone—even him—isn't an option. The one thing she can't keep hidden is the crackling attraction between them. And desire for the man keeping her safe might not be enough to protect her heart…or her life.

The Rancher's Prospect (Montana Skies)
Callie Endicott

Digging a little deeper  

Running his family's ranch has always been Josh McGregor's dream. Dealing with his feisty grandfather, however, is not. Josh is struggling to maintain control, and ranch manager Tara Livingston doesn't help. The only thing they agree on is ignoring the attraction between them.

Tara has a special bond with his grandfather, but she won't stay in Montana forever. Yet her bold nature challenges Josh, making him question his goals. When Tara takes his grandfather on a treasure-hunting trip to the mountains, Josh has no choice but to go along. They may not find jewels, but they could come back with something even more valuable…


Mary Preston said...

Another month of great reading.

penney said...

Great ones again, thanks

Solution Shrine said...
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Claire McEwen said...

Not so sure about the voodoo ad that somehow ended up on here, but I sure do love these covers! Congratulations on your books, Lisa, Sharon, Callie and Cathryn!

Unknown said...

Thank you for all of these wonderful books.

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