Monday, June 15, 2015

Question Of The Month: What's Your Favorite Cover?

This month, we're talking about our favorite book covers in the Question of the Month column. Authors have favorite characters, favorite books (that they've written and that they've read), favorite settings...and favorite covers. This month, we're celebrating our favorite covers, and tell you why we like them best (shhhh! Don't tell our other covers!).

Jennifer Lohmann: My favorite cover is the one for Winning Ruby Heart. One of the things I really like about it is that the cover doesn't make Micah's use of a wheelchair the focal point. It was important to me as the author of the book that Micah's story not be only about his disability, without ignoring or dismissing or diminishing his experience. If you just look at the cover, Micah is a hot guy sitting with a woman on his lap. If you've read the book (or not what it's about), it suddenly becomes obvious that Micah is sitting in a wheelchair. And that sense of a man first and a disabled man second echoes so much of what the book is about to me.

Kris Fletcher: I was tempted to suggest my June cover for A Family Come True, which I love love love, but in the end, sentiment won out. I fell hard for the cover of Now You See Me from the moment I saw it - which happened to be at the Harlequin offices in Toronto, with my editor Piya Campana at my side. I had gone to the offices for a tour and a visit, and had met a dizzying number of people in a mind-blowing number of departments. My head was already whirling. Then Piya introduced me to a wonderful gentleman whose name I will never recall, because as he was talking he handed me a paper with a printout of this cover, and seriously, I was so stunned that everything froze. All I remember is standing there with that paper in my hand, hearing Piya whisper, "That's him. That's J.T." It was pure and utter magic.

Tara Taylor Quinn: I can’t narrow it down to one! But A favorite of mine is Dare To Love.  I got exactly the cover I asked for on this one.  I’d described it down to the last brick.  Was pretty adamant about wanting it just like I got it.  And I LOVED it.  It was perfect.
Completely.  The book, however, didn’t do well.  It sat on the shelves with the other Supers and came in last for the month.  It was the last time I put any real energy into envisioning my covers!  I’m a writer, not a cover artist!

Jeannie Watt: I had a hard time choosing between this cover and the cover for All for a Cowboy. They both so perfectly fit my story, but I love, love, love how this cover so perfectly illustrates the title--Cowgirl in High Heels--and captures the flavor of the book. Go Harlequin Art Department!

Claire McEwen: My favorite cover is from my second book, More Than a Rancher.  When I first saw the cover I was very surprised, because most of our covers feature a couple, and here is a rancher standing all on his own. The picture resonated with me because a big part of the story is about the hero coming to terms with his past, owning his dreams, and making peace with his family.  When I see this cover, it reminds me of his struggle.  It looks like he is staring out at the landscape, trying to figure out how this place that he loves fits into his life.

Geri Krotow: My new favorite is for my Sep 2015 book NAVY JUSTICE as it has the 2000th Superromance flash on it!

Angel Smits: I’ve had a hard time deciding and since I put one in my first blog last month I eliminated that one out of the “competition”  Ha!  I have to admit that I love my Dutch cover for my first book, A MESSAGE FOR JULIA.  It’s so different from what we see here, which is why I think I like it so much.  Plus it was my first Harlequin, and this was the first foreign edition I saw.  I think those firsts will always have a special place in my heart.  I can’t even begin to pronounce the title, but it translates to WORDS FROM THE HEART.  What a great title!  

Mary Sullivan: I like the cover for No Ordinary Sheriff because the interaction between the hero and heroine looks so sweet. The big old house played a large role in the story, so it was nice to see it included on the cover. It belonged to the hero, who craved a home and a family. He had bought the house and fixed it up himself, a labor of love, while the heroine was focused firmly on her career. So there is conflict and yet, in the artist's rendition, I see in the couple a poignant longing for each other.


Liz Flaherty said...

I love the covers on Supers!

Jen said...

Very nice covers!!

Piya said...

I STILL can't get over how perfect J.T. looks, Kris! Love all these covers.

dstoutholcomb said...

great covers

Unknown said...

Ha, that's fun, Tara! I remember an author telling me after the fact that she'd hated a Supers I titled and helped create the cover for--What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss. Turned out the librarians LOVED it and it became a grassroots sensation. She then asked me if she could create covers for: What the Bookseller Did, etc.

You never know.

Karen Reid said...

I am such a huge fan of Superromance covers, and all of the above are fantastic...though I must admit that the cover for Angel Smits Feb/14 abook A FAMILY FOR TYLER has a special place in my heart since my youngest son is on it!

Mary Preston said...

I think that if you feel a connection to a cover it becomes a favorite.

JackieW said...

I like all thecovers but especially the one with the title No Ordinary Sheriff.

penney said...

I love the covers of books, I love where some have the outside like mountains, flowers lakes and Vineyards are my favorite. I like when they have the man and woman on the front too. My Mom always said you can't judge a book by it's cover but I'm a nut for covers!

5kids said...

Very nice covers hope I win. Great giveaway.

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