Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

By Jeannie Watt

I’m in the process of moving, and let me tell you—I’m quickly coming to appreciate the beauty of minimalism. Unfortunately, I’m not a minimalist. I’m a maximalist—not quite at hoarder stage, but I have a predisposition to keep stuff “just in case”. And you know what? I’ve used the “just in case” stuff often enough that it’s very hard to let things go. Very. Hard.

The decisions I hate the most concern those things that are on the cusp of being antiques, but not quite there. The things that, if I hang onto them, will
be the next big rage, like those ugly electric fans from the 1920s were. I figure that if I think something is heinous now, then it’ll be the next big thing. For instance, old suitcases—now I wish I’d hung onto mine—hideous furniture from the 1960s...ahem, I mean Mid Century, of course…that I was forced to take to college and now wish I still had. Those kinds of things. I chose wrong there—always. Of course, I’m married to the man who destroyed his Howdy Doody
porcelain head doll in the early 60s, thus kissing a future $20K goodbye, so as I sort through things, I have a strong feeling that I’m giving away future $$$$ when I let things go. But if I hang onto those items, they’ll end up being relatively worthless, like the Vinnie Barbarino doll that I bought as an investment in the 1980s. Therefore, I may as well just let things go.

Yep. Just let ‘em go…

On a side note, I think the clothing in my closet is replicating when I close the door after cleaning it out. I’ve packed up three big black trash bags and every time I open my closet, it looks the same as when I started.

So wish me luck as I sort and decide, sort and decide. Tear my hair out. Sort and decide. J


Mary Preston said...

Don't be too hasty!! I'm always telling my kids not to get rid of stuff they may regret.

dstoutholcomb said...

It's okay to let go. Give yourself permission to donate, give away, or trash. When my parents downsized, they didn't. They packed everything up and took it with them. Crowded house. It will become my problem one day.


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