Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall Happiness

Fall is in the air and I am thrilled.  I love this season. October brings my birthday and my husband’s. We celebrate the anniversary of the night we first met. My son gets excited about his Halloween costume and we all love our annual visit to the local pumpkin patch. 

We also have some less traditional fall events that make this time of year special. We get spectacular sunsets over the ocean.

And for some reason, tiny fish and other sea critters get swept up to our edge of Monterey Bay each fall. Following the fish are all kinds of birds, sea lions and dolphins.  Even humpback whales stop by sometimes and surprise us by leaping out of the water, slapping their tails, and blowing their spouts. Here is one feeding near the shore, coming very close to a boat!

But this fall is extra special, because I have a book coming out.  Home Free.  And the story feels like a celebration of the season. It is the story of a man, fresh out of prison, who falls in love with a woman imprisoned by her own anxiety.  He is thrilled to experience the world and all that freedom has to offer, while her instinct is to hide from everything.

The story takes place in the fall, and bringing my characters together in that setting was lovely.  The hero, Arch Hoffman, is mourning a decade lost behind prison walls.  The change of seasons feels brand new for him.  He’s so grateful for cooling temperatures, golden aspen leaves and shorter days, because it’s proof that he’s out in the world again.  

Arch’s enthusiasm for life helps the heroine, Mandy, overcome her anxiety.  He encourages her to embrace the uncertainty of the world, and as she tries new things and finds success, her confidence grows and she breaks free from fear. 

Because of Thanksgiving, fall feels to me like the season of gratitude. And both Arch and Mandy feel so much gratitude in this book. No matter what happens between them, they can see how their relationship transforms and heals them both.

I wish you all a wonderful fall filled with family, friends, and fun.  I’d love to hear, in the comments, what you enjoy about this magical season!

And please join me as Home Free goes on book tour!
November 3rd, Harlequin Blog
November 4th-5th, Just Contemporary Romance (with a fun giveaway!)
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Laney4 said...

The joy of a pile of leaves (before they have to be raked, of course!)....

Mary Preston said...

The colours of autumn are always so beautiful to see.

Unknown said...

Well, I used to love the cooler sweater and sweatshirt weather when I was up North, but now that I'm a Southerner, I just enjoy the colors and the smell of burning leaves.

dstoutholcomb said...

Fall colors, apples, pumpkins, birthdays, and Thanksgiving!


Claire McEwen said...

Thank you all for sharing what you love about fall! It's great to know I'm not the only one who loves it, who relishes things like apples and pumpkins! Speaking of apples, a couple weeks ago we were in the country north of San Francisco and got the best apples from a farm stand - Sierra Beauties! So yummy. We used to get them when I was young. It made me so happy to share them with my husband and son.

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