Monday, December 21, 2015

Reunion Romances Are So Sweet

In high school and college the last thing any of us (usually) want to think about is the reunion. Going back to the smelly gym for a night of boxed canapes, punch and retro music? No, thank you.

But wait a minute.

We all know that feeling - you see someone familiar and your heart leaps a little bit and a smile spreads across your face because some almost-forgotten memory returns as clear as a summer sky. Like the first moment you noticed H.I.M. standing beside the lockers, football jersey covering his chest and faded Levis covering his bum. Or when you see that girl who listened as you cried your heart out over H.I.M. and didn't tell anyone, not even when she got really made because you bailed on her when H.E. asked if you wanted to grab a snack at the drive-in after school.

Those moments can't be had unless we first have the horrible, terrible, mind-numbing, endless days of listening to lectures and experiencing those excruciating heartbreaks because That Guy didn't call or This Girl spread nasty rumors.

For me, the draw of the reunion romance is that moment - not the bitchy girl moment, but the moment with That Guy. That heart-pounding, breathless moment of memory is why I love the reunion romance so much. And it was so fun to write that moment in First Love Again ~ Emmett walked out on Jaime just before their high school graduation, and when she first sees him back on their island there is a moment of pure attraction that wars with the not-again-ever moment, and it was so fun to write.

Seeing that first blush of 'I'm not falling for that again!' bloom into 'God, how can I be falling for him (or her) again is what I absolutely love about reunion romances.

What about you? Do you have a favorite romance trope? What makes it the best - in your opinion?


Claire McEwen said...

I LOVE reunion romances! You describe why exactly in that post.... it's such a fantasy and all those old feelings... ack! Can't wait to read yours!

Laney4 said...

I enjoy sheikh stories, probably because the men are in power. They know what they want (the heroine) and they just go after it.

Kristina Knight said...

thanks, Claire! Reunions are my favorite, for sure!!
Laney, sheikh stories are a favorite, too...although I've never written one. I may have to remedy that! lolol

Mary Preston said...

I love marriage of convenience stories. I enjoy the mistrust, loathing, bitterness and then the realisation that love has come knocking.

Anonymous said...

Friends to Lovers is my favorite trope But my Dad reunited with my Step-mother at their 25 year high school reunion and married a short time later.

joye said...

I like second chances romances

penney said...

I love the snowbound ones best but I do love them all.

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