Thursday, February 19, 2015

Learning to Draw

I signed up for an introduction to drawing class this winter. It was my birthday present to myself because for as long as I can remember, I have not been able to draw. It was a known thing about me, like that I can’t sing (absolutely true) or that I am tall and have dimples.

But living with an "I can't do this" attitude for my entire life isn't really my jam. More importantly, I had been drawing once a month at a social drawing event a friend hosts and noticed that my drawing was getting better, even with the one a month comic exercises. It was gratifying to see the progress I was making. It was even better to be slowly shedding the I Can't Draw skin that had become constrictive. 

To be honest, the drawing classes have been up and down. First class up. Second class, WAY down. Third class, up again. The fourth class was postponed due to icy weather, so we'll see how that class goes next Monday. The classes are going well enough that I'm willing to post images of my drawings, so you can see my progress.

Last drawing in the first class:

An eraser
Last drawing in the second class:

An amaryllis
Last drawing in the third class:

Pair of wooden clogs

I'm especially happy with that last drawing.

I've been blogging about my classes and the experience on my website,, so if you're curious, head over there and read more.

Have you ever taken on something that you knew you couldn't do? Took dancing lessons or singing lessons or drawing or whatever? How did it go?


Nan Dixon said...

That is so cool that you've taken up drawing. I'm envious.
I was trying to think of something that I tried and it didn't click. I've been lucky to have great hand/eye coordination so it wasn't anything sports related. I did have a little more trouble with tap - since I trained in ballet and its hard to relax your feet when you've always been trained to keep things in control.
I think the toughest thing I have ever done was to learn the craft of writing. And let other people read my work. I was used to being on the stage, singing and dancing, or leading in business situation--but letting people read a book that I'd written--scared me.

JanetLee said...

For me, it was learning how to write. More specifically, learning to build a story. I went to the RWA convention in Anaheim (2012?) alone, not knowing a single person except a few Twitter friends I'd never met IRL.

Unknown said...


Letting people read your work is so very personal. Even if it's not your story, there's so much of you in there! I get that. And it's interesting to me that JanetLee says the same thing :-)

Unknown said...

I wish I could draw, but it's something I don't have the knack for...except for stick figures. I'm very good at that, lol. It's a good thing my kindergarteners don't care. The other thing I can't do is sing. At all. Another thing I wished I could do. When I was a tween, a lady at my church convinced me to sing a solo. I told her I couldn't sing, but she said that I could play piano, so therefore, I should be able to sing. So I did. No one ever asked me to sing again!

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