Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happily Ever After Lives On!
by Angel Smits

Today is my parents’ 58th wedding anniversary.  Holy cow!  (Congrats!)  They are currently in Blackhawk, Colorado celebrating and gambling. Probably putting a big chunk of my inheritance into the one-armed bandits.  Ha!

Hugh & Joyce Strong
     I remember celebrating my grandparents' 60th anniversary with a big open house.

Bill & Hilma Strong
  And I was a baby when my great-grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary.  This year my husband and I will hit 34 years. 
     My purpose in listing all these milestones isn’t for any accolades, though those are always nice.  But hopefully, to show the world that love and romance are still very much alive and well in our world. 
     My son, who is young and single, is surprised at how many young women he meets who don’t believe in the longevity of love, who actually have told him marriage is obsolete. 
     Poor kid, probably doomed having a romance author for a mom, but both my kids have always been taught—and I hope they believe in—the happily-ever-after type of romantic love. 
     It’s what I write about in my books, and what I love about reading romance.  And just like in real life, my characters have trials and tribulations in their lives and their relationships.  It isn’t all sunshine and roses.  My husband and I have certainly had our rough times. but we’ve worked through them and still very much love each other.  I know my parents do, and my grandparents did.  It isn’t something they can hide. 
     And while I know not everyone ends up like that—it is still very possible. 
     In our house Valentine’s Day is about the heart-shaped box of chocolates, and the pretty vase of roses.  It’s also about telling each other how much we appreciate each other.  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and Birthdays are all about that, too. 
     I know that a lot of my readers are older.  I get letters from them, plus just the aging of our population makes that a reality.  I’ve read articles about how our books compete with so many other things in the world for the young reader’s attention.  Is there a correlation? 
     My aunt gave me my first romance novel—handing my sister and I a sack of Harlequins when we were on a road-trip vacation.  I read that first book and I was hooked—both on reading the romance genre and on the idea that forever love was real. 
     Is it totally realistic?  Not always.  But fantasies and dreams are good for us all.  Plus, I read SO many romances that teach young girls (us older girls, too) about the way we can expect to be treated, about how to talk to people about things, about what is possible. 
     So maybe we need to be like my aunt, and share the joy.  Give or lend young women books that touch us, that showed us how things can be—encourage them to dream a little and expect certain things of how to be treated. 
     And to love.  Most of all be loved. 
      I’d love to hear how long people have been married, or together with their significant other.  Or tell us who gave you that first romance novel...honor the women who recognized this amazing genre before us.  Thanks, Aunt Una.  

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Don't Judge a Book -- or a Hockey Player -- by its Cover!

What do these guys all have in common?

The obvious answer, considering the books I write, is that they're all retired hockey players. And they are. What you may not appreciate is that these are some of the toughest guys to have ever played the game. From left to right, top to bottom: Donald Brashear, Georges Laroque, Tie Domi and Stu 'The Grim Reaper' Grimson.

But that's not the whole story. Look again at the captions beneath their pictures. Particularly that last one. Yes, The Grim Reaper is a lawyer!

For many reasons, hockey players don't get the respect they're due. Anyone who doesn't follow the game, talks about the violence and the fights. Never mind that fighting is now almost as rare as those proverbial hen's teeth. Hockey players are described as mindless goons, often portrayed with their missing teeth, to look like they're somehow dumb and dumber.

Yet, these are some of the hardest working, most humble and charitable guys you'll ever meet. Sure, there are some jerks, like in any profession. But there are also a lot of men who are intelligent and innovative, who care for their families, their friends and their neighbours. Who use their skills, their brains and their fame to give back. You'll hear endless stories about the injuries and the concussions, the blood and broken bones -- especially about the players who did the damage. You won't hear so much about the fights to help others in need.

Definitely hero material.Some might even say, the cowboys of the ice.

Which is why I started writing romances featuring hockey players. [Okay and because I got the chance to do fab research ... ;).] And why my first book was all about not judging a book -- or a hockey player -- by its cover.

