Thursday, March 3, 2016

Choosing Joy

“Don’t Postpone Joy.”  Those were the bumper-sticker words on the car in front of me today.  And even though they was printed on pretty purple paper, the message seemed a little ominous.

I assume the owner of the car had good intentions, reminding us that we should do what we love because life could end tomorrow.  And that’s an important message— but not necessarily one I feel like reading when I’m stuck a a traffic light on the way to the grocery store!  Because sometimes we have to postpone joy.  Heading to the supermarket does not bring me joy, but the shopping still needs to get done.

But the sticker did make me think about how often we postpone our dreams, or don’t go after what we want, because the here-and-now makes so many demands on us.  Or we’re afraid to pursue what brings us joy, because we know that when something matters a lot, it might hurt if it doesn’t work out.

I was like that with writing for most of my life.  From childhood on, I dreamed of being a writer, but it felt so out of reach that I could barely articulate the desire. I didn’t even try to pursue my biggest dream.  Not even once.  Not even a short story or a scene or anything.  Because I was so certain, deep down inside, that I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Until one day I decided not to postpone anymore.  And I wrote the first chapter of my first book.  And then I wrote another chapter.  And another.  I was writing and I loved it!  I still did a lot of postponing.  I gave in to my fears and the demands of my career and put the book away for several years.  But that first attempt at fiction eventually became my first book, published by Harlequin two years ago.

So if you are reading this, and you have something that brings you joy that you are afraid to pursue, this blog is for you!  Please learn from all of my postponing and recognize that your fears are just that.  Fears.  And trust me, they’ll be there, bothering you, whether you chase your joy or not, so you might as well go for it!  Not because, as that bumper sticker implies, it could all end tomorrow, but because you deserve joy.  And who knows?  Your dreams may come true in more wonderful ways than you can even imagine!

One of my dreams came true this month with the release of the first book in my new Sierra Legacy series.  It’s called Wild Horses and there’s a bit of a theme running through it.  Yup, you guessed it!  Joy.  The heroine has a need to stay safe that gets in the way of pursuing the life she longs for.  I hope you read the book, but more than that, I hope you make time for the things that bring you joy!

And to celebrate my new book, I am giving away a signed copy and this pretty ‘Choose Joy’ necklace!

Please tell us what makes you joyful in the comments below.  On Saturday I’ll announce a randomly-selected winner!

And here is some JOYFUL news...

Fellow Superromance author
 Tara Taylor Quinn and I 
are taking the Internet by storm 
this week to celebrate 
the release of our new books!! 

 Her new book is called
and it looks wonderful...
 I can't wait to read it!

You can find the full tour schedule, and links to giveaways, 
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And here's where you can find us each day:

March 8th:  Prism Book Tours for our grand finale!

There will be fun blog posts, book giveaways, gift cards and more.  
Hope to see you on the tour!


Aleen Davis said...

My husband gives me joy :)

dstoutholcomb said...

my husband and sons


Colleen C. said...

My nephew and pets bring me joy! I will admit to letting too much bug me though... such a worry-wart!
Congrats on your latest release!

Lisa said...

My Grandson Bring Joy in my life .

holdenj said...

My family and our pup give me great joy! But you're right, don't postpone it, revel in it!

Anonymous said...

Joy is my word for 2016. I want to laugh more and enjoy life. Also, looking forward to getting your book since I won it at a Facebbook party.

Linda Herold said...

My mom and my son bring me my greatest joy! And my 2 cats do too!

Mary Preston said...

I must be crazy, and certainly in the minority, but I enjoy supermarket shopping.

Time for myself brings me great joy. Time to slow down and breathe. To do what I feel like doing and not what I have to do.

Unknown said...

I love these comments! Thanks so much for joining in the joyful fun! Mary, I think that's great that you like grocery shopping. I envy you! I wish I did, but it makes me feel kind of stressed out. And Tammy! I sent your book from the Facebook party ages ago, so if you didn't get it that has me really worried. I wonder if I made a mistake on your address or something? Yikes! Can you please email me your address again at and I'll put another in the mail? I'm so sorry this happened!!!

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