Friday, August 19, 2016

Small Towns Are In My Heart

by Kristina Knight

Some of my favorite books - ever - are set in small towns. From childhood favorites like the Little House books to my friend Liz Flaherty's  Back to McGuffey's or One More Summer. As much as I love La Nora's city-based In Death series, its the books that are set in small towns - like Northern Lights or her Bride Quartet - that keep me coming back for more. I could list more small town authors, but I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. I love a small town romance.

Which is why I'm so excited about my next project for the SuperRomance line - I'm writing a 4 book series set in a small Missouri town on a lake...very similar to the town where I grew up. There are dairy farms and orchards around it, the lake type of stuff, and there are five men who grew up together. Each of them left town for a while, but they've all come home, and are finding that even life in a small town can be filled with twists and turns.

One thing I'm doing differently with this series is that I'm keeping a series bible going - there are character lists and business lists and some general plotting information. I'm going to include blurbs of the different books when I get to that stage, too. And there is the map you see above - hey, no snickering at the condition of that map! I'm a writer not a cartographer!

Setting up my town - bad map and all! - has been one of my favorite parts of putting this series together. Figuring out how the town was laid out, where things were located, how those locations might feed into the plots of the different was a lot overwhelming at first, but now that the town has its boundaries, I'm finding it's much simpler to write without overthinking the location of the Slippery Slope (the local bar) or the grocery store or, heck, the actual Slippery Rock Lake!

I'm also having fun setting up my pinterest boards and finding hero (and heroine!) inspiration...I've also found some housing inspiration that is making me consider more real-life home renovations for next spring!

Mostly, though, I'm finding myself falling back in love with small towns and farmers and orchard owners...and all the lovely and cantankerous and (sometimes) obnoxious people who live there...and I can't wait to share the books with you all!

Are you a fan of small town romances or do you prefer big cities and a more jet-set lifestyle? And, in either case, what keeps you invested in the hero and heroine?


Mary Preston said...

I actually don't have a preference. Happy to read across the board.

I do love witty repartee between the hero & heroine. A touch of humour never goes astray either.

Kristina Knight said...

Humor is a must, Mary! Thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

I love small-town romances, too, Kristina. They're the images I see in my head. The local PTA, the community church, the bookstore downtown. I love that you're writing this. I can't wait to read it.

Kristina Knight said...

thanks, Dana! I'm excited about it!

dstoutholcomb said...

love small town settings in books


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