If you haven't read any of the New Jersey Ice Cats' series yet, why not start at the beginning with Jake 'Bad Boy' Badoletti's story in A Perfect Distraction

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Or check out A Perfect Selection, an anthology of 6 bite-sized holiday-themed stories featuring NJ Ice Cats' players. Today is the last day it is FREE on Amazon!

Tell me, have you ever met someone who you thought was nice or nasty, but turned out to be the complete opposite?

Friday, May 20, 2016

A Rose By Any Other Name, Etc...

By Jeannie Watt

I just got the title for my January Super—Molly’s Mr. Wrong. I love it! 

Coming up with titles is one of the hardest parts of the publishing process—for me anyway. I can only imagine what it’s like for the editors, who choose titles for many books every single month, especially considering some of the super lame titles I send in for consideration.

Here’s the process—I finish my book and feel as if I’ve just successfully run a marathon—and did well. Then I get an email reminding me to do the Art Fact Sheet and to send an alternate title list to my editor. Since my books’ working titles are along the lines of Finn’s Story or Molly’s Story, I honestly have to send in a list of possible titles. That’s when the pressure starts. Titles are important. The title imparts to the reader a sense of what the story is about—whether it’s playful or serious, whether a favorite trope is involved. In a matter of a second or two, a title can make a reader pick up a book or browse on. Perhaps that’s why I freeze up when I start writing my list of possible titles.

Or maybe it’s because the first ones out of my brain are always so lame. The Lost Love. Losing at Love. Winning at Love. A Lost Love Won.

The tearing of hair commences. Come on, Jeannie. You can do this.

Molly’s Lost Love. The Redemption of Molly’s Lost Love.

And so it goes for a day or two. Eventually the creative juices start to flow as panic sets in and the puns begin, as in Her Best Vet. Yes, I proposed that. My friend Ellen Hartman’s first book’s working title was Painted Love. I love that title. Puns are fun.

My best titles have come from the editors (especially Victoria, who seems brilliant at this) tweaking titles I’ve proposed. Her Inherited Cowboy became Maddie Inherits a Cowboy. Tempting a Cowgirl became To Tempt A Cowgirl, which in turn lead to a four-book series of To____ a Cowgirl. Easiest time I’ve ever had coming up with a title list. And another all-time favorite is Cowgirl in High Heels. The editors came up with that one. I was so grateful for such a perfect name for my book.

Titles I loved that didn’t get picked—His Goodbye Girl and Hidden Assets.  I hold out hope for those, because I recycle titles for my title lists. I keep my old lists and adjust. I have to. I simply do not have a genius title brain.

But I have a title I love for my next book and that’s what matters…right up until it’s time to name the next one.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Question of the Month: Writing With Music

Time for another question of the month, Super Readers! This time, we're talking music!

Music is important to many author's writing processes - do you use music while you're writing? And, if so, is there a particular artist (or song) that appears often as part of a playlist?

Vicki Essex: I often write with music on the in background, usually something without words. But I've often listened to The Killers and Aimee Mann as creative diuretics when I hit a writing block. Something about the moods and forward momentum of their songs help get me unstuck.

Mary Sullivan: I find it hard to write with music because, whenever I play music I love, I start to sing my heart out. I can't sing and write at the same time :-) I work better with silence; however, sometimes when I'm stuck in my writing and need to kickstart the process, I will listen to a fusion of classical and jazz that I've loved for years and years. It was composed by Claude Bolling and played with various classical artists, but the CD I use in particular when writing showcases Pinchas Zukerman and is called Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano.

Angel Smits: I can’t write in silence.  And if I try to write to music that doesn’t have words, my brain keeps trying to put words to it!  Drives me nuts.  So I have to write rough draft to familiar music.  And familiar to me is ANYTHING Keith Urban, and if a particular album fits a book, I plug that in LOUD.  Christian Kane and Charles Kelly’s new one are perfect for the mood of my next book.  Can you tell I love country music.

