Friday, May 15, 2015

Question of the Month: How Do You Welcome Spring?

Spring is in full swing - we're seeing tulips and lilies, dogwoods are in full bloom and every day feels like picnic weather. What traditions
do you have to welcome spring?

Kris Fletcher: Here in central New York state, we welcome spring by racing around like fools to get the yard work done. And I mean RACING. Because around here, spring lasts about six hours.

Jeannie Watt: Here in middle of the northern Nevada desert, we try to get the weeds before they get us. We also help the neighbors brand and put the pump in the creek to water the trees.

Kristina Knight: We're in Northern Ohio, right on Lake Erie, so spring is different every day. We'll have days where the temperature refuses to go over 40 and days when it's 85 with ridiculously high humidity. RadioMan, bebe and I usually pick Saturday to go to the Marblehead Lighthouse with a picnic...we might fly a kite if it's breezy enough. Of course there is the yard work and getting the pool ready...and at some point this year we really need to re-finish the deck.

Sharon Hartley: Spring means my orchids send out new growth and it's time for me to repot.  Of course, in Miami spring is short and starts early.

Anna Sugden: Here in England, you can never rely on the weather in ‘spring’ – it can be anything from heatwave (which for us is anything in the 70’s and hotter) to snow! In sport, football (soccer) and rugby give way to cricket and tennis. In our gardens, everything starts to bloom, from the apple, cherry and magnolias to the daffodils, tulips and irises. The occasional sound of a lawnmower can be heard too. Most important is the annual decision about changing over the wardrobe – putting away the jumpers and the boots and bringing out the summer dresses and the sandals!

Jennifer Lohmann: I don't think I have any traditions to welcome spring, though now I'd like to. My dog starts loosing his undercoat, so spring means lots and lots of vacuuming. And I always look at this beautiful mock orange and think, "Next year, I'm going to be a better gardener." And then I never am. I'm not sure if that counts as a tradition. lol

Lenora Worth: I'm a Southern girl, so spring means azaleas, magnolias, and gardenias. I love the scents of spring. I love the rebirth of spring. Gives all of us a chance to breathe deeply and start fresh.

Liz Talley: ...Not to mention the smell of sweet olive and honey suckle. My mama just told me a fee days ago that when the honey suckle bloomed, her mama would let her (finally) go barefoot. That was always such a big deal in my house - I begged my parents to let me go barefoot. Something about that smell is so nostalgic and makes me want to sink my toes into the grass.

Joanne Rock: I try to commemorate spring's arrival on May Day by collecting whatever is in bloom and bringing it indoors to decorate my house. Some years, I've got more green branches than real flowers, but after months of brown trees, those are very welcome too! I also try to think of spring cleaning as less of a chore and more of a celebration... rolling up rugs, taking down heavy drapes, and opening every window. I feel like that day airs out the cobwebs from my brain as much as those in my house! But my favorite, favorite spring moment is putting the cushions on my porch swing so I can use it again.

Nan Dixon: Since Minnesota might be a little slower than most states, I love finally being able to open the windows.  And as soon as the weather is warm enough,  I eat my lunch outside. That means I need to clean the patio furniture. But the best part of spring is getting  to plant herbs!

Angel Smits: I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer.  Spring in Colorado most always involves snow.  This year it’s also involves hail, tornados and floods.  If we blink, we miss it.  There’s always that hope that I can put out some bedding plants that won’t get frozen or pummeled.  So I just keep hoping.

Tara Taylor Quinn: I live in Phoenix and for me spring is when the snow birds leave and I don’t have to wait in line at the restaurants!  It’s also orange blossom time and I go out to my trees and make sure I have little green balls forming!  That means a lot of oranges in late fall!  I love all of the flowers  in my garden oasis in my backyard, and tend to them, but I have them year round.

Mary Sullivan: Here in Toronto, I head to High Park, a huge park right in the city, to see the cherry blossoms. My sisters and I go on a weekday super-early in the morning ahead of the crowds. The trees are stunningly beautiful, like soft pink clouds. They usually bloom in April, but were postponed this year by weather, so we didn't go until last Thursday when the blossoms were at their peak.

My sister shot a video and we could hear all kinds of birds serenading us in the background. Just gorgeous. That single morning of beauty lifts my spirits and gives me energy.

Vicki Essex: Like Mary, I'm in Toronto, as well, though to me, spring means other things:

1. If the temps are above 10 C, it's flipflop and patio weather.
2. The last of the dirty snow piles are gone.
3. Time to pick up your dog's leavings from the backyard.
4. The Toronto Maple Leafs have started golf season.

Pamela Hearon: Our Spring ritual involves moving outdoors for the evening.  We have a lovely patio with an outdoor kitchen, and in the Spring, many of our evening meals are prepared and eaten there.  We have a fire pit and a hot tub for the cooler nights and fans for the warmer because in the southern extreme of the Midwest, from March on, you never know what you're going to get.


Mary Preston said...

I do love spring, but winter is on the horizon for us here. I do NOT like winter.

kris said...

I am laughing so hard over Vicki's "golf season" comment. GO LEAFS!!!

Nan Dixon said...

Too funny Vicki! My Minnesota Wild lost to the Chicago Blackhawks--again. Sigh. They are probably playing golf, too.

Unknown said...

I welcome Spring by visiting our beautiful local parks with my husband, finding shaded spots and having him read to me whatever novel I bring along, or we just read and talk and enjoy the landscape while listening to the birds singing and eventually watching the sun go down. I look forward to that each Spring since it can be a brief time here in NC as well. It can get really hot here quickly and I don't like the extreme heat.

Unknown said...

Great post! Originally I didn't answer the question because we don't really have spring in California anymore. It's all one big drought. But then I walked out to the cliffs on the coast this weekend,and saw a mama gray whale and her baby playing in the water right below me, and realized that THAT was the most exciting part of spring for me these days - seeing the whales go by on their way up north to feed. It never stops being amazing!

penney said...

Spring is my favorite time of the year with all the flowers coming up and their smell is in the air. Also my daughter with special needs and I plant flowers and veggies together.

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