Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 2015 New Releases!

Those Cassabaw Days (The Malone Brothers) 
Cindy Miles

A bond that not even time can break… 

As kids, Emily Quinn and Matt Malone were thick as thieves in the tightly knit community of Cassabaw Station. Then Emily's world crumbled into tragedy, and she was sent away. She's just returned to run a beachside café she now owns. A free spirit…with a guarded heart.

But while this town still feels like home, Matt is nothing like the boy she remembered. He is a man lost to shadows and doubt. As he helps Emily restore the café, however, their childhood bond reignites and unfurls into bittersweet longing. Now they face the greatest test of friendship…love.

My Way Back To You
Pamela Hearon

Married too young, divorced too soon? 

Jeff Wells hasn't seen his ex-wife, Maggie Russell, in years. Yet as they reunite to settle their son into his college dorm, Jeff discovers the attraction between them is still present—and very strong. Yet so are the reasons they shouldn't be together…

Still, what's the harm in giving in to their desire for a few days? No expectations, no strings. But the affair is so passionate, soon Jeff wants more. He wants what they used to have, only better. First he needs to convince Maggie this is their second chance at love and not simply a repeat of the past.

To Love A Cop
Janice Kay Johnson

 She's sworn to protect her heart 

After what Laura Vennetti and her son have been through, she's avoided all contact with the police. Then her son brings detective Ethan Winter into their lives. Despite how appealing—and gorgeous—he is, it's safe to say Ethan isn't her dream man.

Immediately, though, Laura can see how different he is from her late husband. Ethan is thoughtful, considerate and a good influence on her son. Add in the intense attraction between her and Ethan… The temptation to give in is irresistible. To her surprise, Laura feels the wounds of the past healing, making her wonder if she could love this cop forever

Nights Under The Tennessee Stars (Heartache, Tenessee)
Joanne Rock

Heartache—the best place to heal 

Erin Finley heads home to Heartache, Tennesee, after the perfect guy turns out to be anything but. She throws herself into running a vintage store with her sister and surrounding herself with the comforts of her small town. Then one rainy night, TV producer Remy Weldon shows up and almost sweeps her off her feet!

Remy sees more in Erin than she sees in herself. Quirky, beautiful and capable, he needs her for his antiques show—and for himself. Because Erin is the first star Remy's found in the very dark night that has become his life. And she might just be able to lead him into the dawn… 


Kaelee said...

I think these are May's books. I'm looking forward to reading them and the April ones also.

Kaelee said...

I'm half asleep and I made the above comment after I looked at the Harlequin bookstore. Yes they are May's books but they get released in April.

Mary Preston said...

All of the books look wonderful.

kris said...

Kaelee, you were correct. I posted May's books at first. All fixed now. I wish I could claim some wonderful April Fool's joke, but the truth is, I was just a dork :-)

Laurie said...

Wow, these look great!!

penney said...

Love them all, thanks

joye said...

All of these books for April sound really good and ones I want to read

bn100 said...

interesting books

Carol L. said...

All of them will be on my TRL. Thank you for the post.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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