Thursday, October 15, 2015

Question Of The Month: Our Favorite #Halloween Treats

It's October and here in the U.S. that means costume parties and trick-or-treating! What costume was your favorite and what is your favorite treat?

Nan Dixon: My favorite costume?  A black cat - so simple since I was a dancer.  I had the black leotard, black tights.  I crocheted a tail and put ears on a headband.  (We always had to make our own costumes.)  Add whiskers and ruin a pair of black ballet slippers by running around the streets and voila.  Black Cat.

My favorite treat?  We used to have a wonderful woman in our neighborhood who made popcorn balls.  Too bad that would be immediately tossed now.  Now I try and bury all the Butterfingers in the bottom of the witch's kettle I use for treats.  Then -- surprise - they are waiting for me after all the ghosts and goblins come through.

Claire McEwen: My favorite costume was when I was pretty young, probably eight or nine years old.  I went trick-or-treating as a mushroom.  Remember those old, clear bubble umbrellas that had sides? My mom and I covered one in a piece of white sheet and glued big black spots on it. I carried it and wore white (so I was the stem.) I wish I had a photo!

And treats? I have always loved chocolate, so any time I got something with chocolate I was thrilled. And candy corn. I still love candy corn!

Vicki's fun costume!
Vicki Essex: Any costume I can make with things I have at home are usually the best ones. Various types of garbage bags are quite handy: I've gone to work as a paper bag princess, a bag of candy and, last year's big win, the sexy "sexy costume" costume. I won a $100 gift card with this one: check out my presentation here.  As for treats, there's something uniquely Halloween about tiny chocolate bars. For one, they make me feel like a giant. And I can eat five of them at a time and pretend it's not as bad as eating a whole regular size chocolate bar.

Sharon Hartley: My favorite costume as a young adult was a ghost.  I wore a white long-sleeved leotard and tights and then draped myself with flowing, gauzy material.  Fun and a little sexy, too.

My favorite treat was/is always chocolate.  One of my neighbors used to create this big bowl where you couldn't see the treats and attach a string to the candy.  We'd pick a string and pull and get the surprise - always a full size chocolate candy bar. Yum!

Amber Leigh Williams: Last year, my family dressed up as super-heroes. Our little guy was Captain America (though he was rockin' some Thor-esque hair back then). His daddy was somebody from G.I. Joe and I was Black Widow (with a baby bump). Nobody dared mess with us with daddy dressed like this! This year, we're going with a Star Wars Theme - daddy's Han Solo, mommy's Princess Leia, the rascal is going as Luke Skywalker, and baby cakes will be our ewok! Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are still my favorite treat. Coincidentally, young Skywalker is allergic to peanut butter so I don't have to share.

Kristina Knight: When I was about 8, I think, I couldn't decide on a costume, and at the last minute I decided to go as a roller derby girl - I wore my skirted tennis outfit, elbow/knee pads with skulls all over them (stolen from my brother, natch) and my black skates that had Adidas-like stripes on them. It my my most jumbled up costume, but is still one of my favorites! This year bebe (age 7) is going as Mal (Maleficent's daughter from Descentdents) - she's got navy leggings, a black leather moto-jacket with a purple dragon and we're going to put some purple in her hair, too. It's going to be so fun!

starring Jennifer Lohmann as Lucille Ball!
Pamela Hearon: My favorite costume was a family afffair!  One year, I took large black trash bags and glued huge eyes and mouths on them that I created using Styrofoam bowls and colored felt.  I  cut armholes and small holes to see through as the bags went over our heads with the drawstrings at the bottom  We wore dark shirts, dark pants, and sneakers underneath.  My husband carried a large boombox, and we all danced in to the party to "Heard It Through the Grapevine."  We were the California Raisins!

