Thursday, October 20, 2016

It Always Comes Back To Romance

Senior Editor Victoria Curran

I feel I must take this moment to mourn the passing of Toronto’s beloved Blue Jays after their final loss to the Cleveland Indians last night in the playoffs to the World Series. It was not a pretty game, and the lack of offensive plays suggests we may not have deserved that Wild Card spot in the first place (but you didn’t hear that from me!).  What has that got to do with romance books? It seems everything comes back to romance books in my life. (Could it possibly be because I talk about it a lot???)

I worked very early to very early yesterday so I could be at the 4 p.m. game with my buddy Sharon who works for the Jays. We had excellent seats that were so close to the field, I felt like I was losing right along with our boys!

And then, of course, there was the after party for Jays and Cleveland staff and special guests (no players, L). Just the kind of party a cheap editor loves: plenty of free food and beer. And coming after the tragic death of the 2016 World Series dream, it was kind of like a funeral but without those little sandwiches.

At one point Sharon, who knew everybody, was standing beside a booth chatting to two women for quite some time while I ate my fifth dessert (chocolate and maple gelato, nice!). My back was hurting so I finally went over and rudely plunked myself down in the booth beside one of the women, a complete stranger to me. Turned out to be TV sportscaster Buck Martinez’s wife. Oops. Because I’d taken a seat, Sharon sat beside the other woman opposite. And then Buck Martinez arrived loaded down with food and I was sitting in his spot.

I quickly stood to get out of there but they squished in on the other side for me to sit three on a bench. And that put me face to face in a tight booth with celebrity sportscaster Buck Martinez. I was star-struck and red-faced and very, very warm. So of course I started talking about Superromance author Stephanie Doyle’s baseball romances and sex. You know. As one will.

And what always happens when a romance editor or author starts talking about romance books? You guessed it: one of the women admitted to me that she always thought she could write a book. I’d had a free beer, though, so I wasn’t about to break her spirit by revealing how many years of work and study usually go into an author’s first book. Heck, she’s sort of a baseball wife who just sat through a major loss. She doesn’t need me to teach her anything about hard work, perseverance and overcoming obstacles. She probably will write that book, and probably will make it to the bestseller list someday.

Oh, and Buck Martinez’s wife wants me to send her Stephanie Doyle’s baseball trilogy. Harlequin Superromance has made it to the Major Leagues! But then, I think we were already there.



Kathleen O said...

Buck is one of my fav sports casters.. You lucky gal.. I was very disappointed and heartbroken that our Blue Jays lost. But There is always next year.

Joanne Rock said...

I thought they'd go farther for sure, Victoria!! Hugs on a rough loss, but you sure do know how to tell a fun story :-). I'm not at all surprised you were touting our books to potential readers. Two thumbs up!!

Unknown said...

Buck's wife was saying that in Cleveland he was treated like a rockstar! More famous than in Toronto, which is interesting... He has an open-air office two doors down from my buddy's room. I don't know how she gets any work done....

Yes, sad about them Jays. Awkward situation after the game as Jays fans milled around waiting for the Jays to come out. And of course they didn't because it was all about Cleveland. And there were about 40 Cleveland fans going nuts in our ballpark. Made me feel guilty for not cheering with them--unsportsmanlike?

liztalley said...

I love this story! And Stephanie's books are so good. You've made her a new fan for life.

Also, sorry about the loss. As a Texas Rangers fan I take equal amounts of pleasure and pain in it ;)

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to get the books together and courier them off! I, too, am a huge Stephanie Doyle fan.

Um, yes: apologies for that Texas Rangers thing. That brings me to the end of the game yesterday: I felt as if I should be cheering on Cleveland because they walloped us. But I'm not there yet! (So I completely understand the pleasure part of your reaction.)

Laney4 said...

I too was saddened that the Jays didn't make it further, but I'm still proud that they got as far as they did!

Kathleen O said...

Victoria I feel the same way. I need to wallow in self pity for a few days.

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