Tuesday, March 3, 2015

There's Only Love And Love Is Enough (Tara Taylor Quinn)

This week sees the debut of the fifth book in the Where Secrets Are Safe series.  For those of you who love series, and love to read them in order - this isn't that kind of series.  While a couple of the books are interrelated, these books are individual stories, set at different times, with different characters.  The backdrop is the same - The Lemonade Stand.  People come and go from the stand.  Some of the stories don't include the Stand at all, but rather, are stories about people who have been affected by the Stand. I love all of the Where Secrets Are Safe books.  I created a shelter that I wish was real.  One that, if I ever have the means, I will open.  I particularly love this book in that it looks at an issue that is close to my heart – the idea of loving someone as your own who, technically, isn’t yours.
In today’s world relationships are a lot more fluid than they used to be.  They aren’t always forever – be that friendship or romantic commitment.  And yet when we give our hearts, we give them forever.  So what happens to all of the peripheral heart and family relationships when a couple breaks up?  In particular, what happens when you love a child as your own who does not biologically belong to you?
I had a friend for many years who struggled emotionally.  I took on her daughter as my own.  I loved that little girl, took her into my home, my family.  And when the friend moved on, when she determined that she no longer needed my help, she took her daughter with her and I was left with an emptiness in my heart that I couldn’t do anything about.

That emptiness is the basis of Mother By Fate.  I don’t have the answers.  But I understand the pain.  And believe that love really can heal whatever cuts we carry inside us.  I am living proof of that.

For those of you who love reading books in a series...I'm giving away any one of the first four books - winner's choice - in the Where Secrets Are Safe series to two different winners hear today!  Comment to win!  Happy loving everyone!


holdenj said...

Happy to see a new title. I like the idea of a series that isn't really a series based sequence so that the titles can stand on their own! Thanks!

bn100 said...

don't read books in a series in order

Mary Preston said...

The heartbreak!!

I do like books that are loosely connected & can be read as stand alones.

Tara Taylor Quinn said...

Holdenj and Mary Preston, you are the winners! Because there are only three names in the hat, I'll throw in a third, so bn100 that's you, too. Email me at staff@tarataylorquinn.com and I'll send your digital copies!

Unknown said...

Wow, Tara, that sounds like a great story. I can't wait to read it.

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