Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A Savannah Christmas Wish, the next book in my Fitzgerald House series, is almost ready to launch into the world.  It releases to the public December 1, 2015, but I have the cover. 

I’m pretty thrilled that Bess, the heroine, is exactly how I pictured her.  I found her on an episode of International House Hunters and snapped a picture of the woman looking for a house on a Caribbean island.

In A Savannah Christmas Wish, the Fitzgeralds’s mother, Mamie, gets married.  I’m so happy this wedding made it into the book.  I had written the wedding scene for Southern Comforts, but cut it.  (My agent was sad I had cut it, but I needed the word count to explore fully Abby, Gray and Cheryl’s emotional arcs.)

It was a blast to rewrite the scene from Bess and Daniel’s point of view instead of Gray and Abby’s. 

Photo by CJ Bown
And last month I helped my daughter celebrate her own happily-ever-after.  She was married in Louisville in the beautiful St James church.  And small world, the makeup artist had been a Harlequin cover model!

There were so many times in the last few months that I wished the Fitzgerald sisters could help my daughter with her wedding.  Unfortunately, I don’t live in Kentucky.  And the daughter was working hellacious hours and then moved back to Minnesota.  So the wedding became a destination wedding. (The theme was Bourbon and Lace.  I've never participated in a bourbon toast at a wedding before!)

The wedding wouldn’t have come together without the wonderful help of Brandan Gravitt, a wedding planner we were lucky to find when the stress was piling up on the bride.  If you're ever looking for help in the Louisville/Lexington area, give The Brides Assistant a shout!

One of my favorite memories is the bride’s twin brother's speech about how special being a twin was.  The whole reception was wiping tears from their eyes.  And of course one of the bride's sisters told funny stories about the bride and had us wiping tears from laughing.  

Twins and groom
Thought I would include a few pictures here.   (Had to include the flower girl, Princess Fluffy Top.)  

There are more on my Facebook page if you want to stop over. 

Tell me--what’s your favorite wedding memory?


Mary Preston said...

I love weddings.

I have a wedding memory that is remembered for all the wrong reasons. Funny now though. One of my nephews had a beach wedding. You had to clamber over rocks/boulders to reach the beach, it was VERY hot and there was nowhere to sit.

I should mention the beach goers that just walked through the ceremony in their bathing suits. It was a public beach after all.

Unknown said...

Ah, Nan: congratulations on your daughter's wedding! And did I know you had twins??? (I read that correctly, right?) What a lovely idea for a destination wedding. I just saw Bridesmaids again fairly recently--glad this wedding was nothing like that one!!!!

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping in Mary -
Beach weddings sound like so much fun -- but - there are a lot of buts with them - sand, people, rocks, hot, no chairs! Yup. Hopefully if either of the unmarried boys try a beach wedding it will be short and sweet! Thanks again for stopping.

Nan Dixon said...

Yup Victoria, I am the proud mother of twins.

My twins are the last two children. (Out of five.) And one is a ginger. People made so much of a fuss over his hair - we took to calling her hair -- honey brown.

One funny story - when I went to order the alcohol for the wedding -- since the catering apparently didn't handle those tasks -- the liquor store owner started talking about another author he would deliver alcohol for her parties. Said she'd written something about Bourbon people and gotten a film or television deal. JR Ward!!

Thanks for stopping over.

Angel Smits said...

What a lovely post, Nan. Love the flower girl. What a cutie. My son was about the same age when he was the ring bearer in my twin sister's wedding. He freaked out and my husband got to carry him and the necessary ring down the aisle. Fun memories. Thanks for sharing!

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping by Angel! The flower girls and ring bearers are so much fun!

Phazer said...

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