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Question of the Month: What We Love About January and a New Year!

The calendar has turned around again, but instead of talking resolutions - because haven't we all be talking enough about resolutions? - lets talk about favorite things. Specifically: what is your favorite thing about January and New Year's?

Jennifer Lohmann: January is my birthday, so that's always something to look forward too :-) I did make a resolution this year (you can see it on my website). I think I've done pretty well with that resolution this year so far. I like the chance to start fresh and reflect on my year, though I don't usually do resolutions. Usually my goal is just to improve on something good I'm already doing. Going to the gym? Go a little harder. Saving money? Save a little more each month. Nothing to feel like I've failed at come March, but enough to push myself a little.

Janet Lee Nye: January is special to me recently because I signed my first Harlequin contract in January 2015 and saw the publication of my first book January 2016!

I've never been the type to go out and party on New Year's Eve nor make resolutions. But I do take some time in early January to reflect back on the previous year and see where I've grown or done well and where I still need to do some work on myself. I'm the type who needs a goal to work towards, so I'll set a personal goal.

For instance, last year, I didn't do well on doing the physical things I need to do as part of my treatment for depression. So this year, I'm working towards the goal of getting to the gym at least three times a week.

2015 was a tumultuous year full of very high highs and very low lows and I may have lost my balance a little , but I didn't fall, so that was a success. Hoping for a more moderate 2016, but focusing on keeping myself strong so I can meet whatever lies ahead.

Jeannie Watt: I sold to Harlequin on January 6th ten years ago. This has made January special to me.

Kristina Knight: What do I love about January ... the fresh start. Whatever went well during the previous year I can build on, and things that didn't go so well...well, I can build on those things, too. One the first page of my planner is this quote: May you have 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of good health, 525,600 minutes of love and 31,536,000 seconds of joy. I like that way of looking at a new year!

Tara Taylor Quinn: I like New Year’s because of the feeling of having a clean slate.  The mistakes I’ve made are behind me.  I am starting out fresh to give it my best shot and put as much good in the world as I can.  I have a quote (borrowed from a celebrity but I can’t remember which one) front and center on my computer screen – it says My Hope: “Give more light to the world than others have managed to put out.” (I think it’s Jim Carey but I am not sure!)  The new year starts a new countdown!

Anna Sugden: I love the NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s Day and seeing the behind the scenes programs about the players that they run. I enjoy hockey and footie season heating up and the NFL playoffs. I hate the long, dark, cold nights, but I love snuggling in a thick jumper, lighting the fire in the fireplace and reading the books I received for Christmas. I like starting new craft projects for the year too. And I look forward to the nights drawing out and spring around the corner. This year, it’s been so mild in England that the spring flowers are already blooming!

Joanne Rock: I like January and the New Year because it gives me the same feeling as opening a blank page to start Chapter One. The time of year is fresh, new and full of possibilities! There are no mistakes yet, no messy obstacles to creatively overcome, just hope and optimism. That's a good feeling. I like buying new calendars and planners, new pens in fun colors, and imagining what a great year it will be as I fill in the important dates and goals that will shape the year.

Cathryn Perry: I think of January fondly because it feels like a reset, another chance to start over. I look ahead to what's to come and try to find peace with all the upsets that occurred the year before. I sold my debut to Harlequin in January a few years ago and so many wonderful career milestones have happened since. Since Tara added a quote, I'd like to do the same!

From one of my favorite films, Forrest Gump: "Don't you just love New Year's? You can start all over. Everybody gets a second chance."

Claire McEwen: I love January because in California that usually means it's finally winter. And I love winter!  I love playing in the rain and visiting the Sierras for skiing and snowboarding. I love a fire in the fireplace and snuggling under blankets on cold nights. I love walking down to the ocean to see the huge waves during storms. And the other reason I love January is that I get a new planner, and I love planners!  I have the cutest one this year, made by a company called Bloom. It has places to write goals and create visions, it's decorated with inspirational quotes and there are daily and monthly calendars so I can stay (somewhat) organized.

Kris Fletcher: I do love the whole clean slate/new beginning feeling, but here's another: January is the month when Mother Nature really crank up the snow machine here in Central New York state. Mind you, I mostly love this once it's behind us - say, in May - but there is a certain pride that comes with living in an area that averages 115 inches of snow/year.

Pamela Hearon: I love January because I get to head South!  My husband and I have a small home in Florida where we go for the winter.  We leave Illinois usually a few days after Christmas (after the kids have gone home) and try to be at our home-away-from-home by New Year's Eve.  We've made wonderful friends in Florida, so it's great fun to be able to start the new year with them ... like going to summer camp for three months!

Nan Dixon's 'grown up' twins!
Nan Dixon's 'little' twins!

Nan Dixon: There's nothing like a new start to a year.  And January is my twins' birthday--and wasn't that a lovely gift to have!  Here's one of my favorite RETRO pictures of them!  And then how they've grown!

Vicki Essex: For me, January is the post-holiday reboot period, the "Relaunch Vicki is Safe Mode" screen that comes up after a month of financial and gastronomical bingeing and my body's inevitable crash. It's a period of cleansing and planning and trying to sort things out for the rest of the year. And there's usually just enough time there to gear up for Lunar New Year, or holiday binge part deux.

Mary Sullivan: January works well for me as an opportunity to hibernate, especially after all of the hubbub around the holiday season. I hunker down and get a lot of writing done. One of my favourite things is to sit in my cozy home reading a good book or doing puzzles while there's a storm raging outside. January is a time for counting my blessings. Wishing all a very wonderful 2016!

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Mary Preston said...

I like the fact that January means a new year beginning. A year full of possibilities.

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