Monday, April 20, 2015

I Got To Move It, Move It

Kris Fletcher

I've written in the past about my preference to stand, rather than sit, while I'm at the computer. Standing to write is still my preference - after all, it's a lot harder to fall asleep over the keyboard if I'm upright - but there are times when my legs and feet want a break. Also, as good as standing is, it doesn't add a lot of movement to my day. I still ended a writing session feeling slightly stiff and achy from holding one position for a long time.

Sitting at the desk or in a cozy chair appealed, but I know myself. Five minutes in a snuggly chair and I would be either nodding off or feeling like it was break time and reaching for something good to read. (Preferably while eating something chocolate.)

I had long thought about getting a treadmill desk, but seriously, those things are expensive. (A worthy investment, for sure, but still a decent chunk of change.) Besides, what I wanted was something that gave me a change of position.

The answer came not long before my birthday, when a friend posted a link to an Amazon deal on a bike desk. I clicked on the link, read the reviews, hemmed and hawed for a couple of minutes, and then told the husband that he was about to give me an awesome gift for my birthday.

I'm so glad I did it. No, I haven't lost (any) weight or built up any (significant) endurance or noticed any huge differences in my life, but then, I wasn't expecting thoseto happen. But you know what I did discover?

I think better when I'm moving.

I don't believe I'm a true kinesthetic learner, but I've definitely had more brainstorms while on the bike (or walking, or doing the dishes) than while sitting in a chair. Maybe movement keeps enough of my brain occupied that I don't have enough cells left to over-analyze everything, which is my usual pattern. Maybe it soothes me in some way. Maybe it's activating more neural pathways and building synapses and all that good-sounding jazz. I don't know, and I'm not going to jinx anything by digging too deep.

Here's what I know:
  • the bike desk is fun
  • it's good for me
  • it helps me think.

Add in the fact that it looks totally badass in my office, and folks, we have ourselves a winner.

Am I the only one who needs to move to think? Share your strategies in the comments. My family will assure you that I need all the help I can get!


Mary Preston said...

I think very well when I am out walking. To get up & out works for my body & mind.

dstoutholcomb said...

it seems awkward, but a lot of people are doing it, so I guess it comes easy after writing at a bike or stand desk.


Colleen C. said...

I need something like that for my reading time... a bike or a treadmill with something to hold my readers... I need to burn some extra calories...
I like peaceful settings for thinking... a nice view out my window! :)

kris said...

Mary, yes! Walking leads to brainstorms SO often that I usually bring my phone with me when I walk, just so I can text those nuggets to myself!

Denise, yes, it all takes practice & time, but it can really be amazing once you get in the groove.

Colleen, I highly recommend the bike. I think it's all about finding the right rhythm for you and then rollign with it.

JanetLee said...

I want one of these!

kris said...

Janet, GO FOR IT!

Unknown said...


I absolutely agree with the need to move! One of the things I like most about being a public librarian is that I don't sit often. If I were a full time writer, I would have to invest in something like this.

Jen said...

I have seen these and coveted them. Glad to hear a good review! I feel like I would fall off if I am trying to write and pedal, though. I may be known to fall off of a treadmill or bicycle, or sidewalk....

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