Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Getting Past "The Lull" - Dana Nussio

I am working my way through what I like to call "the lull." This is that gaping hole in time between typing "the end" on one manuscript and writing "Chapter 1" on the next one.
The distance between those two points will determine how many books an author can write in a year and how quickly she can give her fans the stories they crave. For some authors, the lull may only last a few hours in afternoon, but other writers need a little longer to recover and reinvigorate.

I fall into that second group. I need time to say good-bye to the characters who've camped in my head for months, reacquaint myself with my real-life family and friends and do some unromantic things like clean my filthy house. I marvel at the gift of those who can dive right into the next story so quickly. I wish I could be like them. But, alas, I'm not, and I guess I can live with that.

Every writer has a process, and mine is to allow my stories to come to me naturally. Often, that means slowly. I begin with a general overview for a plot and a basic idea about who my characters are, and then I let them whisper their stories to me. During this time, I usually have that moment of panic, where I wonder if I still have stories within me, where I worry if the last book I wrote will be my last one ever. These are the voices I choose to ignore. I push through the lull instead. As I catch up on my dusting and ironing, I also begin planning a new book. I tell myself I do have more to say to readers, and then I get started.

So I am back to work again, spending time in the fictional world of the Brighton Post gang in my True Blue series. The series is begging for a Book 3 to follow my March 2017 release, FALLING FOR THE COP, so I have written character sketches and completed GMC statements for Sarah and Jamie and have begun crafting the synopsis. And in the past few days, I have taken the biggest risk of all by starting Chapter 1. So good-bye to "the lull." See you next time.


penney said...

This sounds good am looking forward to it, can't wait to see what the cover looka like

Unknown said...

Thanks, Penney. I can't wait to see it as well!

Jo McNally said...

Have fun jumping into the new story, Dana! I took too long of a lull this last time, and I'm paying the price now with "deadline panic!"

Unknown said...

Sorry about the deadline panic, Jo. Hope the words come quickly.

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