Kristina Knight: Music is such a part of my process that I have two phases, actually! Light jazz/classical when I'm drafting/plotting (otherwise I start singing along) and then my playlist comes into play when I'm editing/polishing. The playlist for Protecting the Quarterback had a lot of Lady Antebellum in it, but Smokey Robinson also made an appearance..and I can't seem to write a book without including at least one Keith Urban and/or Dierks Bentley song in it.

Tara Taylor Quinn: I grew up with a professional musician father so music has always been a driving force in my life. I use it to work out feelings, to grieve, to celebrate, and…to write. Each book has a CD that evokes the emotions for that particular story. I play that one CD over and over while I write the book. I turn the music on and it takes me down in. (I remind myself of a Pavlovian dog!) When I write, the music is mostly instrumental so words don’t intermingle with the voices of my characters. I have a CD of different variations of Pacabel’s Canon that is a particular ‘go-to.’ I listen to sound tracks – ‘The Godfather’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘Perfect Storm,’ to name a view. Enya is an artist that I listen to most often. I also like Adiemus ‘Song of Sanctuary’. In the morning, when I am preparing for work, I go to Grady Soine – his ‘Beautiful’ album.

Kris Fletcher: I have an instrumental playlist that I use as background music while actually writing. Lots of Bill Leslie, Loreena McKennitt, Natalie MacMaster. But I also do a singalong playlist for each book, which I will belt out while driving, doing housework, etc, just to keep me in the mood of the story. There's usually a ton of oldies music, a sprinkle of current stuff, a healthy serving of country, and - yes - often a track or two from Keith Urban!

Nan Dixon: I do have music playing when I work.  And there's always a song in my head.  (RIght now it's from Miss Saigon.) Sometimes I listen to my cable provider's light classical station.  That's my best drafting music.  Looking at my most played 25 songs on my iPod, there is Season One from SMASH, Bette Middler and Copeland's Fanfare for a Common Man and Appalachian Spring.  Revising music!

Sarah M. Anderson: I listen to a little bit of everything but I tend to write a whole book to just a few albums (I get stuck on repeat a lot). For my May Super, One Rodeo Season, I listened to a lot of Reba McEntire. The working title of One Rodeo Season was Cowgirls Don't Cry, which was taken directly from a Reba song! The other album I listened to a lot writing this book was Eric Church's The Outsiders. That album fit the hero Ian's personality perfectly!

Janet Lee Nye: Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't. I do my best plotting on the treadmill and I do listen to music during that. Usually my Pandora Maroon 5 station for the tempo. If I'm home alone, I don't listen to anything, but if The Fella is around, I'll put in earbuds and listen to music, usually 60's & 70's oldies.

Claire McEwen: I make a playlist for every book I write. As I'm thinking through the story, I add songs that remind me of the plot and the characters. When I write, I listen to the playlist and it helps transport me to the setting and the heart of the story.  Since I write mostly western romance, many of the songs are country, or folk/country. Lots of heartfelt music from Emmy Lou Harris and Patty Griffin, and Keith Urban has been on every playlist of my new Sierra Legacy series. In fact, his album Fuse took over the playlist for my upcoming July book, Return to Marker Ranch. So thanks for the inspiration, Keith!

Jennifer Lohmann: I have a couple Pandora stations that I cycle through, depending on my mood. It's got to be low key and nothing I *need* to sing along to. Sometimes a song will capture my attention and the mood of the book. If that's the case, I'll go back to that one song whenever I get stuck.

Anna Sugden: I wish I could write to music, because I love it and I’m always asked about playlists for my books. Unfortunately, I have an auditory brain and I end up focusing on the songs or music and not on the words I need to write! But, I also find it hard to write in silence (I blame my business days, plus all those years of marking children’s work during wet playtimes!), so I often have coffee shop noise on in the background via a website called

Joanne Rock: Although I'm a huge Emmy Lou fan too (Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town.... So. Good.) I tend to listen to classical guitar while I write as I enjoy the music without getting distracted by the lyrics. I have a Pandora station that I've massaged over the years to play some of my favorites and it always helps my brain gear up for work when I hear those tunes. When I revise, I don't mind listening to music with lyrics and might dial into the kind of music my character would like. But when I'm drafting and I'm doing the most deep thinking, I really enjoy the guitar.

