Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Question of the Month: January 2015

Hi, everyone! It's time again for the Question of the Month. This time, we're taking a cue from Mother Nature and asking, "It's January and temperatures are dropping; most of us have just had our first snow day of the year. Which makes us wonder: what is your favorite way to spend a snow day (or other unexpected 'holiday')?"

Vicki Essex: Ideal: slipping into fuzzy, warm clothes, making some hot chocolate and popcorn, and marathoning Doctor Who episodes while I snuggle the cat.

Reality: slipping on the ice while I shovel and reshovel the walk, followed by a round of painkillers because I've probably thrown my back out.

Tara Taylor Quinn: I’m in Phoenix and we don’t have snow days.  And…since I work from home…any day that gives me free time, gives me more time to work!  When my daughter was younger and we had a day off, we’d have Shirley Temple and Doris Day movie marathon days and craft.  I’d give just about anything for one of those days now! 

Anna Sugden: Ah snow days – remember them well from our years in NJ! Sadly, over here in England we rarely get snow, let alone a snow day – though the country does come to a standstill if there are more than two flakes of snow! My ideal is to turn on the fire, snuggle up in my favourite chair (if I can beat our two cats to it) and read a book by one of my favourite authors from cover to cover. Uninterrupted reading is such a rare pleasure these days – usually only when I’m on a plane. Of course, I’m betting one or both cats will soon be snuggling up with me, so uninterrupted is a pipe dream!

Patricia Potter: I opt for a hot bath with candles, great book and wine.

Nan Dixon: Snow Days - We have so many here in Minnesota.  I love to build a roaring fire and curl up with a hot romance.  I'm either drinking tea or hot spiced cider, or if it is nighttime--a glass of wine or Prosecco.  Hot mulled wine sounds good right now since we are sub-zero with deadly wind chills.

Kris Fletcher: If it's the first snow day of the year, we bake cookies, watch the snow, and watch too much TV. (Well, the kids do that. Mommy still has to get some work done.) 

If it's the second, third, or fourth snow day, the kids have free rein of the house while Mommy hides in her office and mainlines chocolate.

Jeannie Watt: Snow Day = Cocoon Day  If it's a real snow day, it means I don't have to go to work, so I hang out in my flannels and watch movies or sew. Usually an Irish coffee makes an appearance toward late afternoon. I totally love an unexpected free day.

The last snowfall of 2014 at Kristina Knight's home
Sharon Hartley: Since I live in Miami, Florida, we don't have snow days.  Hurricanes, yes.  Our home is in a mandatory evacuation zone, so we put up the storm shutters, bring my orchids and anything that could become airborne inside, pack up necessary documents and the dog and relocate to a safer location -- usually with family -- where we wait for the wind to stop howling.  No electricity.  No TV.  Not a lot of fun since we're worried what we'll find when we get home.  

Jennifer Lohmann: If I'm lucky, I've planned ahead and brought lots of wood in. Then I can spend the entire day on the couch in front of my wood stove with a cup of tea, my animals, and a book (either the one I'm working on, or a delicious one to read). My wood stove is one of my favorite things about my house.

Kristina Knight: I love snow days - at least the first couple of the year! Usually bebe will head outside for a little while (you know, 5 minutes or so) then it's hot cocoa, movies, video games and fun. Like Kris, though, by about Snow Day 4, I can't really take the whole day RadioMan and I will tag-team the kiddo so we can get some work done, too.

Geri Krotow: My favorite snowy day activity is knitting, followed by baking. Writing is so much more fun when it's snowy, too!

What about you, readers? How do you like to spend unexpected free days?


penney said...

Here in LA California we don't get snow I wish my kids would love it, We love it when it rains, I spend it with a cup of hot tea and a good book. I love reading about all the snow everyone had it sounds so wonderful.

Kristina Knight said...

Thanks for visiting, Penney! Every now and then I think how great it would be to live in a very temperate climate...but then I realize how much I would miss the changing seasons. *cheers* to hot tea and a book and a rainy day!

Nan Dixon said...

Hi Penney,
Since I had to shovel today - the snow wasn't as fun as sitting by the fire and watching it fall. Sigh...

Kaelee said...

Snow days means getting out the shovel and clearing the sidewalks more than once. It also means curling up with a book and hot tea when I come in as I haven't the energy to do anything else.

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