Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's a Sweet and Spicy Holiday! (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Starting on Monday, December 7th, I'm celebrating my five Superromance Holiday stories with prizes - a VISA gift card, free books - and fun and free ttq recipes every day!  Some of the recipes are family holiday traditions.  One of them is just my own concoction.  I love to cook.  I spend time at it.  And for Christmas, I'm sharing my food ideas with you!
As part of the celebration Harlequin is bringing you the re-issue of my favorite Christmas story - in PRINT again!  It has a new cover, too!

The Holiday Visitor is a unique story, even for me.  A woman is in love with a man she's 'known' for years, but has never met.  And will likely never meet.  They've been pen pals since they were twelve.  Brought together through a children's victim counseling service.  And then one Christmas she meets a man, a lone visitor at her B&B, who attracts her.  She's torn between the man she's loved for so long, and a real flesh and blood human being.  It makes sense to live life for real.  To not be alone every night.  To have a partner.  A family.  But there's no controlling a heart that won't let go...

For the holidays all five of my Christmas Superromance eBooks are $2.99 or less wherever books are sold!

And there's more!

Harlequin Books and I and many of my fellow authors are celebrating a Sweet and Spicy Holiday with all of our readers, December 7th-13th, bringing you recipes and goodies and a whole week of fun on Harlequin's social media outlets.  Just look for the #sweetandspicyholiday hashtag and posts from Harlequin Books on Facebook and Twitter for new recipes every day!

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Mary Preston said...

This all sounds wonderful thank you.

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