Friday, July 3, 2015

A New Kind of ttq Launch (Tara Taylor Quinn)

While I'm hard at work this week on Book Eight in my Where Secrets Are Safe (The Lemonade Stand) Superromance Series, a new ttq book is launching.  My 70th novel with Harlequin/MIRA.

It's my first original book in Harlequin's Heartwarming series.  I heard someone from the company say Heartwarming stories are 'Supers without the sex.'  The stories are the same complex journeys into the heart of living - as can be seen in Once Upon A Friendship. 

This is the story of three friends - a guy and two girls - who meet their freshman year of college and become family.  Ten years later they've bought an old apartment building together in downtown Denver to save the homes of the elderly residents who've just received their walking papers.  One of the three friends, Marie, owns the popular coffee shop on the bottom floor of the building.

It's also the story of white collar crime, infidelity, bodyguards, and a family no one knew existed.  In other words, it's typical ttq.

In the meantime, I've had a re-release of one of my classic Supers, The Sheriff of Shelter
Valley, bundled with the great Heather Graham's Suspicous, hit the USA Today list this past month.  And spend four weeks on the Publisher's Weekly Bestseller list.  And The Good Father, my June Superromance, Book Six in the Where Secrets Are Safe series, spent most of the month at the #1 Bestselling Super spot on Amazon. And in just two weeks I leave for New York to attend the RITA Awards Ceremony for my finaling Superromance, Once Upon a Family (Where Secrets Are Safe, Book Two.)

It's a busy summer and with so much to celebrate I'm partying all over the internet.  There are blogs.  Reviews.  Games. A Facebook Party.  Free Books.  T-shirts, VISA Gift Cards and audio CD giveaways.  You can join in the fun pretty much everyday by clicking the Spend The Summer With TTQ banner at the top of the page.  Click on the party you want and follow the links!


jcp said...

Please explain why Harlequin Heartwarming titles are only available in print at not at Amazon or other online retailers.

jcp said...

I forgot my contact info in previous post. Happy 4th!

alysap AT

Tara Taylor Quinn said...

It's a good question that I just asked again yesterday!! The company is changing with the times, figuring out what sells best where and how. It also has to do with agreements with retailers. I personally believe that they will be available on Amazon in the future in print form. For now, the strongest Heartwarming market is in direct sales - readers who subscribe to the line and get the four books automatically delivered to them each month for a set price. They get bonus books and other perks as well. The line started out as direct only and is slowly branching out into retail markets.

Mary Preston said...

A very busy summer indeed!!

penney said...

Sounds like a busy summer, love your books, why is Harlequin changing so many books now? Like the superromances now only come in eReader not paperback any more my eyes are not good on ereaders so I buy the paperbacks. I wish they would bring them back.

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