Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When It's All Just Too Much (Tara Taylor Quinn)

It's Release Week and it's the holiday season and my mother recently had a total knee replacement surgery.  I have a book due two days ago that is not yet done  - a new series I'm writing for Harlequin Heartwarming.  I have line edits due Friday on Book Six of the Where Secrets Are Safe Series.  And three chapters due on the second book in Heartwarming series on December 15th.

I woke up just before six this morning.  I got up.  I sat at the computer ready to write this blog.  I looked at the screen.  And reversed by steps.  I got up.  Went back to the bedroom.  Laid back down.  I decided that I was just giving up.  I was done.  I closed my eyes.  I laid there worrying about book sales.  About the stories.  About Christmas presents that were not yet purchased.  Yep, I was just going to quit.  I was going to lay in bed forever.

My pity party lasted about five minutes.  Maybe seven.  Because life calls me.  The stories call me.  The readers whose lives are touched by my books call me.  I don't know why I'm a writer.  I don't know where the stories come from.  I just know that I have them in my head and I'm driven to write them. 

Today I am taking things one step at a time.  I'm not facing all of the pages that have to be written, or edited.  I'm not facing all of the things that must be done for Christmas to happen.  I'm writing a blog.  I'm going to attend a video chat with the Superromance team.  I'm going to write some pages.  And at the end of the day, I will have made some kind of difference.  Because when it's all just too much, you just do one thing instead of all of them.  And then one more thing.  Some days you just do what you can and for that day it will be enough.

I'll get the book done.  And the line edits and the chapter work.  I'm sure my house will sing Christmas in every nook and cranny by the end of the weekend.  Presents will be purchased and wrapped.  Cookies will be baked.  I'll attend some holiday functions and watch holiday movies and see light displays.  Because this is living.  This is life.  We get up.  We do things.  We contribute to the world around us.  To our loved ones.  We make a difference.  Some days we might give more.  Some days might make more of a difference.  But every day counts.

Child By Chance is out this week.  It's a powerful book.  It's the sequel to Once A Family, which was out in June.  I have a few free copies of Once A Family to give away.  Let me know in the comments that you want one and I'll draw for the copies.  Have a great day, everyone!  Do something!


Unknown said...

Oh, honey, I hope you get feeling better. We've all been there when it feels like too much and you have to look at the very small, near-term goals.

I hope your mother's recovery goes well.

Natalija said...

I'm not great at multitasking, and doing one thing at a time is probably when I'm the most efficient and productive. I'm sending lots of good energy your way.

"Child By Chance" sounds great. Count me in please!

Tara Taylor Quinn said...

Thanks Jennifer! Mom's doing well - just a more consuming recovery than either of us expected. It's the pain management that's kicking us!

Tara Taylor Quinn said...


You're counted!

bn100 said...

I'd like one

Mary Preston said...

Those over-whelming times can be just that, but I do find that they pass.

Count me in thank you.

Tara Taylor Quinn said...

Natalija, bn100 and Mary, please email staff@tarataylorquinn.com to receive your free copies! They will be emailed to the address you send from!

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