Friday, April 15, 2016

Question Of The Month: Do You Have a Furry Writing Partner?

Tara's Taylor
Writing is a solitary job, even with social media and email, but that doesn't mean authors are alone all the time. Many of us have furry friends who warm our feet, mess with our keyboards and otherwise influence our writing. These are our fuzzy writing buddies:

Tara Taylor Quinn: My website says I’m a secret dog whisperer, and I believe it. I’ve had a ‘baby’ attached to my side since I became a ‘mom’ for my thirteenth birthday.  My current writing partner not only shares my desk chair every single day, but she shares the author name, too. Her name is Taylor. You see her in the picture just as she is every single day. (Complete with Raggedy Ann & Andy.)

Kristina's Hazel
Kris Fletcher: We have no pets here at Casa Chaos. They have been outlawed in our state. And anyone who dares tell my kids otherwise will feel the wrath of Mom! :)

Kristina Knight: I've had two sweet, sweet furry companions. The first was Sammi, a rescue-pup who liked to sleep on my feet. She was convinced her true talent was in foot-warming. Sadly, she passed away in 2008. Hazel came to our family in 2014 ~ she's the most lovable and loving dog I've ever met. She's a snuggler and likes nothing more than to cuddle up to a warm, human neck to relax...or play a game of peek-a-boo. Both of which can make writing hard! When she's not cuddling, she's exploring, usually with her ball in tow, and after eleventy-billion nudges of the ball at my feet, I can usually be encouraged to play...but only for a little while!
Molly  Editor-Cat-In-Training

Janet Lee Nye: My late great editor cat Loki used to be my constant companion at the keyboard. Molly has assumed this responsibility but she's still a young editor with much to learn, such as standing on the keyboard is not part of her job duties.

Smartikus, Vicki's non-editor-cat
Vicki Essex: I have a few choice names for my cat, Smartikus, but "writing partner" is not one of them, and I couldn't share the others without putting money in the swear jar. While I love him to death, he can be an attention hog, and will paw or bite my elbow while I'm working, or else get on the table next to me, block the screen, lie on the keyboard, or swat at the mouse. I had to install a lock on my office door to keep him out while I was working!

Sharon Hartley: Rocket, my Jack Russell 'Terrorist', lays beneath my desk while I write --  until she
Rocket, Sharon's Jack Russel
thinks I've done enough work and it's time to play.

Claire's Chauncey
Claire McEwen: My writing companion is Chauncey, the scruffy terrier mix. He sleeps close by on his bed while I write, and pokes me with his paw when he thinks I've been writing too long.  He's a cautious little guy. I put a much braver version of him in my upcoming July book, Return to Marker Ranch.

Joanne Rock: Sometimes my cat, Duchess, steps all over my keyboard while I'm working and that's not at all helpful. But I do like it when she's in her Thoughtful Spot-- like Pooh- and feeling
Joanne's Duchess
contemplative. She inspires me to think deep thoughts and, often, to sleep. This is necessary creative recharge time as my Muse always wakes up refreshed after a cat nap.

Anna's CC
Anna Sugden: My two writing ‘assistants’ are Jersey Girl (tuxedo) and CC (black). Jersey is our shy girl and she likes to be near her peeps at all times. She’s often somewhere in my office, but her favourite place is my chair. She likes to sleep on my lap while I’m working, but if I make the mistake of getting up, she’ll
be up and on my c hair, fast asleep in seconds! CC is our chatty cat and pops in an out during the day to say hello. On sunny days, she likes to find a spot in the warmth and sleep. Even if that’s on my desk!
Cathryn's Otis

Cathryn Parry: I mention Otis the cat in the bio to all my books, just because he's so important to me. He was even featured in THE LONG WAY HOME. Here is Otis the cat, keeping me company on a snowy day. Otherwise, he'd be outside. At 16 years old, this neighborhood charmer is still going strong!

Jennifer's Seamus
Jennifer Lohmann: I have THREE writing assistants, two aggressively affectionate cats (Alistair and Beatrice) and one friendly, but standoffish dog, Seamus. The cats like it when I write because they will both sit on my lap or legs. They will sit there for as long as I am willing to let them. The dog could care less. He's old, and only wants a comfortable place to sleep where he won't be bothered.

Starting in May, I will add two new writing assistants to the mix, because I'm moving in with the Viking. I'll have another cat and a snake to keep me company. I'm not yet sure how good a job they will do helping out :-)
Nan's Waldo

Nan Dixon: My writing companion is Waldo.  (Named because we lost him under a bed in the first hour after bringing him home! I still call - Where's Waldo.)  With all his black fur, it's hard to get a great picture of him.  He used to sit on the back of my red office chair while I wrote, but he's gotten so big--he doesn't' fit. If he tries, he can actually spin me around.  Now he will scrunch onto the ottoman in my office.  My Waldo is a big boy!

Patricia's Little Guy
Patricia Potter: I have two rescues, an elderly Australian Shepherd named Katy and a new arrival, Little  Guy, who is a very happy little eight year old poodle.   Katy has leg problems (two operations to repair her hind legs, ie ACL) and can no longer go up the stairs to help me write.   She's very jealous of Little Guy who doesn't leave my side.    Katy tries her best to block Little Guy if she gets to the stairs first.  Her attitude is: If  I can't help my person write, well, then the invader should not.   Thus, I have to make frequent trips downstairs to make Katy feel just as needed.
Angel's Maggie

Angel Smits: Our dog, Maggie is a border collie mix with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor.  She’s helps me with my writing by being a great companion for my daughter, who lives with us and has Aspergers.  They keep each other busy, which gives me time to focus.  Now, if we could just get Maggie to stop goosing everyone she meets.  I swear I can hear her laughing every time someone jumps and lets out a squeal.  Even in this picture she looks like she’s laughing.


Colleen C. said...

What a bunch of cuties! :)

Tammy Y said...

I love them all - the cute dogs and cats. Thanks for sharing your pets.

Mary Preston said...

I'm LOVING all of the pictures thank you.

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