Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Writers' Weekend - Dana Nussio

A smooth, sandy beach. Water so close that the sound of the crashing waves lulls you to sleep at night. A sunrise that paints the sky in so many shades of pink and purple and blue that you almost forget to breathe as you watch it.

Kathy's morning meditation.
We are here in Oscoda, Michigan, on the beautiful Lake Huron shoreline, relaxing, rejuvenating and refilling our creative wells on a Writers' Weekend.

Julia, Kathy and Jeanne writing away.
I had heard about my friends' annual up-north writers' group weekend and had seen photos of the lovely beach house, so when I was invited to tag along this year, I couldn't pack my things fast enough. I didn't want to be rude, of course. What could be more inspiring for a writer than the chance to create in such a picturesque setting?

Dana working on revisions.

We arrived after dark on Friday night and hadn't had the chance to see the lake, so that only made the sunrise over the water more breathtaking. It felt like the Heavens were greeting the morning with a long, satisfied sigh.

Dana's revision materials.
Since we could breathe deeper and think clearer here, it was only right that we should also be able to write better here. We all got to work bright and early, some creating new material and others revising stories, poems and book manuscripts.

I was working on revisions for my March 2017 Superromance, FALLING FOR THE COP, so I kept off to myself, spreading out my materials on the table. Of course, all I had to do when I needed a little extra inspiration was to look out the window next to me and take in the amazing view.

View from work table.

At mealtimes we gave ourselves a break from our writing and took turns critiquing some of our work. We shared writing suggestions and worked on our social-media platforms. And then it was right back to our writing.

The Soldiers

If your friends invite you along on a Writers' Weekend, I highly recommend dropping everything to go. You'll thank me for this recommendation. I promise. So thank you to writers Jacqui Gretzinger, Jeanne Tepper and Kathy Steck for including me in the fun. For us, it was definitely an all-work-and-no-play weekend. We have the lineup of soldiers to prove it. Any chance I can wrangle an invitation for next year?


Kristina Knight said...

What a fun trip!! I love writers retreats - and am going on one in another week...can't wait!

Unknown said...

I do too, Kristina! Have fun on yours.

Kathy Steck said...

It helps if you can include a fabulous long time published author on your writers' weekend retreat. She gives you very valuable input on your critiques. Thank you Dana for your wonderful insight! You made the weekend even more productive.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kathy. I had a blast. It was great getting to hear a bit from each of the different stories, too. I can't wait to see your books in print.

Unknown said...

It looks like you ladies had a wonderful time writing. What a beautiful setting.

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