Sunday, February 15, 2015

Question Of The Month: February 2015

It's question time again, readers! Here we go: February is the month of love, but we should celebrate romance all year long not just on February 14. How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship on a day to day basis?

Joanne Rock: I like to tell stories about my husband! We have extremely different personalities and that can create friction. But all the most interesting things that happen to me happen when he's around--he attracts adventure. So I savor our differences by telling tales from the real life of Dean. They help me remember why he's so much fun.

And--interestingly--some of my favorite romantic moments are hearing *him* talk about me. I guess it's the storyteller in me, but I like seeing myself through his eyes and hearing the way he remembers things. His version is usually funnier, for one thing. But there are also the surprises of finding out what elements of a vacation or event stood out to him most. Sometimes I'm surprised what I missed!

Geri Krowtow: We'll celebrate 29 years of marriage this May. With all of the Navy separations we've endured, it's enough to remember to be grateful we're together and under the same roof!

Nan Dixon: Cups of Tea in the morning!

Kristina Knight: I think it's the little things - holding hands in the car, going on a drive just because, kissing before leaving for work. All those little 'I'm with you' things add up to a long romance I think.

Vicki Essex: Every morning, whether one of us is still asleep, my husband and I hug and kiss before we leave for work.

Every day, we tell each other "I love you."

Every week, we have a date night so that we remember to enjoy our lives and each other's company.

And every night, we touch to make sure we're not dreaming.

Amber Leigh Williams: It seems so simple, but the thing my husband and I do to keep the romance alive day to day is flirt. It keeps things playful and the energy between us alive and consistent. We've been together for over a decade and we still genuinely enjoy each other's company because we still do and say all of those things we did way back when.

Pamela Hearon: In addition to being the love of my life, my husband is also my best friend.  We keep the romance alive by sharing lots of activities.  Of course, we have to get out of each others' hair sometimes, so I write and he fishes.  But I'm always glad when he gets home at the end of one of those days apart.

Cathryn Parry: By trying new things. That's all I'm going to say about that. :-)


JackieW said...

Some interesting thoughts. Glad I stopped by to read them . Thanks

Mary Preston said...

I do think it's the small things that can mean the most.

linda s said...

I have to say Arbies - When we were young and poor it was our place for a night out. As we became less poor, it became the place to celebrate our anniversary and Valentines day. A connection to our romantic roots.

Kaelee said...

Try not to take each other for granted.

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