Sharon Hartley: I love music -- all types -- anything from classical to country. But I don't dare have any tunes on while writing because it completely distracts me from the story.  I need silence to write, which can obviously often be a problem.

Pamela Hearon: The radio in my car usually stays tuned to The Highway--new country, and I plot the entire time I'm driving. Once I plotted an entire book during a drive to Florida with George Strait's 50 #1 Hits blasting from my speakers. But when I sit down to write, I like it quiet so the characters can speak to me.

Amber Leigh Williams: Music is great for plotting, anything that speaks to the mood of the book. I reference music a lot in my writing. In HIS REBEL HEART, the history between the hero and the heroine is mapped by the songs they listened to. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tastes Like Home

Kris Fletcher

Years ago, probably in university, I read that when people leave their home country for a new land, the last remnant of their culture to be given up is their native food. I was surprised - my bet would have been language - but as time has gone by, I find it easier to believe. It's more than just comfort food (not that there's anything wrong with that). It's a deep connection to the past, to days gone by and traditions kept burning, all wrapped up in something delicious.

I'm seeing it a lot right now when talking to my third boy (the one known online as my Mensch), who is currently doing a six month co-op in Peru. Is he having the time of his life? Oh yeah. But his Twitter posts talk about craving bagels. His Skype discussions include mentions of dreaming about his favorite Chinese food restaurant. And even though he won't be home until August, I've been told that he's already compiling a list of favorites that I need to cook for him once he's in the house.

(And even though he won't be home until August, I'm already hoping that the list doesn't include gefilte fish. That stuff is nasty.)

This craving for foods from home has been hitting me as well. We've had an eventful and sometimes heartbreaking couple of months here at Casa Chaos. I've spent a great deal of time on the road, making many trips to the Great White North. (By the way, I didn't come up with that name for Canada. Blame these guys:)

My trips have been filled with the foods that always say home to me: butter tarts, butterscotch brownies, the kielbasa that is only made around the place I grew up. Maple syrup. Homemade pickles. And, of course, a visit or two to this fine establishment:

It's more than just the nourishment, or the flavor, or the uniqueness of the food. It's all the memories that accompany them. Sunday pancakes with my brother and sisters. Sitting around the table picking the raisins out of the butter tarts (because EW. Raisins.). Coming home from school and walking into the kitchen and smelling fresh ground cucumbers, and knowing that meant there would soon be homemade relish in the house. My brother and I polishing off a whole pound of back bacon in one sitting. My father bringing home a half dozen doughnuts, and me holding my breath as I opened the box, hoping there would be a sugar twist or a lemon filled.

All those memories. All those tastes of home.

What tastes like home to you?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Refueling with Raptors and Roses.

I finished a new book at the end of March. I wrote it quickly, in a big, frantic, heartfelt torrent, and sent it off to my editor. I was exhausted when I hit send, so tired I could barely speak. I felt like I'd used up all the words in my head to write the story.

Luckily it was spring break, and we'd planned a vacation to Southern California. We visited Disneyland, and then had a couple of the most magical days visiting the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. My son is a budding scientist, and at the museum they have two of the things a six-year-old scientist wants to see the most.  A real space shuttle and dinosaurs!

We spent a day in the space exhibits, and saw the space shuttle Endeavor. And then we went to the dinosaur hall. It is one of the best exhibits I've seen. They have a mind-boggling collection of dinosaur skeletons, including a sauropod who towers over you as you go through one of the rooms.  That's its head, way off in the corner by the ceiling!

There was so much to see, so much to think about and marvel at. It truly was transporting.

I know dinosaurs have nothing to do with writing romance. But being in their presence was rejuvenating. They are so fascinating, so fun to learn about, and they woke up my tired curiosity.

And the museum itself is gorgeous. Very grand. As if the dinosaurs were attending a ball, or visiting a palace, totally out of place under its arches and carved ceilings.

