Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting Away

By Angel Smits

Summer is coming to a close and for me that means canning season, sweaters, getting back to cooking all those amazing soups and warm dishes--oh, and planning a vacation!
Several years ago—quite by accident—my husband and I discovered the value of taking off-season vacations.  We’d been planning to get away all summer long but couldn’t seem to manage it.  Owning a small business tends to do that to you.  In the fall of that year, we ended up driving to the Black Hills to see Mt Rushmore.  It ended up being the best vacation ever. 

Didn't even have to get up early to beat the crowds
A great view, all to myself
Home Sweet Home...for a week
Nary a soul in sight
      The season was over, so everything was winding down, but not shutting down.  Even the drive up there, we saw very few cars.  There were few crowds in the restaurants.  The attractions themselves were still open, but not crowded so we could take our time looking at the exhibits and not feel rushed by people behind us. 

     Hotel rooms were less expensive, and plentiful, and we found a great off-season deal at a quaint little Bed & Breakfast.  We were the only guest there, so we had the run of the place.
     And talk about a relaxing get away.  In our regular lives, both my husband and I run a hundred miles an hour most of the time, so we HAD to slow down.  Everyone else was.  We actually—get this—had time and space to have a full conversation.  And uninterrupted quiet time. 
     Since then, we’ve taken a couple other off-season trips, like going to South Padre Island in February, before the Spring Break rush that happens there every year, and before all the staff at the hotel was worn out from the season. 

It was hard to find someone to take our picture, but we managed

      We’re still trying to figure out where to take off to this time.  It’s harder now that we own two stores, but hopefully we’ll figure something out soon.  If anyone has any great off-season suggestions, let’s hear them.  I’m taking notes.

     And not just for my vacation...I’m always looking for new locations to plop my characters.  They don’t all live here with me, not really.  Visiting places outside my norm makes for some great research, and helps me make it more real, helps keep ME more real.  At least that’s my goal.
     Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!    



Laney4 said...

Ahhhhh, Wall Drug Store. Now THAT was something to see - in addition to natural attractions, etc., of course!
Thanks for sharing your memories. I too have lots of memories of a recent road trip to those places - although I didn't stay in that beautiful looking B&B!
Yes, it's nice to see all those places, but the best part for me was sharing it with those I love. I'm glad you were able to do that too, no matter what time of year!

Angel Smits said...

Wasn't Wall Drug such a fun place? So different. I loved that part. Loved all of it. Nice to share the connection. Thanks!

Mary Preston said...

It's always a good idea to visit places out of season if you can. Looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

We love off-season trips! We've been to Ireland a number of times, and never during the busy summer. September is a great time to go. And we used to spend New Year's Eve on Cape Cod - no traffic!

joye said...

Lucky you to get to visit those wonderful places. America has a lot to see and do.


penney said...

Have fun

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