Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Starting early

Mary Sullivan

Show of hands…how many of you have been playing Christmas music already?

I started on December 1st. I almost began a week earlier, but managed to control myself. I can't write my Christmas cards without music!

In preparing for this season, the first thing I did was order knitting patterns and kits for the gifts I'll be giving this year. Homemade gifts appeal to me, whether to give or to receive.

I decided on a bit of a Canadian theme this year, with plenty of hats and mittens…


I like moose!


And just your run-of-the-mill (LOL) mittens...


I'll also be giving homemade placemats and a pair of big mittens made out of an old sweater, lined with fleece, for a friend who cycles everywhere even in the midst of winter.

Of course, I need Christmas music while I'm knitting and sewing :-)

My next step after deciding what to make each year was writing my cards. There was a whole bunch of years when I let the practice slide and came to regret it. Yes, there is social media, but receiving those pretty cards in the mail with all of their heartfelt messages boosts my spirits. Sending them is just as much fun. Years ago, I made myself stop considering it a chore and have come to enjoy reaching out with my own messages. I am fortunate in my family and friends, and realize I need to show my gratitude.

Next, I decorate for the season, which isn't the job it used to be. When I owned my homes, I always put up a tree, whether live or several funky, creative versions, i.e. lights on a wall with decorations hung to mimic a tree without actually killing one. lol

I no longer put up a tree, but like the small touches I put around that catch my eye and put me in the mood for Christmas.

So, here are my questions to you…

How early do you play your music?
Do you send Christmas cards?

For those of you who celebrate holidays other than Christmas, I would love to hear about your celebrations!


Colleen C. said...

I have been listening to Christmas music since just before Thanksgiving... sometimes my sister plays it in the Summer, LOL. I just made out my Holiday cards last night... still have gifts to buy and decorations to put up... Happy Holidays!

Mary Preston said...

I get my Christmas music fix when I am out & about. No need to have it at home too.

penney said...

After Thanksgiving I start listening to Christmas music, and in Nov I start sending out cards so they all get them after the 1st of Dec I crochet snowflakes and stick one in with the cards I love little ornaments I'm looking for small cowboy boots now for our tree they are hard to find. Have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I have been listening to Christmas music since December started. I have all my favorites in my i tunes library.

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