Outside the museum, there was another magical place to recharge. The rose garden was in full bloom!

A light rain was falling and it was romantic and a little mystical to walk among the blossoms. Perfect for someone like me, who adores flowers.

Even my little son enjoyed himself, trying to figure out which roses smelled the best.

A week before, when I'd finished my book, I'd wondered if I was crazy to try to be a writer. Because it can be hard and deadlines feel stressful and I was so tired that I felt like I'd never have another original thought again. But something about going to a new place and learning new things changed all that. I ended the trip refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Where do you go to rejuvenate? How do you get yourself re-inspired? I'd love to know. And thank you for joining me here today!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Launching the Book Tour for
His First Choice
By Tara Taylor Quinn

Sometimes the future brings a happily-ever-after very different from the one we pictured. Lacey and Jem are faced with such a future, but can they grab it before it slips away? Join us on the tour as we explore their world and as readers share their reviews...

Tour Schedule
May 2nd: Becky on Booksdeal sharing aunt
May 3rd: Night Owl ReviewsBeck Valley Booksunderneath the covers
May 4th: EskieMama ReadsLady Amber's Reviews
May 5th: Thoughts of a BlondeHarlie's BooksBrooke Blogs

May 6th: Grand Finale

Welcome to the Tour for His First Choice

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I can’t promise you that you’ll win one of the rafflecopter prizes – though there will be new chances to enter all along the tour and the more you enter, the better chances you’ll have – but I can promise you that if you join me in this journey, you’ll be welcomed with a sense of friendship and belonging. My posts are authentic and my books are heartfelt. And if you want more, you can join me and more than thousands of other pinners on my open Friendship board on Pinterest. There’s no marketing there. No sales. And absolutely no negativity. It’s just a group of 7000 people who’ve joined with me to build a space of positive affirmation about the power of friendship. You are welcome. No strings attached.


His First Choice (Where Secrets are Safe)His First Choice
(Where Secrets are Safe #8)
by Tara Taylor Quinn
Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
May 1st 2016 by Harlequin Superromance

The best decision they'll ever make

Lacey Hamilton is used to living in the background. Overshadowed her entire life, she stepped out of the Hollywood limelight and into the role she's meant to play: a counselor, part of the High Risk Team started by The Lemonade Stand women's shelter in Santa Raquel.

Her caseload leads her to the doorstep of Jeremiah "Jem" Bridges to rescue a little boy. She's not supposed to fall in love with the rugged construction worker and his adorable son. Love and duty, though, don't always agree. Especially when a truth is uncovered that neither she nor Jem is prepared to face.

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The author of more than 70 original novels, in twenty languages, Tara Taylor Quinn is a USA Today bestseller with over six million copies sold. A 2015 RITA finalist Tara appears frequently on bestseller lists, including #1 placement on Amazon lists, and multiple showings on the Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller list. She has appeared on national and local TV across the country, including CBS Sunday Morning.

Tara is a supporter of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you or someone you know might be a victim of domestic violence in the United States, please contact 1-800-799-7233.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Are You A Football Girl?

Our view at Purdue
I have loved football for as long as I can remember. On autumn Sundays, I was the kid hoping church would be over quickly, that mom would cook instead of us going out to eat, and that I'd get to the TV room first. I didn't care much who was playing, I just wanted to watch the hitting and the passing and the dancing that happens when a receiver is trying to elude a defender.

This week, I'm celebrating football in the spring with the release of my new book, Protecting the Quarterback, and I'm sharing three of my favorite football stadiums.

The view at Arrowhead
3. Arrowhead - I'm a Missouri girl, people. Not necessarily a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but I've been to my share of games there. It's a fun stadium ~ especially when the fans get loud!

2. Paul Brown Stadium - say what you will about the Cincinnati Bengals...their stadium is beautiful!
On the banks of a river, in one of the few downtowns where you can still walk around without worrying (too much) about being mugged or worse. We were season ticket holders when we first moved to Ohio, so I've made the trek there many times - the staff is great, the food is good and that helps make it hurt less when the Bengals bungle.

