Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Question Of The Month: Your Favorite Vacation Spot

Time for a new Question of the Month, readers! We are in the height of summer vacations here in North America - where is your favorite vacation spot and what makes it specials for you?

Pamela Hearon:  My favorite vacation spot is the south of France.  There's a gorgeous little fishing village called Villefranche-sur- mer where my husband and I have vacationed several times.  It's only six miles to Nice, so there's a city close to fly into.  And it's only 20 miles to the Italian border--an easy train ride, and you're in a completely different culture  The food is fabulous, the people are friendly, and the French Riviera is outside your window.  Oh man.  Now, I'm wanting to go back.

Liz Talley: My favorite vacation spot is a fabulous, exciting city with plenty of good restaurants, museums and interesting places to tour. I want to sleep late, take long hot showers and sip cocktails at a bar. Oh, and  housekeeping will make my bed and a  good chef will cook my dinner. That’s VACATION for mommy!

Kristina Knight: Anywhere warm! We cruise a lot, so the Caribbean is always a favorite spot. Roatan (an island in Honduras) is a particular favorite, but truly if there is a beach and a nice beachside spot to get drinks with RadioMan at night, fun water activities we can do with bebe during the day and we are a happy crew!

Tara Taylor Quinn: My favorite vacation spot is Italy.  I love the north – Milan.  And the south – Capri.  I was on a journey to find my own inner strength a few years ago and I flew into Rome with a girlfriend, rented a car, and I drove all over Italy.  While looking for a ferry I ended up in a wrong part of Naples.  I quickly left, but rounded a corner on a very slim mountain road and a motorcycle pulled out in front of me.  I slammed on the brakes.  And a second guy came out of a crevice in the mountain and jumped in the back of the car.  And before he had the door closed I floored the gas pedal.  There was no thought to this.  No direction.  Just reaction.  The motorcycle had already started on its way so he wasn’t hit.  The guy in the back fell out.  And that was the moment I met my inner self – and started to love her.  In a pinch, she had backbone.  Strength.  She was there for me.  I just hadn’t ever let her free.  That night, nestled in a quaint and very safe hotel on a balcony over the Mediterranean Sea I fell apart a bit.  We had a personal waiter assigned to us for our two night stay and he brought a bottle of the best wine I’ve ever had.  On the house.

Jeannie Watt: I live off the grid and very rural, therefore I like to vacation in an urban setting--San Francisco is my go-to vacation spot. Love that city!

Nan Dixon: My favorite vacation spot is our cabin in mid-Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes.  As soon as I turn off the highway, the tension of life spools off me.  The cabin has been in the family all my life and now my sisters and I own it.  And since I have a summer birthday -- it is always spent at the lake.

Joanne Rock: I like to visit new-to-me places and discover new sights. Ideally, a summer trip includes a visit to a baseball stadium we haven't seen before, a few quirky restaurants, and walkable attractions that teach me some city history. I also like a day of shopping in new stores and boutiques, followed by downtime where I do absolutely nothing other than sip exotic beers poolside or beach side. I like to go home with  a sense I got to experience the unique character of a new place.

Janet Lee Nye: My favorite would have to be Utah. I don't know if it is because the landscape there is so different from the South, but I have a list of places to see there that would take me a year to finish!
I'm definitely a hiking (and recently horseback riding) type of girl on vacation, but no camping!!! I need a hot shower and a soft bed to return to!

Kris Fletcher: Seriously? We travel a lot, but the place where I feel most relaxed and rejuvenated is on my own comfy glider on my own back deck. Alone. (That's the key word, of course. A-L-O-N-E.)

Vicki Essex: As I write this, I am currently AT my favorite vacation spot, enjoying a relaxing babymoon before my October due date. My husband and I are at the family cottage in Thousands Islands Park. It's a beautiful cottaging community filled with Victorian summer homes. We came here for our honeymoon, too, and always have a relaxing time reading, swimming in the St. Lawrence River, doing crafts, lying in the hammock and eating delicious white hots, a local type of hot dog you can't get in Canada. The cottage holds a special place in my husband's heart--I imagine and hope that it will be special for our little one, too. Of course, New York City comes a close second, and is a completely different kind of vacation. Especially if I weren't pregnant. Man, I wish I could have some whiskey right now...

Jennifer Lohmann: My favorite vacation spot is the yearly ski trip my dad takes. He bought the place just before I was born and I've gone almost every year since. There's skiing, hot tubbing, dear friends, and (of course) alcohol. I like it so much that I'm setting a (self-published) series at a ski resort.

Mary Sullivan: I like to get out into nature. It renews and calms me. My favorite holiday ever was a dogsledding course in Algonquin Park in northern Ontario in the middle of winter, which is really strange considering that the very last thing I am is an athlete. LOL

Anna Sugden: That depends on the kind of vacation! For a relaxing holiday – you can’t beat sun, sand and sea/lake, with good food & wine – so the Caribbean or Italy. When we lived in the US, we loved popping down to Charleston, SC, to recharge the batteries.  As someone with a split soul – between England and the North America - the other type of holiday is one where I get my fix of being over on the other side of the Atlantic. Going to the RWA conference every summer gives me a good excuse to visit different parts of the US, while family in Kelowna means regular visits to Canada. If I can catch a hockey game while I’m there, all the better J. This year is perfect, with conference in New York. That means I get to go back to my adopted second home of New Jersey!
What makes it special is having my lovely hubby with me – he’s the perfect holiday companion!

Sharon Hartley: For me, the ultimate vacation is Rome.  I love everything about this city, especially its many layers of history, going back millennia, sometimes in one building. There’s stunning architecture or interesting ruins everywhere you look.  Oh, and then there’s the food.  Not to mention the wine.  And the people wearing interesting clothing. I prefer to visit Italy in the spring, though, or even better, autumn.   I even have a favorite Italian word:  "scuzzi."


Mary Preston said...

It's The Sunshine Coast , QLD for me. It's my home away from home.

jcp said...

A staycation is a vacation for me.

alysap AT yahoo DOT com

JackieW said...

One of my fav orite vacation places is Taos, New Mexico. I have been there in the winter and summer.There are mNy things I find to do there as a tourist.

Kaelee said...

I love to travel so getting in the car and going someplace new is a great vacation for me. I match up with Joanne Rock's vacation plans.

Laney4 said...

Anywhere with family. Just got back from 5 weeks away (2 weeks on the road with my sister and her husband in their motor home travelling across the northern U.S. and 3 weeks at their home in Alberta). It was the best (and a great way to celebrate my husband's retirement right after our daughter got married, especially since we hadn't had a vacation in 15 years)!!!

5kids said...
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5kids said...

Amusement park and nice hotel with free wifi.

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