Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's That Time of Year

By Angel Smits

When I was growing up, one of my favorite holidays was Halloween.  I love autumn.  I was born in October (Yes, right on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, so I pick whichever one matches my mood.)  There were always parties, fun and family gatherings. 
The air cooled off, and the leaves crackled when I walked through them on my way home from school.   Time changes and there’s more darkness at the end of the day.  It’s a magical, secretive time.   
Sometime, not long after school started each year, I’d start planning what I wanted to dress up as for the Halloween party at school. It was always tough, not because I couldn’t figure it out, but because there were so many choices.  I remember being a fairy princess one year.  My mom glued glitter (which I’m sure they’re still finding in corners of the school) to a crown and wand.  There was one year I dressed up as Cousin It from the Addams Family, combing my hair over my face.   And I loved being a gypsy with a long flowing skirt and ton of jangly jewelry. 

Oh, and then there was the year of the cat...
To say I had a bit of an over- active imagination would be an understatement.  And while it was useful, it also had a bothersome side.  Not only was I day dreaming, I had very vivid dreams at night.  And quite often nightmares. 
One of the most vivid ones was on Halloween.  How scary is it that I still remember that dream from when I was a kid?  We had put one of the masks we’d worn, a craggy old witch, up on top of the curtain rod in our room.  It had to have been the last thing I saw before I fell asleep.  It makes sense that I’d dream about a witch.  She chased me through the woods near our cabin.  I kept trying to hide, but she kept finding me.             
My poor sister, who shared a lot of things with me, including a room, also got to share my bad dreams since she was the first person I’d wake up.  She’d get so irritate, and I’m not sure she’s quite forgiven me yet.  But I always knew she was there, and I could usually go back to sleep knowing I wasn’t alone.  I remember burying my head under the pillow that night, though.  Because that witch mask was still up there and I could see the silhouette of it in the shadows. 
Growing up, I learned to channel my dreams into stories.  It helped make the bad dreams go away, or at least fade.  I’m sure my husband is thrilled I don’t wake him up like I did my sister.  He’s heard the horror stories, though. 
I have always written better at night.  Turn off the lights, let the quiet of the night settle in, snuggle down into the covers and somehow the words flow.  It’s like I channel that overactive kid.  Maybe she did have a purpose. 
Either that or I just still like to make believe.  Hope you have some great Halloween memories, and some great costumes you got to play in.  Heck, what are you going to dress up like this year?       


Mary Preston said...

No Halloween here, so no dressing up for me. I do think I'd make a great witch though.

Aarvi Gupta said...

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Unknown said...

Last year I was a clown (non-creepy!), but that's out this year. So Himself and I are going to a party dressed as...the couple on the cover of my first romance! I ordered a long wig and he's going to darken his hair just a little (ha ha), and we'll dress as close as we can and "assume the pose" whenever someone asks who we are. My friends have all seen the cover, so I think/hope they'll get it.

Angel Smits said...

Jo, what cute idea. Hope you'll share pictures of the end result.

Unknown said...

Will do! The long red wig arrived today - I love my heroine, but red is not my color!

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