Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 2015 Releases

Sweet Southern Nights
Liz Talley

One kiss can change everything 

Eva Monroe is always cool under pressure. As a firefighter, it's part of the job. But after kissing Jake Beauchamp in a moment of confusion, she's struggling to keep it together. Jake's her best friend and coworker—two very good reasons why crossing this line is a bad idea. 

Yet something between them must've changed, because one kiss isn't nearly enough—for either of them. But Jake is haunted by a past tragedy and isn't the commitment type. With more than just Eva's heart on the line, she needs to end things now before this fire burns out of control.

Secret Garden 
Cathryn Parry

Hidden from the world… 

A reclusive artist in the Scottish Highlands, Rhiannon MacDowall is an enigma. Few people know about her carefully structured life, or why she hides within the protection of her family's estate. Until an errant golf ball changes everything…

Colin Walker was once Rhiannon's best friend. Now he's a pro golfer on the verge of ruin who's returned to Scotland on family business. But as much as Rhiannon tries to keep Colin out, their connection remains—and turns into something both exhilarating and terrifying. Something that threatens the foundations of Rhiannon's safe little world.

Her Second Chance Family
Holly Jacobs

 Good can come out of bad 

If it wasn't for the tragic accident ten years earlier, Audrey Smith might never have taken in the three foster kids she loves so dearly. And if it wasn't for the new addition to her home—a troubled teenage thief—she wouldn't be fantasizing about Sawyer Williams.

Make no mistake—Sawyer's the victim here. He's the one who was robbed by Audrey's daughter. But teaching the teen a lesson rather than punishing her makes Sawyer a superhero in Audrey's eyes. Someone who can forgive and forget… That is until another break-in rocks their community, threatening Audrey's family and her future with Sawyer.

Yesterday's Gone
Janice Kay Johnson

Tomorrow's a new beginning… 

When a digitally aged photo of a girl named Hope Lawson is posted online, Bailey Smith can't deny the similarity to herself. But could she really be the same woman who was abducted as a child twenty-three years ago?

When she meets Detective Seth Chandler, who opened the cold case of Hope's disappearance, suddenly everything changes. Not only does Bailey have a family she barely remembers—and a sister she's never met—she's connecting with a man for the first time. A man who's loving and gentle. But Bailey's not sure she's ready to be found: by him or the parents she once lost.


Mary Preston said...

A lovely selection.

jcp said...

Thanks for the temptation...

alysap AT yahoo DOT com

Laurie I said...

Ooohhhh......these sound great!! I'm especially excited about Secret Garden and Yesterday's Gone. Thanks for making me aware of these great new releases. ( :

penney said...

Wonderful set of books, I hope they will bring them back in pb as I can't read ebooks.

kris said...

Thank you, all! Isn't the variety in Supers just so delightful?

Penney, we're hoping for that, too. Meantime, the books can be purchased in paperback at Click on the links to be taken to the page for each book. And though a part of me hates to say it, secondhand paperback copies are showing up on Amazon, etc. Authors don't get royalties on those books, so of course we encourage folks to go through the Harlequin site first :-)

Diana Tidlund said...

Can't wait to read next set of Superromance janice,holly, and the gang

Kaelee said...

Some great sounding books here.

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