Monday, August 15, 2016

Question of the Month: What's Your Favorite Office Supply?

It's mid-August - how did that happen? In the US this means back-to-school
season, a time when chances are good that if you go to a store looking for
a single spiral notebook you won't be able to find one! And that begs the
question, SuperAuthors: What is your favorite office supply?

Joanne Rock: I must have a planner. For years, it seemed like a luxury to buy a planner over, say, new shoes for a kid. But now my kids have been the same shoe size for years (hooray!) and there is a little more budget for fun stuff. I've upgraded from the utilitarian notebooks with printed date pages that I got online and glued in (how's that for cost effective?) to move lovely books just for this purpose. I covet the pretty ones with lots of extra pages for notes and reminders. I bought one this year that has stickers for vacation days and girls lunches out. So much joy in those stickers!! It combines everything I loved about those giant activity books as a kid, plus all the organizational help that a busy woman needs. AND it's pretty.

Dana Nussio: I love little notebooks and journals – 3  ½ x 5” and 5 ½ x 8” – anything small with plenty of lines for writing stuff. Do I actually journal? No, not really. But I keep those little notebooks around for when moments of inspiration. Yes, they end up filled with doodles and unidentified phone numbers, but I love them anyway.

Angel Smits: There’s just something about back to school shopping and office supplies that makes me practically giddy.  Choosing a favorite is hard.  I’m a sucker for all of it, especially if it’s pink!  I have a jillion pens, which isn’t nearly enough.  My newest “toy” is the new disc notebooks.  Lots of accessories and they work like a spiral notebook, but you can take the page out and then put it back.  I’m addicted.

Kristina Knight: Lordy, there are so many - pens (make mine PaperMate Flair Ultra Fine, please) and notebooks (story binders *save* me!) and binder clips (basic black? no way, lets get crazy!)...but lately my absolute favorite are my new highlighters - they are Sharpies and click open (no caps to lose, bonus!), but they have great wedges so I can go thin line or thick and the colors are amazing. Pink, green, blue, red, burgandy...choices, choices!

Amber Leigh Williams: I write most everything out longhand so pens are essential. I am convinced, though, that pens are like potatoes. Over time, they grow those spindly little root appendages and begin to walk off, one by one. Imagine if you will a convoy of BIC pens disappearing into the night, leaving their inkless counterparts behind like soldiers on a battlefield. (They take socks and Tupperware lids when they go...for warmth and shelter.)

Vicki's post-it obsession!
Vicki Essex: I loooooove school supplies. It's a struggle to walk out of a Staples without new
markers, notebooks, erasers, pencils, gel pens, and all the fun things I never got as a kid but as an adult don't really need. That said, I love me some Post-it(R) Notes. I buy them in Costco-sized packs and use them to plot my novels, as well as make editing notes as I'm working. I stick them to my laptop as reminders. I'm hoping they'll come out with a full spectrum color pack one day--I can never have enough different colored, different sized, different shaped Post-it(R) Notes. (YOU HEAR ME, POST-IT(R)? MORE COLORS AND SHAPES, I SAY.)

Claire McEwen: I love office supplies!  Nice pens, bright highlighters, crispy file folders and pretty planners - I love them all.  But my favorite thing as a writer? Post-its. I use them to plot events and character growth on a chart. And when I get an idea about my story at an inconvenient time, I write it on a post-it and stick it to my study wall so I'll remember it later.

Kris Fletcher: Notebooks. I am addicted to them. Plain ones, pretty ones, tiny ones, giant ones ... They all mean a fresh start and a new direction and a world of possibilities.

Nan Dixon: I love office supplies! Purple Pens - I use them for when I'm working on my critique partners' submissions and also when I am revising on paper.
Flags - I also love the colored flags - again when I am revision.
And unfortunately - I go through reams of paper. I buy it by the case.

Janet Lee Nye: I love a bright and pretty accordion file. Not that I ever use them properly. Nor do I ever continue to file things in them because I am terrible at being an adult with paperwork.


Christy Olesen said...

Fun post. I like little binder clips in colors. And just about any office supplies or tools in turquoise and lime green. Even if I don't need them, they're pretty. And POST-IT(R) notes (not the off brands, they only stick to themselves). I wish I could attach a picture of my lime green POST-IT note holder and the pretty filigree green POST-IT notes in it.

Mary Preston said...

I LOVE office supply stores. So much fun!!

Laney4 said...

I could name several favorite office supplies, but one? Hmmm. I have to hold myself back from buying more and more journals - especially if you can lay them open, flat on the desk. I would use journals for everything around here, if I could, but, alas, sometimes binder paper is required because it's bigger, or sometimes Post-Its work better because they are smaller and able to be stuck to things. Oh, the list goes on and on....

Kristina Knight said...

oooh, Christy, what a *great* and happy combination of colors!!!

Me, too, Mary!

lol, Laney, I have to hold myself back every.single.time. I hit our Staples! Last week, though, I stocked up - they had a great deal on little purse journals that I can use for giveaways to know, if I can bear to part with them, lol...but that's a business expense, right? It isn't hording....

Nan Dixon said...

Oooh I'm with Christy -- colored clips!

Tammy Y said...

Colored post it notes

dstoutholcomb said...

post-its! and don't steal my pink ones... ;)


Kristina Knight said...

I'm seeing lots of votes for color - I totally agree. Color in office supplies is a MUST!

Crystal-Rain Love said...

How can you pick just one favorite thing when you're in a place full of multi-colored pens, sticky memo notess, journals, notebooks, planners, and fancy push-pins?!?!?!?? Madness!!! Seriously, they should make a scented candle that smells like Staples and Office Depot.

Unknown said...

I adore office supply stores almost as much as bookstores! I always check out the pen aisle - love comfort and color. After that, my passion is anything paper-related, from notepads to Post-Its to the planners I never use.

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