Friday, February 26, 2016

Are you red carpet ready for the OSCARS?
By Karen Reid, Associate Editor, Harlequin Superromance 
(All images in this post have been shamelessly stolen from various internet sites.)

I love the OSCARS. The glitz, the glam, the fantastic movies… Are you caught up on your movie watching? No? Well, me neither. As I’m looking down the list of Best Motion Picture nominees, I realize it’s been a really bad year for one of my favorite pastimes, movie watching. So, let’s just focus on the glitz & glam…and one of my other favorite pastimes—fashion!

There’s no debating that besides film making, the OSCARS are all about the fashion. Which is why years ago, my sister and I began picking our dresses for the big show. Have I ever gone to the OSCARS? A definite no. Should that stop me from virtual dress shopping? Absolutely not. In fact, when you are fantasy shopping there are no rules, no budget, no boundaries. So, every year I beeline it to the haute couture shows, of course. I mean, this is the OSCARS, no way would I be caught buying off the rack, darling!

This year, however, I’m stuck between two options. What do you think?

Naeem Khan, Haute Couture Fall 2016
Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016

Tough choice, I know! I love both…perhaps A for the ceremony and B for the numerous after parties I’ll be attending? (Remember, I have no budget).

I realize, to some of you this may seem a tad silly, but I cannot stress how much fun this is and how much joy it has brought me in the middle of many a drearyToronto winter. So I encourage each of you to give it a shot, search the internet for haute couture shows and I challenge you not to lose half a day to your search for the perfect dress.

And once you’ve done that, if you’re looking for another way to whittle away your day, choose a date. Now, perhaps this won’t take much time at all. We all have that special someone at the top of our “list”, but when attending the OSCARS, you may want to consider a few extra things:

·         Arm candy factor (um, you’re going to have a lot of pictures taken of you so he better look every bit as good as you, or at least almost J)

·         Sense of humor (someone who can make you laugh will come in handy during the boring bits of the show)

·         Strong, broad shoulders (for you to lean your head on and shed your tears when you don’t hear your name called. Boo!)

·         Ready to party (because you are not interested in heading home early—no, not on the night of the OSCARS!)

This year, I was going to go with a fictional date, “Lou Solverson” from FARGO, Season 2…but now that I’m thinking about, he’s probably an early-to-bed type, so instead I’m going with James McAvoy. sigh.


Not only is he incredibly talented and super handsome, with a too-die-for accent, but he seems like he’d be loads of fun to share a few drinks and have some laughs with. He’s also been to the OSCARS before, so he would be relaxed about the whole affair (i.e. low maintenance). And, yes, he’s happily married, but so am I—and this is fantasy, ladies!

So have some fun, picking that dress and perfect date. And if you need Hollywood inspiration, check out these Superromance books that have celebrity themes: Red Carpet Arrangement, by Vicki Essex (Jan/16), His First Choice, by Tara Taylor Quinn (May/16), No Ordinary Home, by Mary Sullivan (Oct/14), A Touch of Scarlet, by Liz Talley (Oct/11), and A Perfect Distraction, by Anna Sugden (Sep/13).


Tara Taylor Quinn said...

Ha ha! I read half a day free and wondered what that was. I can't remember the last time I had half a day free! But I don't watch the Oscars, either, so I'm striking out here! Glad to see you here, though! And I love your choices!! P.S. If I did have half a day free, I'd spend it out skating or climbing one of the many mountains here that I have left to climb. Silly Mountain is next!

Joanne Rock said...

If I went to the Oscars, I'd be entertaining for half the show looking at the dresses. I can people watch for at least the first four innings of a baseball game before my eyes ever focus on the hunky players.... Maybe it's because I'm a writerly homebody that taking me out in public means a lot of rubber-necking, but when there's so much to see, I like to take it all in!!

And now that I think about it, maybe I'd be more distracted by the wealth of handsome men than the gowns. Geesh. What was I thinking??

