Saturday, August 15, 2015

Question Of The Month: Your Favorite #RWA15 Memory

Janet Lee Nye getting ready for the Black & White Ball
We are a month out of the frenzy of the Romance Writers of America National Conference, and  most of us have recovered from 3-4 days of constant activity, eating and workshopping. Which means we're starting to get a little nostalgic! This month, our question is this: What was your favorite moment or memory from the #RWA15 National Conference in New York City?

Janet Lee Nye: So many moments. First time in New York City. First time to RWA as a contracted author. First time going to the Harlequin dance. And it was a Black and White Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria! Princess stuff! I got to get all prettied up.

Claire McEwen: My favorite part of the conference this year was getting to know my fellow Superromance authors so much better than I ever have before.  I feel honored to write alongside such smart, funny, savvy, talented and caring people.

Angel Smits: My favorite part of RWA this year was all the new opportunities I had to get to know you all better. Dinner and sitting together at the awards ceremony with our Super signs, being in the focus group with Tara, lunch with everyone and the strategy meetings. Normally, I go to conference with a bunch of my chapter mates but since the chapter folded, I've been more on my own. I feel like I've found a new place to belong. It feels good!!

Tara Taylor Quinn: My favorite RWA memory – so me, I can’t narrow it down to one.  My highlights were: a particular conversation with Dianne Moggy.  The VIP party and Margaret Marbury and Lorianna – all three moments that gave me strength and that I will never forget.  Piya.  ‘Veneer’ with Paula Eykelhof (you have to have seen the Frasier episode where they are watching the Antique Road show only we had a different word.)  And a conversation with Claire McEwan (please help me with spelling if I got it wrong, I’m doing this on the fly) that really touched my heart.

Joanne Rock: My favorite RWA memory...seeing the Superromance editors show off their dance moves! I'm wondering how to get hired on in Toronto because our editorial group sure knows how to have fun. My second favorite memory was from the Harlequin party and cheering on the authors who had reached milestones like their 25th book. It's so fun to celebrate career landmarks together and to look around that room and see how many wonderful friendships I've made thanks to writing for Harlequin. I feel very fortunate to make this journey with such supportive, creative, and warm-hearted friends.

Liz Talley: I had a lot of wonderful moments but my favorite moments were spending time with the other Superromance authors. It's so strange that I've been with Supers for 5 years but I've never really known a lot of the authors well.  For some reason (or perhaps my fault) I perceived some distance. But over the last couple of years I've felt nice cohesion and a since of teamwork. I loved spending time with y'all.

Lenora Worth: I had a lot of favorite moments. But one was when Victoria Curran stopped to say hello at the literacy signing and when I told her I love Superromance, she hugged me and took my picture. I was touched because I truly love writing for Super. My other favorite memory--walking into the Starlight Ballroom at the Waldorf-Astoria and just taking it all in. The first time I did this years ago, I had the same kind of feeling. It never goes away, that feeling of being inside a wonderful dream. The room wasn't full yet and I just stood in the middle of the dance floor and smiled. No matter the ups and downs in this business, we are family. I'll always cherish the friendships I've made on that dance floor!

Nan Dixon: My favorite moment for RWA 2015 was actually two moments, both at the Literacy Signing. Two women found me because they had read and loved SOUTHERN COMFORTS.  [They weren't related to me and weren't my writer friends.]  One had me sign a T-shirt she'd had made.  They both brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you Terry and Ursula for stopping by and making my week!


Mary Preston said...

Fun memories.

Claire McEwen said...

So nice to read about everyone's memories!

Snookie said...

Glad to see the comments on the RWA conference. I just wanted to pop in and tell you all that I love Super Romance, but with my reading time and computer time to "play" being so limited I've only been buying books when I hear about them on the super site on the ehar blog: I have this site bookmarked, but unless someone mentions it on the other site, I hardly get here. Wish there were more time in the day for reading and cruising these sites :(.

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