Friday, May 8, 2015

           It’s quiet here for the first time in ages.  I just turned in the revisions for my next book, COWBOY DADDY, which comes out in October, and I think I can take a few minutes to breathe a sigh of relief.  But only a few minutes.  My next manuscript is due in August, so I need to get back to work on that. 
            Ah, the writing life—sitting back, dreaming up great plots that magically appear on the page...  Ahem…Angel, wake up. 
            If only life were that simple. 
            I’m one of those writers who tries to balance the need and desire to write with a full-time job.  Some days I manage, others—not so much.  Plus, add in my husband’s small business that I help with and the normal demands of a family—you know that fodder for the hearth and home stories I write—and it can be a bit much. 
            One of the women I work with in the “real” world is a great friend and supporter of my creative endeavors.  She’s a graphic artist, who works an outside job as well, because, well, we both like to eat, have clothing and a roof over our heads.  And making a full-time living in any creative field is challenging. 
            So, the other day in one of those “why the bleep am I doing this” days, we ran into each other. 
            I commented that some days the real world just sucked.  She looked at me, paused and said, “This isn’t the real world.”  She leaned forward and pointed at where I have a copy of my latest book cover and said, “That’s our real world.”
            I knew she wasn’t talking about the fictional world of the Hawkins Ranch I’d created in my books, but the place where I want to be.  Where I’m happiest.  It’s not always the neatest, but that just adds to the coziness, right?  My home office, where my books are born and live is MY real world. 

           Since then, whenever it gets crazy out in that other world, I head toward my home office, or if I can't do that, I look at the photos I’ve taken.  They’ve become my touchstones, and at least mentally, I go to my “real” world.  It really is a lovely place.  And for me it’s a safe place.  I only let in the people who treat me nicely, and who I want to let in.  Even the bad guys I have control over when I’m there. 

            Do you have a safe place, or touchstones for places you think of when you need a pick me up or reassurance?  Or just a mental vacation?  I'd love to hear about them and how you make it work for you.  Thank you in advance for sharing.  


Laurie said...

My safe place is being at home in general. I feel the safest when I'm there. No matter where I go in the outside world, after a while away I'm always glad to be back at home. For some odd reason I like to hole up in my car too. Me and my car are buddies. I sit at the park and read in it, I turn up the heat when it's cold outside and enjoy the warmth in it, and I lock the doors and eat in it while listening to a good audiobook during my daily travels.

Angel Smits said...

That sounds heavenly!

Christy Olesen said...

Your home office looks heavenly. Thanks for sharing. My safe place is my home office/studio, too. It used to be so cluttered and full of junk I could no longer be creative. I cleared it all out, painted, had a door to the outside garden installed and decorated one end in a peacock theme with a comfy chair. I moved back in only what I really need to be creative. It's now my Writer/Artist Oasis.

Angel Smits said...

Sometimes a good housecleaning works miracles. The door to the garden...very nice.

Mary Preston said...

My home is my sanctuary. There are days when I just can't get back there fast enough.

NicoleP said...

My home or my (at home) office work for me. I can get lost in my art when I'm at my desk. And I can always get lost in a book at home! If I can get away from the real world, even for just a little while, it helps!

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