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Question Of The Month: Your Favorite Holiday Romance

Hey, there, Superromance readers! We're headed into the busy-busy holiday why not learn a little more about some favorite holiday romances from your favorite Super-Authors?

Here is our question of the month:

What is the favorite holiday book that you've written, and what makes it so special? 

Nan Dixon: A Savannah Christmas Wish.  It releases on December 1st. I love it because Bess, the heroine, is a landscape architect, but she handles all the holiday decorating for the B and B.  And they celebrate the holidays with lots of decorations.  It was so much fun to write the deck the halls scenes.  Especially because the hero, Daniel helps her .  Who would ever guess that hanging garlands and stringing lights could be so sexy? I imagine the B and B has poinsettias just like these.

Anna Sugden: I don’t have a specific holiday book, but Iwill be giving away free holiday-themed short stories on my website in the run-up to my February release, A Perfect Compromise. The stories are connected to my New Jersey Ice Cats series with Harlequin Superromance. The current give-aways are A Perfect Party (Christmas) and A Perfect Reunion (Thanksgiving themed) and next month’s is A Perfect Storm (Winter). It’s been fun writing these as it gives me a chance to give some of the secondary characters that readers love a HEA and write something holiday-themed romances, too.

Joanne Rock: Joanne Rock: I just wrote an NHL hero for Last Chance Christmas and it's my favorite because the story is set in fictional Cloud Spin, Vermont, and is steeped in the unique joys of a New England Christmas. From the high peaks for skiing to the backyard ponds for hockey, the winter sports mean good times and flushed faces. The charm of a historic town--complete with Wassail Weekend-- gives the characters a chance to really feel a connection to the place they left behind as teens. I guess, bottom line, Christmas time is perfect for a warmhearted coming home story!

Kristina Knight: I haven't written any holiday-themed books - at least I haven't yet. So I'm going to break the rules a little bit and tell you about a couple of holiday reads that I come back to every year. The first is The Present by Johanna Lindsey ~ it's part of her Mallory series and it's just ... yummy. the characters are rich, the main romance is an older couple, but all of the secondary characters are the couples from previous Mallory books - so it's like getting a peek into what happened to them after their books were written. I just love it. And then, last year, I read Cathryn Parry's Scotland for Christmas and...I am still thinking about it - I think it's going to get a re-read in a couple of weeks. It's got a little intrigue, a huge secret kept and such a sweet, sweet happily ever after...

Jeannie Watt: My only holiday book is one of my personal favorites--Maddie Inherits a Cowboy. I wrote it as a Christmas story, but the holiday schedule was full, so it ended up coming out in February. I think the title--which my lovely editor, Victoria, came up with--perfectly describes the story.

Jennifer Lohmann: I've only written one holiday book and it's a holiday that doesn't often show up in non-Inspirational romances: Easter. To be fair, A Promise for the Baby isn't specifically about Easter, but Karl's big understandings about his life and how he loves and wants to be loved come together with the Easter season. And the story is about rebirth, second chances, forgiveness, and a new life. I love the sense of hope in the book.

Amber Leigh Williams: I loved adding a bit of a seasonal twist to Married One Night, my October Superromance from last year. It's set in my real hometown, Fairhope, Alabama, where every year close to Thanksgiving there is a Lighting of the Trees festival in the heart of downtown to ring in the beginning of the holidays. It's always been magical to watch the town light up in one beautiful burst and also romantic, which is why it felt right to include it in Gerald and Olivia's story!

Tara Taylor Quinn: I have three Holiday books that particularly stand out for me. The first is The
Holiday Visitor, because it’s a really unusual story.  I challenged myself with this book.  The heroine owns and runs a successful Bed & Breakfast.  She’s in love with a pen pal.  And yet, alone and lonely, finds herself enjoying time spent with a recurring guest.  I loved writing this book.  And love thinking about it, too. The second is The Heart of Christmas and I just love the story.  It’s the sequel to Father: Unknown. The heroines in the two books are identical twins who’ve lost each other.  Both of their stories are heart wrenching, emotionally compelling, and in this book, answers are found for both of them. And the third is Merry Christmas Babies,  just because it’s such a fun book and great cover!!  A divorced woman wants to be a mother and decides to have herself artificially inseminated.  But she doesn’t want to risk an unknown donor for her baby so she asks her ex-husband to donate the sperm.  The result is four babies. And a plethora of emotional complications!

Kris Fletcher: A Family Come True was originally intended as a Christmas book, but when schedules had to be rearranged, it ended up as a June release. Which meant that this book - all about a reappearing father and a wannabe father and a long-delayed return to the family home - came out in the month in which the US and Canada (and possibly other places!) celebrates Father's Day. The timing worked out beautifully!

Pamela Hearon: My Superromance His Kind of Perfection spans several holidays.  It begins in early summer, shortly after Memorial Day.  Halloween and Thanksgiving play major roles in the plot, but two of my favorite scenes happen at Christmas and Valentine's Day.  The story comes full-circle, ending on Memorial Day!


Mary Preston said...

Christmas reads are amongst my all time favorites.

Kristina Knight said...

I love holiday reads, too, Mary. Such feel-good moments!

bn100 said...

holidays books can be interesting

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