Monday, July 27, 2015

Acts of kindness

Mary Sullivan

I am always amazed by the acts of kindness I see that pop up out of nowhere.

Recently, I was walking down the street with my sister when we noticed something strange. A man stood beside his parked car with his hood up and booster cables hooked up to his battery. My first natural thought was that he was waiting for a friend or a roadside assistance service to come give him a boost.

As cars passed by and he waggled the cables at the drivers I realized he was hoping for a good Samaritan to stop and help. It didn't take long. While I watched, an SUV stopped then pulled forward onto a side street, reversed and turned around until his and the stranger's car were nose to nose. It was a busy corner and the turn tricky, but he pulled it off to help out a stranger. I was impressed!

So many people are in a rush these days to get where they need to go, so it was wonderful to see a man take a few minutes out of his day to help someone he didn't know.

This happened in my hometown of Toronto. I've heard it said many times that this is a cold city and yet, I see these kinds of things happening regularly.

A short while ago, an elderly woman fell down on a busy street near where I live and you should have seen how many people stopped to help her and then stayed with her to wait for the ambulance.

A taxi driver made an impression while the PanAm games were on in the city. A young athlete left her wallet in his car after paying her fare. He was a distance away before he realized what she had done and, instead of dropping it off at a police station, drove all the way back to the athlete's village to try to find her. He did and the story had a happy ending.

Have you witnessed any acts of kindness that really stood out for you?


Mary Preston said...

I actually live in a great street. All the time I see neighbours helping out by collecting mail & taking out rubbish & just generally lending a hand. It's how it should be.

mary sullivan said...

Mary, that's wonderful! You live in a great neighbourhood!!

I know that growing up here in Toronto, my sisters and I were taught from a very early age to help out. We used to have far more snow every winter than we do now and we would go out and shovel the sidewalks and driveways of both of our elderly neighbours. As well, if we heard a car spinning its wheels because it was stuck in the snow, we would jump up and throw on coats and boots and rush out to push!

With our current ever-changing neighbourhoods, we don't see that as much, do we? That's why I love to see/hear these stories of kindness!

penney said...

I know one when my 19 year old was 5 we were walking into wal-marts and a man in front of us drop his wallet my daughter ran and grab it up then ran to him pulling on his arm you drop your purse, the man laugh then gave her $5 for finding it. Penney

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