Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sisters! You really CAN go home again.

I’m bouncing with excitement as I write this.  A SAVANNAH CHRISTMAS WISH's book birthday is in less than 2 weeks!  December 1, 2015.  It is Book 2 in the Fitzgerald House series.  (Can I squeee a little because I have a series??)

This is Bess Fitzgerald’s story.  And her nemesis love interest, is Daniel, the contractor from SOUTHERN COMFORTS.  It was so much fun to keep writing about these sisters, because my sisters mean so much to me. 

Last year I wrote about the Origins of the Fitzgerald House series.  The idea hit me several years ago when my sisters and I were on our annual sister weekend and we went to Savannah.

Two weeks ago, my sisters and I headed out on our sister weekend again.  We have a social director, who is the only one who knows where we are going.  This year, sister #2 brought us back to our 
hometown.  Since out parents have died, we haven’t really traveled home.   Eech year, someone is responsible for buying a gift.  Many times they are Sister T-Shirts!  I am always the Good sister!

Birch Tree still lives on
The town has changed, but she filled our weekend with nostalgia.  She even contacted the people who live in our old house.  We spent almost an hour touring the gardens and seeing the changes and the things that haven’t changed.  The couple living there have changed so many things, but they have cared for the home that we grew up in.  And they haven’t pulled the decals off that wall that my sister put up! 

We also visited out high school, attended a play at the community theater where we all performed and ate at some of our favorite restaurants.

And drank a little Prosecco.

So today I want to know---

Is there some place you would like to return if you had a chance?


Mary Preston said...

I have moved around a great deal throughout my life. Home was wherever my parents happened to be at the time.

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping over Mary. It's lovely that you had so many places to call home!

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