Jennifer Lohmann: I don't remember my favorite costume from being a kid. Maybe my Alice in Wonderland costume. As an adult, I dress up every year as Lucille Ball. My favorite treat? I don't know. I don't generally eat a lot of sweets and can't finish a whole candy bar, so mostly I appreciate all the candy in small form. I'll also add that one year I dressed up as Brigid O'Shaughnessy, the femme fatale from the Maltese Falcon (at the library, we're supposed to dress up as book characters if possible). I matched a costume from the movie almost exactly and no one knew who I was. Even after I told them. I had just been reading Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie, so the Maltese Falcon was on my mind. Maybe that's why I thought people would get it. ;-)

Joanne Rock: I like dressing up as Wendy in Peter Pan, which gives you a great reason to wear a comfy nightgown and bring your teddy bear with you. It's the best way to trick or treat with no mask and no itchy costume, and you can always throw some leggings on under the nightgown to stay warm if it's chilly!

Tara Taylor Quinn: The only ‘costume’ I’ve worn as an adult was at a Romance Writer’s conference.  I dressed up as my book cover – Harlequin actually provided the ‘costume’ of two extra large poster boards, and they were attached at the shoulder.  Two other authors did the same and we were part of a production about the business of writing at one of the functions.  We were the ‘sexy promo sluts,’ and sang a song about having to promote our life’s work.  Can’t believe I ever did that!  The only Halloween costume I can remember wearing was my grandmother’s mink coat.  I dressed up as grown up rich lady with the jewels and make up so that I could wear the coat and be warm!!  And I can’t believe she let me wear it!

Mary Sullivan: My favourite costume was one I put together as an adult. Back a long time ago when I was still pretty thin, I found my old Brownie uniform from when I was about nine years old. Amazingly, I could fit into it. The sleeves came only to my elbows and the skirt to the tops of my thighs, but I wore a leotard underneath, black stockings and sexy shoes. I perched the cute little brown beret on top of wildly curled hair and put on a bunch of make-up. I went to a party as a Brownie Tart! Believe it or not, my favourite treat was always the Halloween kisses. I know most kids hate them, but I liked them just because I like the flavour of molasses!


Mary Preston said...

We don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia. I'd love to dress up though.

Fun answers thank you.

Sonya Heaney said...

I’ve celebrated Halloween exactly once: when I was working at an American school in Korea in 2006! I got all dressed up for the day (SO much makeup), and I got to work, and my Korean director took one look at me and said: ‘You need to put on some makeup.’ I was a little bit offended!

We always put out candles and sparkly pumpkins, but we’re about the only Australians who celebrate the season!

Laney4 said...

I dress up on Halloween for our badminton club:
French maid (always enjoyed by all),
woman in the shower (with a towel over my shorts/T-shirt, a shower curtain like a cape, and a Styrofoam cup in a halo hanger as the shower nozzle),
rabbit (in my sleepers),
Christmas Tree (with ornaments taped to big green garbage bags),
Santa Claus,
cat (with tail that swished while I played badminton),
harried housewife (in facial cream with robe over clothes),
Paper Bag Princess (brown bags as a skirt and vest over my badminton attire, with a tiara, of course),
bubble gum stuck to a shoe (all in pink with a tiny shoe glued to a hair band),
I like to make people smile….

Kristina Knight said...

great dress-up ideas, everyone! Thanks for sharing!

Nan Dixon said...

These are really fun to read!

Limitless Reader said...
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Unknown said...

I loved reading about all the costumes. My favorite dress up costume wasn't for Halloween but for a costume party at a convention. I made Raggedy Ann and Andy outfits for my husband and me. I used a pair of red patched pajamas for my outfit and sewed numerous patcthes on an old shirt and jeans for my husband. I made wigs for both of us from shower caps and red wool. We won a prize as best couple.

I love hazelnut chocolate treats but I can't find them anymore so I settle for Reese's Pieces

Unknown said...

That unknown above is Kaelee. Now I have to figure out how to get into my google account. We had computer troubles and lots of things got messed up. Have a Happy Halloween everybody!

Unknown said...

Fun to read about everyone's costumes. I just realized that Halloween is getting really close and I don't have a costume for my son yet! Yipes!

Limitless Reader said...

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