Thank you for a fun post, Karen!!

Anna Sugden said...

Hey Karen! What a fun post! Hmm I wouldn't lose half a day dress shopping, but the shoes ... *whistles innocently*.

Oh the choice of date will be tough. Leaving aside the hockey hunks (because I'd have to compete with the gorgeous Joanne Rock!) and The Musketeers (yes, all four of them. I can't have men in better boots than me!) I think my date would have to be James Norton. And if he wasn't available, because he's in everything right now, Aiden Turner.

Mary Sullivan said...

Karen, my vote is for the Marc Jacobs gown—so pretty—but, please, no running shoes at the Oscars!!! Go classy or go home! LOL

Ooooh, James McAvoy. Great choice!

Given my…ahem…advanced years, I would have to take a more mature date. I'm thinking Tom Selleck would do nicely!

Thank you for joining us today!

Cathryn Parry said...

I keyed in right away on your photo of James McAvoy...and...? I'm sorry, were we supposed to answer a question? LOL. Thanks, Karen--I'm looking forward to the Oscars, too!

PS Anna Sugden--I have photos of Aidan Turner all over my computer at the moment...he is the hero-inspiration for the book I just turned in. ;-)

Victoria Curran said...

Darn it! I tried to attach my dress pic (blood vessels all over it, very cool), but for some reason I can't copy it over. Boo.

JanetLee said...

I don't dress shop for the Oscars, but I do spend a lot of time on Rent the Runway hunting for my RWA Harlequin Ball dress.

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I like the Marc Jacobs dress, I want to sit at the Revenant table with Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio. Pretty sure Leo is going to win, I want Tom to win over Sly.

Kristina Knight said...

I love the Oscars - and I really want to go some day. Fancy dress, fancy shoes, hair that took a couple of hours to do...I'm only a girly-girl for about 1 day a year, and that would so be it! Oh, and, if I go, Jensen Ackles is the only arm candy necessary. :) In fact, I may just curl up on my sofa and stalk Pinterest with him while I'm waiting to see if Leo wins again. :D

Karen Reid said...

I think the Marc Jacobs dress is the winner! Tonight I'll have to shop for shoes and the perfect clutch :)


Just when you thought it was unanimous--I would definitely have to go with the drama of the first gown! The Academy Awards is the one place where there can never be too much drama ;-) My date is Chris Hemsworth, of course. Can't get too much of him, either!

Jennifer Lohmann said...

Definitely go with the Marc Jacobs! Nice to be in a bright color :-)

dstoutholcomb said...

love the Marc Jacobs dress

Claire McEwen said...

That pink dress, the Marc Jacobs, would look so pretty on you! But that black one is so dramatic it might be more fun, so I say go with whatever one suits your mood. My Oscar date? It would have to be Viggo Mortensen. He's a writer on top of all his rugged looks and great acting!

Angel Smits said...

While I'm partial to all things pink...I really think that first dress would look so amazing on you! I can never decide on what to wear to anything so it's take me WEEKS to find the right one. As far as a date? Keith Urban hands down. He knows the ropes too, thanks to Nichole Kidman, his wife--a fact we'll ignore. Oh the people we could meet...sigh.
Thanks for sharing the fantasy with us!!

Mary Preston said...

I think I would take Rob James-Collier aka Thomas from DOWNTON ABBEY. Now I am off to 'buy' my gown or is that gowns?

Sharon Hartley said...

I also vote for the Marc Jacobs. Gorgeous.

The Oscars go too late for me to watch, but I've got my DVR set to record.

Nan Dixon said...

I'm taking Kit Harington! Maybe I'll skip clothes!!

Dana Nussio said...


I think my dress would be a little different, so we could walk near each other on the Red Carpet. I'm all about simplicity ... and red if I can get away with it. As for your date, you might have a fight on your hands. I've been in celebrity love with James McAvoy since "Becoming Jane" and "Atonement." :)

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