Monday, June 6, 2016

I've Got Secrets (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Who doesn't have secrets? Right? Even if it's just that you secretly don't like the name your friend picked out for her new baby. Or you didn't like the dessert someone served at dinner the other night. But when you read a title like that...don't you just want to find out my secrets? What is it about us that make us that way? Good old fashioned curiosity? Or something deeper?

If you think I've got the answers for you, you're probably going to be disappointed. I've got the questions. And I've got two series that are taking up all of my time that both deal with secrets. My Superromance series, with books 7, 8 & 9 out in March, May and July of this year revolves around a very unique women's shelter, The Lemonade Stand, Where Secrets Are Safe. (Where Secrets Are Safe is the name of the series.) The series has been #1 on Amazon's Superromance Bestseller List. It's also received critical acclaim. And what I can tell you for sure, you can bring your secrets into these books, and might find places for them. And answers to questions, too.

I'm currently writing the 10th book in the series. I'm engrossed. Looking forward from the moment I open my eyes in the morning to get back inside - to get back to my computer and the people who've taken over my life.

And starting in August I have another series, publishing under the Harlequin Heartwarming imprint, called Family Secrets. (I told you it's all about secrets!) The series revolves around a reality cooking show, Family Secrets, where contestants compete with their family's secret recipes. Every story also revolves around a family secret that has huge consequence for one or both of the protagonists.

I have secrets! I'm sharing them with you! To start with, here are the three current Superromance releases: (You can click to read an excerpt or purchase/pre-order!)


And here's another little secret! I have a book out this month - a 2 in 1 Bestselling Author Collection re-issue with Heather Graham, who this week is sitting at #9 on the New York Times Bestseller List!
Our together books is here:

And if you order/purchase any of them, you can enter to win a brand new Kindle Fire with six pre-loaded books! You do that here:
Kindle Fire with Six Pre-loaded TTQ Books (books 1-6 from Where Secrets are Safe series) US only Ends August 31st
To Enter: Submit your receipt online for your pre-order or purchase of any of Tara Taylor Quinn’s five releases being promoted on her Heart Stopping Tour (Love By Association, His First Choice, The Promise He Made Her, Strangers in Paradise: Sheltered In His Arms, and For Love Or Money). Enter as many times as you purchase. One book purchase equals one entry (one receipt per entry and must be uploaded at time of entry).

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