1. Purdue University ~ college football is (I think) the best thing. Ever. The excitement of the kids, the fact that the players are playing for the game not the money (I like my illusions that money comes after college...don't kill them for me!)...there is just something about walking up the hill to the stadium store, listening to the chatter of fans, watching the college kids and then yelling and screaming and yelling some more. Oh, and I think it's hilarious that the male cheerleaders have to do push-ups in the end zone after every score. Their arms have to be *burning* after the game!

Are you a football fan? Are you holding your breath until training camp and the first game of the season?

Kristina Knight's new book, Protecting the Quarterback, is available now wherever books are sold. Here's a peek:

This is more than just a her 
Sports broadcaster Brooks Smith has always been more involved with the game than the players. But after she shares the spotlight at an awards ceremony with tabloid sensation Jonas Nash, one night of letting her guard down around the infamous quarterback spirals into many heated days and nights together when she gets assigned to the story of the year…

The hottest player in professional football is hiding a secret that could end his career for good. Now Brooks is caught on the sidelines between the job she loves and the man she is falling in love with.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016 New Releases

Protecting The Quarterback
Kristina Knight

This is more than just a game…to her 
Sports broadcaster Brooks Smith has always been more involved with the game than the players. But after she shares the spotlight at an awards ceremony with tabloid sensation Jonas Nash, one night of letting her guard down around the infamous quarterback spirals into many heated days and nights together when she gets assigned to the story of the year…

The hottest player in professional football is hiding a secret that could end his career for good. Now Brooks is caught on the sidelines between the job she loves and the man she is falling in love with.

His First Choice (Where Secrets Are Safe)
Tara Taylor Quinn

The best decision they'll ever make 
Lacey Hamilton is used to living in the background. Overshadowed her entire life, she stepped out of the Hollywood limelight and into the role she's meant to play: a counselor, part of the High Risk Team started by The Lemonade Stand women's shelter in Santa Raquel.

Her caseload leads her to the doorstep of Jeremiah "Jem" Bridges to rescue a little boy. She's not supposed to fall in love with the rugged construction worker and his adorable son. Love and duty, though, don't always agree. Especially when a truth is uncovered that neither she nor Jem is prepared to face.

One Rodeo Season
Sarah M. Anderson

When his past collides with her present, only true love can survive the wild ride… 
Bullfighter Ian Tall Chief is determined to get off the reservation and onto the pro circuit. After a wild youth, and some big mistakes, he's found his focus. The only person who can break his concentration? Lacy Evans, owner of the Straight Arrow Ranch.

But the beautiful cowgirl is dealing with problems of her own. She's running the ranch alone, after her parents' deaths. The macho rodeo world is not ready for a female stock contractor. And she's discovered her parents were keeping secrets from her—ones that rock the very foundation of her identity. Can she trust Ian to be the good man he claims to be?

The Baby He Wanted (Brothers, Strangers)
Janice Kay Johnson

It's a dream come true…if only she'll say yes 
He doesn't believe in love, but Detective Bran Murphy does want a wife and family, which seem unattainable when his fiancée breaks it off. Drowning his sorrows the night before what was supposed to be the big day, he finds comfort in Lina Jurick, a woman with a sad story of her own. And then, inexplicably, she disappears without a word the next morning.

It's a good half a year before Bran runs into Lina again, during a murder investigation. Lina is the key witness. In fact, she's the only witness, and she becomes the killer's next target.
She's also six months pregnant.

Harlequin Superromance May 2016 Box Set

Harlequin® Superromance brings you a collection of four new novels, available now! Experience powerful relationships that deliver a strong emotional punch and a guaranteed happily ever after.

This Superromance box set includes:

The Baby He Wanted
Brothers, Strangers
Janice Kay Johnson

One Rodeo Season
Sarah M. Anderson

His First Choice
Where Secrets are Safe
Tara Taylor Quinn

Protecting the Quarterback
Kristina Knight

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