Thursday, February 11, 2016

Decision Time for an Indecisive Writer!

What should I write next?  That question is buzzing around in the back of my mind like a pesky fly! And it feels funny to even worry about that, because I am still immersed in writing my current Sierra Legacy series.  I have two books left to write!

But I've learned the hard way that when you write commercial fiction, you have to look ahead to your next book because it takes time to think of the characters and plot, write the proposal and get it to your agent, who, if  he or she likes it, will then get it to a publisher.  And then there's that itchy-scratchy wait while you wonder if your book will actually sell.

My problem is that there are so many books I want to write.  I have a partially written series set in Europe and based around the art world. Here is a photo that inspired the first book in the series.

I also have a coastal small town series based on growing up in groovy-yet-gorgeous Marin County, California.  I have cowboys galloping around my head on beautiful horses and I have a large Italian-American family based in a big city whose members are clamoring to get their story told.

And in my typically indecisive way, every day I decide that a different idea is the idea I want to pursue next.

Meanwhile, time is a-ticking and I need to make up my mind and start planning and writing!  So I have questions for you, lovely readers and fellow authors.  City or country?  Coastal or ranching?  Do you have any preferences?  And, when you are trying to make hard decisions, do you have any tricks to help yourself finally decide?


Kristina Knight said...

throw a dart at a map? :) I like all of the things you mentioned - coastal and city, summer and winter...I know, big help!

Kaelee said...

I like large family stories. I also like all the other ideas you mentioned. Does one of them keep coming back to haunt you?

Unknown said...

Hi Kaelee, Thanks so much for your input! The big Italian family would be so fun and it might be nice to write something set in a city after all my cowboys. Bu maybe because I have one of my Europe books partially finished, it really does haunt me. I may have to take up Kristina's idea and throw a dart! It did just occur to me that there might be a way to combine my big Italian family idea with one of my cowboy ideas... Hmm... now there's an idea!

Mary Preston said...

Beautiful cowboys galloping - yes, add in some horses too.

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