Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Question of the Month: Your Favorite September?

Hi, readers! Fall is coming on fast, but there is still plenty of warm(er) weather before the real chill of fall arrives. What is your favorite thing about September?

Tara Taylor Quinn: September is the month I gave birth to my only child.  The most incredible moment in my life and the best thing I’ve ever done.

Liz Talley: Football!!!

Jeannie Watt: What Liz said!

Kristina Knight: The kids go back to school! Kidding, a little bit! I love the changes in September - in our area we go from 90+ temperatures during the day to much milder low 70s, and at night it gets cool enough that we can open the windows to let in the breeze...and, of course, the leaves start to turn!

Claire McEwen: On the California coast, the fog rolls out in September and we get to have our real summer weather.  So I love that I finally get to have warm summer evenings!

Jennifer Lohmann: In September the weather starts being cool enough that I can regularly run outside, not that you would know it from this stretch of hot weather. I run on my lunch hour and it is so much nicer to run through the neighborhood my work is in than to drive to the gym and run on the treadmill.

Mary Sullivan: The food! I'm crazy about buying local produce and the stores are chock full of it right now. The temperature should cool down enough (soon, I hope!!!) to do some serious cooking. Local produce, for me, means plenty of root vegetables and apples. I make huge pots of homemade soup and freeze it all to take me through the winter. I'm a little freaked out that here in Canada we're only ONE month away from our Thanksgiving...time flies!...but I always look forward to dinner! LOL

Sharon Hartley: It's definitely football for me, too. In Florida it's still hot and humid until October, maybe November.

Kris Fletcher: Three words: BACK. TO. SCHOOL.

Rachel Brimble: Ditto to what Kris said!!

Nan Dixon: Football!  And building fires again.

Lisa Dyson: I love everything about September, even now that I have no more children to send back to school! I enjoy the slightly cooler and less humid weather in the DC area, the food, football, the new TV season, the anticipation of leaves changing, and the clothes (I’m a jeans and sweaters kind of girl!). It’s also the time when I begin thinking about Christmas presents.

Angel Smits: September is the beginning of the slide into the holidays.  EVERYONE in my family, except my son and one niece have their birthdays between now and December 30!  10 in all, and there were more when the previous generation was still with us!  Today, the day I’m writing this is the first one, my Dad’s.  We’ll celebrate his this weekend—and just keep on rollin’.  Of course mine falls in there, too so it’s fun for us all.  Hectic but fun.

Joanne Rock: September might have been my favorite month even if it hadn't been my birthday month, but that just caps it for me. I like the way the month is a definitive time of change and new beginnings. I am called to the stores to buy pretty planners and new pens, both of which appeal equally to my creative and organized sides. I like organizing new calendars (I'm on a perpetual academic calendar, I guess) and planning projects. September is a month of dreaming and doing and I always feel a new energy this time of year.

Cathryn Parry: Back-to-school, football and I also enjoy preparing for Halloween. :-)

Amber Leigh Williams: September brings the first grasp of cooler weather. I won't go so far as saying "cool" weather because here on the Gulf Coast things don't feel cool until late October. But the air does feel lighter, more breathable. Oh, and of course, there's football. And chili. And pumpkin bread.

Vicki Essex: Right now, for me, September means just one more month to go before I pop a baby out! (Pregnancy is hard, you guys.)


Anonymous said...

My Dad's birthday was 9/24, but he passed away in 1998. So, my favorite September is September 1975 when my Dad turned 40 and we had a big Hawaiian themed surprise party from him with all of his friends. He was completely surprised and it was such a fun night.

Laurie I said...

The crisper, cooler air and fewer bugs. ( :

Mary Preston said...

September brings spring with it. Christmas can't be too far away.

penney said...

I love September and Oct. the best it means fall and much cooler weather. And it means the Hoildays are just around the corner.

dstoutholcomb said...

football, soccer, fall colors, and the beginning of cooler weather.

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